– Using shabby chic large clocks with wooden plaques to create a vintage accent is a solution for people who want to have a beautiful combination in their home. An 80’s style era can be obtained by adding vintage furniture and decoration to our home. Clocks are important to be hung in our home because they can make us know what time it is. It also gives us a lot of effects that can make our interior design look prettier. If we feel doesn’t enough even we already chosen a beautiful clock, wooden plaques are the best recommendation. Actually shabby chic style always uses wooden plaques as decorations. If we are confused to choose the best design of clocks and wooden plaques, our recommendations might help you.

Shabby Chic Clocks Recommendations

For some people, clocks are a necessary thing to have. By adding it to our home, they can easily know what time it is. It also makes us have a beautiful interior design. There are many design and shape which we can choose as long as it is related to our concept. However, it is complicated to choose a suitable design. Now, we will give you a suggestion about it. We guarantee your home can look beautiful by choosing our recommendations.

Shabby Chic Flower Beige Clock

Shabby chic clocks recommendations
Beige shabby chic clock with beautiful carvings

If we are looking for a stronger shabby chic large clock design, this recommendation is very suitable for us. It can be hung to the wall in the shabby chic living room or be combined with decorative rugs accent. It has a beautiful design with flower carvings and beige color where it has a natural and soft accent. A stronger design can be made by applying beige wallpaper in our room. This clock type has a bell which can tell us what time it is from its sound.

Shabby Chic Vintage Gold Clock

Shabby chic gold flower vintage clock

Gold colors give us a luxurious accent to our shabby chic home. It can be added to the table with beautiful shabby chic lampshades. Generally, it only has a unique design with shiny gold color which will make our home looks beautiful. The best place to add this lamp is in the shabby chic bedroom. It can make it have a stronger feminine accent and looks prettier at the same time. Actually, we can choose any color of clocks but if you want to create an elegant impression, we should choose gold colors.

Shabby Chic Floral Blue Color Large Clock

Shabby chic large clocks with blue pastel
Blue color shabby chic large clocks

Blue is a color that has a fresh and relaxed impression at the same time which is suitable for shabby chic interior design. It can be attached to the wall as decoration. We should attach it to the dining room wall where it is suitable to be combined with a shabby chic chandelier. The clock has a beautiful design with flower patterns that suit people who want to create a feminine accent. It also makes our home look stunning if it is combined with soft color wallpaper.

Shabby Chic Wooden Large Clocks

Shabby chic large clocks recommendations
Wooden shabby chic large clocks

Wooden materials are suitable for everything and they can be used for making a clock. A large shabby chic clock can be made by using them. It can also be combined with wooden walls with blue colors to make our home have a harmonious concept. If you are looking for a clock design that is merged with the wall, it can be your best choice. We can make it by ourselves or buy it in the decoration store around your home.

Shabby Chic Vintage Accent Large Clocks

Shabby chic large clocks recommendations to create vintage accent
Shabby chic vintage flower carving large clock

Using shabby chic large clocks to create a vintage accent is necessary for some people who love this style. Actually, it is not easy to create it in our home because we should be careful in furniture and decoration selection. Recommendations that will be suitable for you are vintage beige large clocks with flower carving without bell. It has an elegant and fascinating look which will be preferred to be added to your shabby chic home. Generally, it can be added to any room as long as it is related to its concept. It is still suitable to be added to the shabby chic bathroom.

Using Shabby Chic Wooden Plaques To Create A Vintage Accent

Wooden plaques are a characteristic of the shabby chic style. If we are going to apply this design, we should add them for wall decorations. It can make our design stronger and looks unique which won’t be found in any interior design. Plain walls in our home can be changed into beautiful views by attaching some shabby chic wooden plaques.

Shabby Chic Wooden Plaques On The Table

Shabby chic plaques recommendations
Shabby chic quotes wooden plaques

Sometimes we feel complicated to make a painting for wall decorations. However, a wooden plaque with quotes can be a solution for you because it only needs to be attached to the wall or add to the table. It can be combined with other decorations like plants or an aromatherapy candle. Feminine french country accents also can be made by using wooden plaques.

Shabby Chic Room Name Wooden Plaques

Using shabby chic plaques to create vintage accent
Shabby chic wooden room name plaques

Do you want to have a room which has your name on the door? Or to tell guests it is yours? If you want, the best recommendation using a wooden room name plaque. It can be made by using wooden materials or we can buy it in the furniture or wooden plaques store. Shabby chic style tends to have unique, soft colors, and vintage decorations so we should add them.

Bright Colors Quotes Wooden Plaques

Shabby color quotes plaques
Shabby chic wooden quotes plaques in bright colors

Bright colors are suitable in any design because they can make our room brighter. The best recommendation from us is we should add a wooden quote name plaque. We can add it to the table or attach it to the wall. The shabby chic design is related to soft colors then that’s why it gives you a feminine impression. By using wooden plaques, it can make our home has a beautiful interior design from decoration selection.


Beautifying our home with the best interior and exterior design is necessary to do as a homeowner. We should know how to create beautiful impressions in our homes. An interior design also important to pay attention to. Using shabby chic large clocks and wooden plaques is the best choice to choose.


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