shabby style decoration example
example for shabby chic decor – Hello Designer! At this time, we will talk about the interior again! We will give you information about the unique interior design. Have you ever imagine, you have a home with a unique style and feel like you in the village? Or you want your home decoration like a village in Paris? If you read this, you can get ideas for decoration for that because we will tell you about Shabby Chic ideas decoration.

If you always follow Interior Design trends, you will be familiar with this style. Shabby Chic is a style that combines with vintage and 80-‘s-90’s style decoration in Paris. This style also is very unique and identic with Paris village decoration in that years. Shabby Chic Style is inspired by the village atmosphere, shabby, but not old. This style is popular in Britain at 1980 and quite popular in Indonesia. This style is very suitable for a woman because of giving a feminine effect. And for you who want to explore this style, We will explain it.

lace in shabby style
How to use lace for Shabby Chic Style

What Is Shabby Chic Style?

Shabby Chic is an interior design, basically is a vintage style that seems floral but a little bit random. With this style, we will remember the ’80s until the ’90s decorations and the beautiful village in Paris. With Shabby Chic style, we can bring your feminine sensation in to our decoration. Basically, this style full of warmer colors such as white, brown, or pastel colors. Also, this style is very suitable for you who like the feminine style in your decoration. This style can combine with beautiful lace.

old books for decorating your wall
Use Old Book for Decoration example

Shabby Chic style is also very suitable for those of you who have a low budget but want to decorate your home. Because this style is full of vintage things and we can use our old things for our decoration. We can use our old book rips or our old thing for decoration. Not to be worry, because this style is a vintage style which is needed old things for decoration.

old cupboard for shabby style
Use your old things for decoration

How To Decor Your Home With Shabby Chic Style?

Decorating is not hard activity. You just thinking about what idea do you want to decor and then, you have to think about what furniture we need for our decoration. If we want to decorate our home with Shabby Chic Style, we have to choose the right color, furniture, and how if we are on a low budget but we want to decor our home with Shabby Chic Style. We will give you information about that.

Shabby Chic Style for Living Room

The first thing we can do is to use the things that we have. Don’t focus on buying other furniture because this style focuses on a warmer effect. We can use our photo frame, old radio, or white mirror. Also, we can use lace for the mirror frame or just decoration on our walls. With Lace, we can give a warmer effect to our decoration. If you like pastel colors, we can give that colors to our decoration.

Do you have anything that has faded color? do not think of it as something that must be thrown away. We can use that thing for our decoration.

Our old things but looking good are our focus for making a Shabby Chic interior. This thing is suitable for a living room, guest room, or study room in our house. Choose furniture that has warm or soft colors. The furniture has a white color but is slightly yellowish, or we can choose white bone as our color choice.

Generally, the Shabby Chic is dominated by green, blue, white, or light brown. However, we can try other pastel colors like lilac or pale yellow. Also, we can add your collections of antique glasses or even ordinary glasses that we use for our daily drinks on top of our little cupboard.


vintage mirror for shabby styles
Shabby Chic Mirror
lamp and cupboard decoration for shabby style
Shabby Chic lamp and cupboard example

If we have more time, we can look for Shabby Chic interiors for the living room in any store. We can add a mirror, a small wardrobe, or an antique lamp.

lace for bed to make shabby look
how to use lace and Tumblr in your bed

Shabby Chic Style for Bedroom

Are we want to decor our bedroom with Shabby Chic style but want still feminine? Don’t worry, because we can! Choose feminine furniture for our decoration, we can add lace to our bed and choose a warm color or pastel color for our bed. If we add lace to our bed, it won’t just give Shabby Chic Style effect but also giving an aesthetic, feminine, and ‘princess’ effect. Alternatively, we can install Tumblr into our lace for giving an outstanding environment.

Once we have done with a bed, we can choose a carpet and put it under our bed. We can choose a carpet made from cotton, or that is fluffy and seems smooth. Don’t forget to put a mirror, little chair or plant with white pot. Keep choosing the warmer color or pastel color! Don’t choose light colors like red, orange, or gold.

photos for decorating your wall
Use your photo for decorating your room

What if we have polaroid photo collections? We can print the photo and place it on the frame and then put it on the wall of your room. Therefore, we can fill the walls of our room with lots of photos both from ours or the internet. So, there’s no need to bother going out to take photos right?

Shabby Chic for Bathroom

Is it possible to give Shabby Chic Style to our bathroom? Will it feel strange? Of course not! Shabby Chic style also can be applied in our bathroom.

We can choose warm colors just like in the other rooms. Besides the bathtub, sink, and closet, add some other fixtures. We can add a mirror, a little cupboard, a little table, a plant, and a chair if we need that. Keep choosing white or pastel colors for furniture.

bathroom in shabby style
Shabby Chic bathroom


DIY Cupboard in shabby style
DIY shabby chic decor

DIY Decoration for Shabby Chic Style

Do you have a low budget but want to try applied Shabby Style to your house? We can try to make Shabby Chic Style decorations ourselves!

DIY or ‘Do It Yourself can be the solution for those on a low budget. This solution can save our money on expenses and we still can try the Shabby Chic Style for our decoration

We just need white paint or white cement. Color our old things with white cement or white paint. If we have a flower, we also can color that with white cement or white paint and let it dry.

After drying, we can make it as a decoration on the wall, or place it next to our other furniture.

wooden floor with wallpaper for shabby style look
Wooden Floor with wallpaper example

If we do not want to use white cement or white paint, we can buy wallpaper for the wall and apply it to our floor. However, it can only be applied to the wooden flooring style. We can apply the wallpaper in several parts besides applying it on all floors. So it will create a unique and unfinished impression that is typical of Shabby Chic Style.

Interest to try this idea in your home? Let’s Try!



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