1. Overview of the gazebo

Home is where we take shelter and rest. Having an attractive house design is everyone’s dream. Therefore, many people want to design their homes to look beautiful and comfortable. A beautiful, strong, and good gazebo can certainly be a comfortable place for families to relax. In this article, we provide several choices of garden gazebo models for where you gather with your family to refresh yourself and relax.

We think you will often see gazebos in tourist spots. The minimalist garden gazebo model can be built from any material. In addition, the design choices also vary, ranging from simple to those that resemble traditional house buildings. Gazebos are usually located in parks or gardens with beautiful views that can be enjoyed from inside the gazebo. Usually the gazebo is built with a simple structure and can be made of wood, awnings, or bricks if you want it to be permanent.

2. Gazebo design

The advantage of the gazebo is that the design is left open so that residents can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature to the fullest. Then, you can also create designs with various models. Besides that, most gazebo designs are influenced by several cultures in the area, such as in Java and Bali.

Several designs that can be moved (knock down the system) are widely used by Balinese gazebos which are often exported abroad. If you are interested in building a relaxing place at home with a garden gazebo model, here are some design recommendations that we can review below. Welcome to our review!

Gazebo with the ideal size and match

If you want to make a gazebo, then the size of the gazebo is something that needs attention. The ideal size for a gazebo is usually 2X2 meters. With this tiny size, you can be creative with various kinds of furniture and decorations to enhance the appearance of the gazebo. Then, to make the appearance of the gazebo look more attractive, you should make a minimum distance of two meters between the gazebo and the house. It will avoid the impression of being piled up and give the gazebo a beautiful design.

Simple gazebo from bamboo

Not all gazebo designs are made of wood. You can make a gazebo design with bamboo to make it look natural. As you can see, this minimalist garden gazebo model is quite simple with a roof and pillars made of sturdy bamboo. Even though it is simple, this gazebo is quite safe and comfortable for relaxing because it is wide. To make the atmosphere feel more relaxed, you can complement the gazebo walls with bamboo curtains, foam mattresses, and soft pillows. Then complete it with an attractive color thin bedcover and a bamboo towel rack. That way, the appearance of your house’s exterior design will look beautiful and elegant.

Gazebo with sturdy wooden poles

Almost everyone wants the atmosphere in their home to look complete. As you know, the nature of being bored at home seeing makes people look for entertainment in coffee shops outside the home. Therefore, a beautiful minimalist garden gazebo model certainly gives a comfortable impression when used. Two sturdy wooden pillars on the sides make the gazebo look magnificent. To create a relaxed atmosphere like in a coffee shop, this gazebo is equipped with a sofa set, colorful motif sofa cushions, and a table for placing drinks. In addition, this gazebo is decorated with various kinds of flowers so that the design looks beautiful and enchanting. With this arrangement, the exterior design of your home will look cozy and stunning.

Gazebo with triangular roof design

Beautiful home design is a dream home. A beautiful house needs the best ideas and designs. Sometimes, home designers create unique designs. Then offered to homeowners. However, this one design is a design suitable for a gazebo. Then, this design will be built with a fairly high position. A triangular roof will provide a wider space so that it is more comfortable. Then, the material used is using the best quality wood that is processed by the machine.

Then to look more attractive, this gazebo has been made with a triangular model like the traditional Batak house in North Sumatra. In front of the gazebo is equipped with patio chairs and tables. To make it look green, the gazebo area has decorated with flower ornamental plants that are pleasing to the eye. With an arrangement like this, you will feel comfortable and feel at home in this place.

Gazebo with guardrail

Bamboo material is strong to be used to make a gazebo. As you can see, this gazebo on the roof is neatly arranged using thick white tarpaulin. Meanwhile, on the sides, other materials are added as a cover or barrier. So you can be more comfortable relaxing with a slightly closed gazebo. To appear more modern, this gazebo is equipped with an elongated sofa, colorful motif sofa cushions, a table for placing drinks, and small flower pots. Then, the presence of stairs leading to the gazebo floor makes the gazebo look even more attractive. With this arrangement, the exterior of your home will look aesthetically pleasing and attractive. Then, you can bring your friends and family to gather at this place.

