– Shabby chic decorative rug for decorations can make us have a beautiful interior design. It can also create a stronger concept that we will make in our home. For people who live in the country which has winter and rainy season or have a colder atmosphere than other countries, we should add it. Decorative accent rug also makes our room more comfortable and warmer at the same time. If we don’t want to sit on the sofa, we can sit on the floor without feeling cold. However, what design and pattern will suitable for shabby chic interior design? Is there characteristic in its design and shape? Today, we will give you some recommendations and information about it. Let’s get to the list!

Why Should We Choose Rug?

A rug or carpet is a fabric that has a beautiful design and pattern. It always uses as a pedestal on the floor. It has been very popular in the modern house even for people who still have a traditional house. It is a practical type of decoration for flooring because it can be used for anything. Some people might be confused about the advantages of adding it? You don’t click the wrong article because we will tell you down below!

Give us Warmth Feeling

5 shabby chic decorative rug for decorations
The advantages of shabby chic decorative rug

A rug is the best choice to choose for bedroom, living room, dining room, or other rooms which need a warm feeling under the foot. In some countries which have a winter, it is an important thing to have. It can make them always feel warm even in the cold season.

Creating An Aesthetic Accent

Shabby chic decorative rug for decorations in a bedroom
Shabby chic beautiful pattern rug

Sometimes we want to create a beautiful accent in our home and a solution for us is we should add a rug with a pretty pattern. It can help us to create a stunning look in our home and gives plus value in interior design which we apply. It depends on how beautiful its pattern and the quality of the fabric from its decorative rug.

Safety For Our Kids and Old People

A decorative rug offers safety for our kids and old people, so it won’t hurt them if they fall. It can be used as a pedestal to make them safer.

Silencer In Our House

Shabby chic decorative rug in the room
Shabby chic rug for silencer in the home

It can mute the sound from footsteps sounds better than other tiles types. It works with 3 steps:

  1. Reduce surface noise from pedestrian traffic
  2. Absorbing air sound
  3. Block sound transmission

It is suitable for people who live in an apartment or city which has always noisy.

Helping For Hiding Damaged Tiles

If we add a decorative rug to our home, the damaged floor can be hidden. We certainly shy if we have guests and they look our floor is not in good condition. We recommend adding a rug to hide it and make your home looks beautiful.

Easy To Maintenance

Rugs in this era more stain-resistant ever, which makes cleaning up even the worst possible spills easier. No matter what kind of dirt it is, there is always a way to clean it up.

Making Air Cleaner

It can make the air clean by trapping dirt in the air. We should make sure to always clean our rug to have a sterile atmosphere.

Has A Variety Of Uses

Rugs aren’t only for floors, which is great. We can add it to stairs, walls, posts, and other surfaces, without having to worry about slipping, lifting, or bending.


If we are looking for a thing in a variety of different colors and textures the answer is a rug. A rug is the main foundation in almost any room and it helps creates endless possibilities. It can make our home have a better looking.


There are many rugs that don’t have expensive prices and suitable for people who are on a budget. In addition, it can make us comfortable if we decide to lie on it.

Have a Long Durability

It has long durability and can be used for a long time without making us have to buy it again.

Shabby Chic Decorative Rugs For Decorations

After knowing all of the advantages of the use of rugs, do you decided to add them to your home? If you want to add it but still confused about what the design will suitable for a shabby chic interior, we have recommendations for you. Now, let’s get to the list!

Beautiful Floral Pattern Rugs

Shabby chic decorative rugs recommendations
Beautiful flower pattern rugs

Placing a floral rug pattern will create a beautiful atmosphere because it has a feminine and aesthetic accent if we add it to our home. We can place it on the floor to give a different impression. It is also suitable for people who are on a budget. A stronger shabby chic design can be created if we add it. It can be combined with shabby chic bedroom curtains to create a stunning look.

Dark Color Floral Pattern Rugs

Dark color design rugs in the room

For some people, it is a little bit annoying to add light color rugs in their home because it is complicated to clean. A dark color rug is a solution for you. It suits you who have kids which sometimes make dirt while sitting on it. It is preferred to add in the shabby chic living room to create a warm atmosphere while spending time with family.

Shabby Chic Flower Shape Rugs

Shabby chic interior design decorative rugs
Shabby chic flower shaver rugs

Flower shape especially rose gives a princess accent in interior design. We should add it if we want to create a feminine french country in our home. It also has a unique design and won’t be found in another home that doesn’t apply a shabby chic style.

Luxurious Accent Of Shabby Chic Decorative Rug

Shabby chic interior design rugs recommendations for your room
Shabby chic luxurious rug

If we want to make our design different from others, shabby chic decorative rugs with a luxurious accent are our recommendation. It can be added to the shabby chic dining room to create a warm and elegant impression at the same time.


Shabby chic interior design has a unique characteristic that can give you a luxurious and elegant accent at the same time by using vintage furniture. We should add shabby chic decorative rugs to create a stronger concept. We also should know how to apply shabby chic interior design. Hopefully, by using our recommendation, we might help you to make a beautiful room.


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