1. Overview of the garden in the house area

A beautiful home garden design can make you healthy. In addition to adding to the room, the home garden also makes the atmosphere more attractive. Then, the presence of plants can have a good effect on health.
As you know, its existence is more important, one of which is as an air purifier.

Pollution at home or at work can indirectly increase the risk of respiratory infections, stroke, and lung cancer. Therefore, plants can help eliminate space pollution that comes from hazardous compounds, fuel, furniture, and clothing. Designing a garden in the house area, can add to the aesthetics of the house and make you more comfortable at home. Therefore, let’s look at the attractive garden ideas and designs below.

2. Idea and design

Currently, homes that have gardens are increasingly in demand by people. Therefore various garden ideas and designs are made to make their homes look more attractive. They understand that a garden in the area of ​​the house can make the house look more beautiful and lively. Apart from that, the garden in the house area is also considered the heart of the house because it can produce clean oxygen produced by plants.

To create a garden in your home area, you don’t need to do major renovations. If there is space or empty space in your home area, you can immediately turn it into an attractive garden. Therefore, we have prepared several garden designs that you can use as inspiration. Instead of being curious, let’s look at some of the following interesting design examples.

3. Some attractive designs that you can imitate

As we know, apart from being able to make the house look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, gardens are also beneficial for health. Good plants in plants are those that can absorb carbon dioxide and produce clean oxygen, so if you place lots of plants around the house, it will make the air quality better. Then, make you healthier.

But many people take advantage of the garden to add to the beauty of their residence. However, you also need to pay attention to the type of plant because some plants are poisonous and dangerous for small children and pets. Therefore, we want to share ideas for arranging a beautiful garden so it can be a relaxing place for you and your family. Hopefully, one of the designs below suits your taste. Enjoy following our reviews!

Organize the garden under the stairs

If you have unused space under the stairs, you can turn it into a minimalist-style garden. But if you don’t have much time to take care of plants, you can choose plants with easy care, such as bamboo or cactus plants. This type of plant does not require regular maintenance. Then, cover the surface with stones to enhance the appearance of your garden. To make it look more attractive you can add accent lighting. With this arrangement, your garden will look more aesthetic and enjoyable.

Take advantage of the balcony as a home garden

If you have a small balcony in your home, you can maximize the balcony space into a mini garden. On balconies with limited land, you can plant small plants, such as betel ivory, periwinkle, mother-in-law’s tongue, or potted flower plants. To make you more relaxed, install a half-circle wooden table on the fence of your house. Then, place some wooden benches to place your potted plants. With this arrangement, your balcony can become a beautiful mini garden. Then, you can relax and enjoy your favorite plants. Happy decorating!

Arranging a garden near the workspace

If you want to be more productive at work and get inspiration easily, try creating a home garden near your workspace. In this way, you can get a beautiful garden view. However, if conditions do not allow, try placing ornamental plants indoors.

Many people say plants are believed to increase happiness and productivity. In addition to their health benefits, plants in the workspace can also reduce stress and increase productivity. To make it look more attractive, design the garden appropriately, such as placing coral, wooden benches, sofa cushions, and ornamental plants on the walls. With an arrangement like this, the area where you work will be able to make you feel comfortable.

Home garden in vintage style

The relaxed atmosphere is always sought by everyone to relieve their tension after a hard day’s work. Therefore, a traditional style garden design is likely to become a trend in 2020. Many of the materials used for the garden use a vintage style and generally use flooring planks with hardwood to combine with the garden area.

In addition, to wood, other materials to consider include iron, curved steel, and silver wood which have a timeless feel. To make it look more attractive, design a large wooden table, rectangular wooden chairs, and long benches to sit together. Then add paintings to the walls decorated with vines. With this arrangement, your garden will look more antique and unique.

Garden with mini yellow bamboo in pots

As far as we know, this plant that comes from East Asia can decorate your garden in your home. The method, you can provide a medium-sized pot and fill it with planting with bamboo and compost. In this way, your home is guaranteed to look more beautiful. The slender and tall character of bamboo is even often chosen by the public to produce a more minimalist and elegant appearance. To look more beautiful, design your garden next to the lounge so you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and unwind after working all day.

Pot as a home garden decoration

If you are worried about limited house land, the picture above definitely answers the problem. To make the home environment healthier, you don’t have to plant trees on large tracts of land. You can overcome this by placing several pots filled with small ornamental plants in your casual table area. Besides not taking up space, the plants will also get a sufficient light source.