Gazebo with round table

This gazebo design looks elegant and luxurious. The model which is round and made of wood makes the gazebo look more natural. Moreover, the presence of a round table in the middle of the gazebo makes the atmosphere of the room warmer. The design of the gazebo guardrail looks made with an attractive model. Thus adding to the beauty of the gazebo. To avoid the scorching heat and splashes of rain, this gazebo is equipped with beautiful bamboo curtains. Then, a beautiful painting. Meanwhile, the ceiling of the gazebo is made of woven bamboo. With an arrangement like this, you will feel comfortable and feel at home in this place while enjoying the outdoors.

Gazebo with a mini roof

This gazebo model has made of bamboo which is painted black. In this way, the gazebo will look magnificent. Gazebo like in the picture above looks simple. Then it’s easy to have it. But you still have to put this gazebo in the right position. So it looks harmonious with your home model. To make you relax, please complete the gazebo with a thick carpet for you to sit and chat with your family. Then, for lighting, install lights on the roof. With this arrangement, you will feel at home and comfortable in this place.

Gazebo with red tiles

The relaxed atmosphere is not only obtained outside the home. In this way, you even spend a lot of money to get pseudo-fun. Instead of wasting money on unnecessary things, you should make a Gazebo in your home area for you to relax with your family. You can even invite your friends to chat while enjoying warm coffee. To make it look more attractive, make a model of a wooden ladder that extends up the gazebo. Then, make gazebo decorations with red tiles. Then, install a guardrail for you to lean on. With this arrangement, the exterior of your house will look more attractive. Then, the atmosphere of your conversation will feel more pleasant.

Gazebo with iron railings

There are various ways for people to make minimalist garden gazebo designs and models. But one gazebo design utilizes an attractive fence around with threaded iron. As you know, threaded iron models like this are widely used for house trellis to make them look beautiful. However, to make it look more attractive, the chair model is attached to the wall following the gazebo model. Then in the middle is equipped with a round table to place drinks and snacks. To make it look bright at night, an antique lamp is installed on the ceiling of the gazebo. In this way, your gazebo will look artistic and attractive. You can also bring your friends to talk in this place comfortably.

Gazebo with a small staircase design

As previously explained, security at home is a top priority. Therefore, you should consider if you want to make something at your home. As you can see in the picture above, this gazebo is made above a pool of water. In order not to slip and endanger the family, a small ladder is installed to get to the floor. Then, around the gazebo, has installed a wooden fence. So as not to endanger children when playing in this place. In addition, to look sturdy and majestic, the pillars of this gazebo are made of iron. With a model like this, your gazebo will look more attractive. Then, you can relax and enjoy the pond while feeding the fish.

Gazebo with decorative vines

As you know, nature always makes us fall asleep with its charms. Looking at the beautiful scenery at the foot of the mountain can make our stress disappear. For that, you can build a minimalist garden gazebo model with steel material according to the design you want. If you like natural nuances, you can build a Gazebo on the side of the house facing the mountain. To look sturdy and majestic, make gazebo poles with wood and iron. Then plant it with vines to make it look, fresher. To make you relax while looking at the mountains and enjoying warm coffee, complete with garden chairs and tables. In this way, the atmosphere of your home’s exterior design will feel comfortable and beautiful.

Trapezoidal gazebo

If you want to make the appearance of the gazebo look more spacious and comfortable, make a gazebo with a trapezoidal design. We can reference this design for you so that the exterior of your home looks complete and attractive. By using lightning lacquered bamboo material with four pillars and distances adjusted to the shape of the trapezoidal sides, your exterior design will look stylish. To make it look beautiful, this gazebo is equipped with a matching color carpet with bamboo, motif sofa cushions, and a small ladder to go up to the gazebo. Then the gazebo roof is designed with bamboo wrapped in black rope at each connection. In this way, the terrace model looks more aesthetic and attractive. Then, you will be confident to invite friends to gather in this place.

