– Simply french country shabby chic tablecloth to create an aesthetic value makes a beautiful look. What the necessary thing that should be added to the dining room? The answer is not a dining table or chair but a tablecloth. By adding it, we can make a beautiful shabby chic dining room. There are many design and fabric which is suitable for the concept. However, to avoid making a mistake while choosing it, we will give you recommendations. It also makes it easy to find the design and shape which will suit your taste. Now let’s get to the list of simply french country shabby chic tablecloth recommendations.

The Advantages Of Tablecloth

Before knowing our recommendations, you should know tablecloth advantages. We will give you some information about it.

  1. For dining room accessories and it can bring a beautiful look with unique characteristics from the interior design which we apply.
  2. The tablecloth can cover our furniture and makes it have long durability. It covers furniture from dirt and stretches that could be accidental.
  3. If we have an old dining table that the materials are chipped, the tablecloth can cover it. It can make our table looks new and beautiful.
  4. Sometimes, for some people, it can be made into a curtain, decorations, or even a carpet. We can utilize old tablecloths and change them into new things that we can use again.

Tablecloth Types

After knowing about the advantages of tablecloths, make sure we know their types. There are many tablecloth variations we could choose depending on our taste.

Fabric Tablecloth

Fabric tablecloth types
Beautiful fabric tablecloth

Generally, there are many people who use this type because it is easy to find. It also has many shapes such as a square, rectangle, circle, even an oval. For you who want to have a simple and clean look, the best recommendation is a plain tablecloth. It always has a natural and neutral color which is very suitable for simple concepts. However, if we want an attractive impression, a beautiful pattern tablecloth will suit you. Shabby chic large clocks are suitable to be combined with it. The advantages of using fabric materials are it has long durability. However, it also has disadvantages such as it is a little bit complicated to clean and the pattern will be faded.

Solid Disposable Tablecloth

Tablecloth types information
Pink solid disposable tablecloth

Are you looking for a cheap tablecloth? If yes, the solid disposable type is very preferred for you. It also has a pattern and shape that we can choose as long as it is related to the design. It is easy to clean but doesn’t have long durability. If we want to create a beautiful combination, we can combine it with shabby chic DIY curtains.

Knitting Tablecloth

Knitting tablecloth types information
Knitting tablecloth for dining table

Actually, a knitting tablecloth is a handicraft. To make it, we can use many materials but the woolen thread is always used as its constituent. It can be combined with other variations to create a beautiful look.

French Country Shabby Chic Tablecloth

If you wanna create simple decorations in a shabby chic dining room, a tablecloth is necessary to add. Although we don’t use many things to decorate it, a beautiful dining room can be made by adding a pretty tablecloth. To add an aesthetic value to your dining room, we will give you some recommendations for a french country shabby chic tablecloth.

Pink Color Flower Pattern Tablecloth

French country shabby chic tablecloth
Blue flower pattern shabby chic tablecloth

The first recommendation choosing a blue and white shabby chic tablecloth. It has beautiful lacey where it be combined with simple brocade. The pretty pink flower pattern makes this tablecloth looks feminine. It is very suitable to be added together with the shabby chic lampshades on the table.

Blue Shabby Chic With Red Flower Pattern

Shabby chic French country tablecloth
Flower pattern shabby chic tablecloth

French country accent is famous for feminine and aesthetic impression. We can apply this concept by adding a shabby chic floral pattern tablecloth. Same as before, it has a flower pattern with beautiful decorations. It is also suitable if we add it to the shabby chic dining room which has decorative accent rugs as a pedestal under the dining table.

Shabby Chic Ribbon Rectangular Tablecloth

Rectangular shabby chic tablecloth
Shabby chic rectangular tablecloth with ribbon

Blue color tablecloth with a pink ribbon and flower pattern is suitable to be added if we want to attend a party. It has a rectangular shape that doesn’t cover all of our dining tables. Bright impression from color and flower pattern gives a feminine and sweet accent to our dining table. It is very suitable to be added in the french country shabby chic room. It gives us a beautiful accent and looks cute even in a small space. The design will be suitable for kid’s or teen’s parties.

Shabby Chic Brown Tablecloth

French country shabby chic tablecloth
Brown shabby chic tablecloth with cloth ribbon

The brown color is a favorite for some people because has a natural accent and looks beautiful at the same time. It is suitable to be combined with white colors. The next recommendation from us is a shabby chic tablecloth with cloth ribbon as decorations. It can’t only be added to the dining table, but also suitable for a long table in the shabby chic bedroom.

Simple Light Grey Lace Tablecloth

Light brown lacey shabby chic tablecloth
Light grey shabby chic tablecloth

Shabby chic tablecloth doesn’t tend to have a soft color like pink or light blue but also has another color. This time, we suggest you choose a light grey tablecloth with beautiful lacey. It is simple but looks beautiful at the same time and suitable for people who want to have a feminine concept. It also can be combined with shabby chic living room accessories if we have a dining room near to it.


For those of you who love a feminine, sweet, aesthetic, and warm impression at the same time, a shabby chic interior design is very suitable for you! It is easy to be applied and very beautiful for a small or wide place. To make your interior style prettier, we recommend adding a French country accent shabby chic tablecloth. It is also beautiful to be added to another room besides a dining room. An aesthetic value can be added to our home interior design by using it.


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