– Dressing room is necessary to add to our home for making our clothes look prettier and doesn’t messy. Sometimes some people don’t want to only add their clothes to the cupboard and want to make room for it. The dressing room can make it look prettier and feel wider. If we want to make a dressing room or want to decorate it, we can choose many concepts that suitable for us. This time we will give you many ideas about it to decorate your dressing room.

The dressing room has been used since 17 century in England. At that time, it was used by rich people, and sometimes they often were called rich depending on their clothes in the dressing room. A dressing room doesn’t only in a big house or big room but it can be added to a small place too.

Dressing Room Ideas For Small Place On a Budget

Some people assume that a dressing room is necessary to make in their house. It can be added near to the bedroom or made a new room again. We can choose a big cupboard or create a wardrobe shelf to make it. This time we will give you some concept for your dressing room.

Minimalist dressing room
Minimalist dressing room for a small place
  • A minimalist dressing room is suitable for a small place. We should make a wardrobe shelf with some hangers to hang it. If we want to have more space for our clothes, we can add a drawer for it. Don’t forget to add a carpet for making it look prettier.
shabby chic dressing room
Make dressing room with shabby chic style
  • The shabby chic style dressing room is suitable for small places and people who are on a budget. This style is easy to apply and to make our dressing room look pretty and has a feminine atmosphere. If we are more likely to a feminine interior we can apply this concept to our dressing room. The shabby chic style also can be applied in your bedroom and if you interest to apply it you can read how to decor your home with a shabby chic style as an inspiration.
Vintage dressing room
The vintage dressing room look luxurious but aesthetic
  • Vintage dressing room looks more luxurious and this concept is full of beige, brown, or light brown color. Furniture selection can’t be carelessly to choose because it is the main requirement in this concept.
Aesthetic dressing room
Dressing room with aesthetic style
  • Aesthetic dressing rooms are always used warm color furniture like beige, soft pink, light brown, white, and others. This concept is prioritized to present harmonious colors and furniture. We can make a wardrobe shelf in white color and install light brown tiles to make this concept. A pink carpet is very suitable if we add to this concept.
Mexican dressing room
Make dressing room with Mexican style
  • The Mexican dressing room has a simple style and suitable for people on a budget. We only need wallpaper with bright colors and add a carpet that has a unique pattern. We should choose a wood hanger for hanging out our clothes on the wardrobe shelf.
Man dressing room
Man dressing room with dark concept
  • A men’s dressing room has darker colors than bright colors because they tend to like it. We can install a wardrobe shelf with brown or black color to make this concept. We also can add a table to our dressing room for adding some decorations.
Men dressing room
Make a dressing room for men in white concept
  • White concept men’s dressing room is suitable for men that want to have a dressing room with bright color. We can choose white color furniture and a grey carpet for making it.

Different Kinds of Dressing Table

We can add a dressing table in our dressing room for making us easier if we want to choose clothes and to do make-up. There are various dressing tables that we can choose for our dressing room. This time, we will give you some dressing table recommendations.

Green dressing room
Dressing table with little mirror for our dressing room

A dressing table with a little square mirror can be added to our dressing room. This type has a simple concept but still looks prettier and suitable for those of you who want a simple dressing table.

Round mirror dressing table for dressing room
Dressing table with round mirror

A dressing table with a little round mirror and grey color is suitable for minimalist and aesthetic design. We can add this to our dressing room to make a feminine concept but if we don’t have extra space, we can add this to our bedroom.

Big mirror dressing table
Dressing table with a big mirror

If we don’t have space for a dressing table in our dressing room, we can add a mirror on the wall and make a table on it.  We can complete it with some chairs to make it comfortable.

Shabby chic dressing table give a feminine concept

A feminine concept can be found in various concepts and shabby chic is one of them. Shabby chic dressing table gives feminine concept into our dressing room and makes it look prettier. This one is also suitable for a low-budget design. The shabby chic dressing table has a vintage and aesthetic concept at the same time.

The Advantages of Dressing Room

  1. The dressing room makes us easier to choose clothes that we will use. It makes our clothes visible and it will not be complicated to find them because our clothes have been arranged.
  2. It can be turned into makeup space if we add a dressing table and add a mirror there. This concept can make us get a dressing room and makeup space at the same time.
  3. The dressing room can make us has a private space while choosing clothes that we will use. These clothes will not make our bedroom look messy because we have different places for our clothes.
  4. This room can be suitable for men or girls depending on the concept of the room.
  5. The dressing room can still look prettier even in a small place and have a few decorations.


Actually, a dressing room is not so necessary to add to our home or bedroom but it can make our clothes looking prettier because we arrange them properly. The dressing room can make us comfortable to choose our clothes that we will use because we are easier to find them. Hopefully, these ideas and some kinds of dressing tables might help you to make it.


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