Gazebo with transparent roof design

This one gazebo design has a roof and blends with the house roof. Then the pillars and frame of the gazebo are made of iron to make it stronger. Then, to make the atmosphere under the gazebo look bright, the roof is installed with fiberglass. With a gazebo design like the picture above, you can also use the gazebo to become a mobile garage if needed. However, to make you relax while enjoying drinks and food, you can complete it with a dining table and long wooden benches. Then, decorate it with a few pots of ornamental plants to make the atmosphere look green. That way, you will feel comfortable in this place.

Spa style gazebo

If you have ever been to the beach or a spa at a gazebo, this spa-style garden gazebo model can be built neatly and firmly on the land of your house. As you can see this gazebo looks comfortable with a roof casting of concrete which makes it cool and safe from leaks. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can design this gazebo using wood that has been treated and varnished brown. Then design the gazebo bench against the wall and add foam with a white cover. To place a drink, complete the table with a bright color-tiled floor. Then, add decorative plant pots for greening like in a garden. With a design like this, the exterior of your home will look elegant and luxurious.

Gazebo with the dining room concept

As we know, the garden restaurant is always used for dining with family or business partners. However, if you always do things like this, you will end up spending a lot of money. Therefore, you should make a garden gazebo model like the picture above. This gazebo design uses mild steel on the poles with a thatched roof. In addition, you don’t need to cover the sides of the gazebo with wooden guardrails to make it look wider. To make you and your family relaxed, add seating for food and drink gatherings. In this way, your garden design will be able to amaze the guests who come. Happy decorating!

Gazebo with a classic pole model

This minimalist garden gazebo model has been designed with a classic model. Gazebo models like this are generally circularly accompanied by large, classic-style pillars. Then, this gazebo is always placed in the gardens of classic-style luxury homes abroad. But now houses in Indonesia are starting to use gazebo models like this. To make it look more beautiful, they designed floors with bright wood motifs, guardrails with hollow iron, gazebo roofs with black tiles, and ceilings with profiled processed wood. Meanwhile, to refresh the eyes, the edge of the gazebo is decorated with beautiful flower pots. With this arrangement, your home garden will look aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

Gazebo with industrial design

Industrial-themed gazebos usually have some special elements in them, such as upcycling and recycling materials. Besides that, this concrete gazebo usually has an appearance with an unfinished theme, making your gazebo more attractive and modern. This garden gazebo is also increasingly attractive with typical industrial colors that use monochrome colors such as black, gray, or white. The design of the pillars and walls of the gazebo made of black iron looks beautiful. To make it look more attractive, this gazebo is equipped with a beautiful set of guest chairs, a table for placing drinks, and marble motif tiles.

Horse carriage design gazebo

This wooden gazebo model is very antique and unique. With the addition of wooden wheel accents on the walls that cover all sides of the gazebo, this gazebo looks very attractive. You don’t need to add a long sofa to the gazebo because this gazebo is designed with a horse carriage model. So that the chair is attached to the wall of the gazebo face-to-face. In this way, you will feel like you are in a horse-drawn carriage. But to feel more comfortable, you can equip a table in the middle to place drinks and small flower pots. With a model like this, the exterior design of your home will look unique and antique.

Gazebo model from thick steel wire

This thick wire gazebo design looks like an aviary. This design is rarely made by residents of the house. However, this one garden gazebo model is very suitable to be placed in the garden. Even though it is made of thick steel wire, this gazebo looks antique and attractive like a bird cage. Thick steel wire on several sides makes this gazebo model look very artistic. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add colorful hanging decorative lights that are mounted on the ceiling. Then, complete with patio chairs, tables, and some beautiful flower pots. That way, your gazebo design looks artistic and attractive.

Relaxing gazebo by the lake

This gazebo design looks aesthetic in the garden. This gazebo is perfect for those of you who like modern property designs. This minimalist garden gazebo model has a skilled shape with a box shaped like a block. At the front of the gazebo is a wall to allow sunlight and air to enter easily.

This gazebo is perfect for placing on the edge of a lake pond. In addition, you can also consider building in the backyard. For a design like this, you don’t need to complete the gazebo with a sofa or patio chairs because this gazebo has been designed completely with a bench attached to the gazebo fence. That way, you can sit while leaning on the gazebo fence.

Gazebo model with large iron pipes

This minimalist gazebo is made of large iron pipes. Then, this model is quite sturdy and antique because it has a garden theme that will make the gazebo like a temple. This garden gazebo model is in the form of a small box accompanied by large iron pipe accents arranged vertically to the roof. To make it look natural, you can add a thatched roof. So the gazebo doesn’t get rained on when it rains and isn’t exposed to heat during the day. Then, to make you relax, this gazebo is equipped with foam intended for sitting. Then, this gazebo area has decorated with potted ornamental plants and shady trees. That way, the garden in front of your house will feel cool and comfortable.

Gazebo with pillars

Gazebo yang satu ini banyak digunakan pada rumah-rumah mewah klasik Eropa. Mungkin Pins juga pernah melihat desain gazebo modern minimalis dengan pilar di film-film tentang kerajaan. Gazebo yang satu ini biasanya terletak di taman atau halaman belakang rumah.

Model gazebo taman minimalis modern ini umumnya memiliki 4 pilar besar yang disertai dengan atap beton. Atap pada gazebo yang satu ini biasanya berbentuk bulat. Guna mempercantik tampilan gazebo, Pins bisa meletakkan kursi taman dan meja yang juga dapat digunakan saat bersantai di gazebo.

Modern gazebo from wood

This modern garden gazebo model is very unique and attracts attention. The large model is different from the gazebo in general, this square-shaped wooden gazebo is in the form of a box with a wooden fence. The floor uses ceramic, and the roof is made of wood. Thus adding a natural impression to the gazebo.

Apart from that, this modern gazebo can also be used as a gathering place for several people. You simply complete with a thick floor carpet. Then provide a table to put drinks. In this way, the atmosphere of your gathering will be warmer and more comfortable. In addition, using wood as a material will make the gazebo look more modern and minimalist.

Gazebo from aluminum

If most models of garden gazebos are made of wood, this time, we will review gazebos made of aluminum. As you can see in the picture above, this modern minimalist gazebo has made of aluminum and looks beautiful and impressive. Then, to make it look complete, you can add a beautiful sofa set, table, and beautiful sofa cushions. Then design the floor with a wood motif. Also, add curtains in a color that matches the floor. For aluminum material, you can use black aluminum. Then, to make fresh eyes look, add decorative plant pots to the side of the gazebo. That way, your gazebo design will look beautiful and charming.

Hexagon shaped gazebo

The next gazebo design is a hexagonal gazebo. Materials from this minimalist modern gazebo design can use many materials, such as wood, metal, and concrete. For that, you can use six pillars or pillars that are used to support the gazebo roof. Apart from that, you can also add a railing that surrounds the modern minimalist gazebo to separate the inside and outside of the gazebo. That way, the appearance of your house looks attractive.

Gazebo with thatched roof

As you can see, the gazebo design above looks artistic and natural. Usually, gazebo models like this are widely used in villas and beaches. This gazebo can be designed with traditional or modern designs. If the Gazebo roof uses straw, the poles and the base use wood, or bamboo. Using wood and straw in a modern will give a natural impression. To feel more comfortable, you can add a brightly colored thick carpet. So it makes look like gazebos on the Bali beaches.

Mediterranean-style wooden gazebo

If you have a large enough backyard, using this modern gazebo can be your choice! This Mediterranean-style wooden gazebo is also very suitable to be placed by the pool. To make it, you can use wood as the foundation of the gazebo. To beautify the appearance of the gazebo, you can add curtains to further add a Mediterranean impression to your gazebo. To make you relax, you can add a wooden bench on the side of the gazebo. That way, the atmosphere in this place will be warmer and more intimate.

3. Conclusion

Those are some examples of gazebo designs that we can recommend for you. We hope the design of this garden gazebo can be your inspiration. Then, to make the exterior design of your home look aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, and comfortable. However, if the reviews above don’t suit your choice, there are many design options for garden gazebo models that you can see in our other articles. Hopefully, our review can be useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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