Another narrow land solution is to place ornamental plants on the walls or hang them from the house ceiling. Usually, people choose cactus plants or small ornamental plants to decorate their homes. Because in addition to the limited size, the selection of these plant types makes it easier for residents to care for them. With this arrangement, your garden design will feel comfortable.

Simple little garden

This garden looks very simple. To create this garden, you only need an iron shelf to place some flower pots. But if you don’t have any idle shelves in storage, you can put some of your flower pots on the floor and arrange them neatly.

Then, to look complete, you should make furniture, such as tables and chairs, as a medium for you to relax with your family while enjoying hot coffee and tea. With this option, the house still looks neat. Then the atmosphere at home feels fresher with green plants that are healthy for the environment.

Beautiful and natural garden for you to relax

This garden design looks beautiful and aesthetic. Of course, you can imagine the morning atmosphere on vacation, you can enjoy coffee and hot tea while chatting with your family or business friends. Beautiful garden decorations can make your life always exciting because you have a place to let go of your tiredness and look for ideas and inspiration for your business in this place.

To make it look more attractive, you can arrange several flower pots complete with ornamental plants. However, it doesn’t hurt to add a rather large tree in the corner for you to relax with your family, like the example above. To feel more comfortable, add a wooden bench with a high L-style back, complete with foam, and a table for placing drinks. Then, for colors, choose soft colors so that the atmosphere is more feminine. For a fresher atmosphere, decorate the walls with vines on the wall. With this arrangement, your garden will look beautiful and natural.

Beautiful and aesthetic garden

Decorating a home garden with various flowers model is one way to make a home design look stunning. Therefore, many people are looking for ideas and inspiration to organize their gardens into beautiful and aesthetic mini-gardens.

However, for you to know, not all types of flowers can last long and are suitable to be combined with other flowers. Before starting to plant various flowers in the garden, you should make a beautiful flower garden design concept first. After creating a flower garden design concept, and then you start choosing the types of plants you will plant. Then, you just apply the concept to the home garden. With this arrangement, your home garden will look amazing.

Beautiful garden to relax

Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful garden at home? Imagine sitting and relaxing while enjoying coffee in the morning accompanied by green scenery and music in this place. You will feel a pleasant atmosphere.

Therefore, if you have vacant land in your home area, you don’t need to be confused about arranging it. By designing like the picture above, a minimalist garden will feel comfortable and pleasant. To make it look more beautiful, you can create an L-model wooden bench and complete with soft foam on the surface. Then, add a round table to place drinks, colorfully patterned sofa cushions, and relaxing patio chairs. With this arrangement, the exterior design of your home will look beautiful and charming.

Minimalist garden with vertical sofa

This one garden design looks antique and attractive. Who says only plants can make a garden beautiful? There are many ways to design a garden to make it look more attractive and fun. Therefore, to make it look anti-mainstream, you can make a vertical sofa attached to the wall. Then, add a hanging decorative lamp above the garden. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, you can add red lounge chairs, and wooden tables to place drinks, and decorate your lounge with sofa cushions. With this arrangement, your garden design will look antique and attractive. Happy decorating!

Futuristic pure white

This minimalist garden only uses a few plots of land. Then, this garden design has given a futuristic white color. White coral decoration makes this garden look more attractive and bright. If you want to look beautiful, you can put long wooden benches and small tables for placing drinks. Then, to look fresher, this garden is decorated with several pots of ornamental plants and placed on top of the coral. With this white arrangement, this garden looks more elegant and modern.

Minimalist garden with water wall

The garden design in this one house looks natural. The waterfall that flows through the natural stone wall makes the garden feel like in the mountains. Then, the water that falls into the pool makes the atmosphere in the house more calm and comfortable. Therefore, many people make garden designs like this. To make a garden like this, you can use the side wall of your house. However, don’t forget to open the top of the pond so that the plants get enough light.

To make you relax, place patio chairs, a glass table to place drinks, and spotlights on the dining table. With this arrangement, you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in your garden while enjoying the splashing of water and fish swimming in the pond.

Arranging a square mirror on a garden wall

The beautiful minimalist garden design in this one house looks antique and unique. This garden with a rectangular mirror on the wall makes this place look more attractive.
. Then, to look harmonious, the walls are decorated with varnished wood. So, this garden looks beautiful and natural.

But if you want to make the atmosphere more relaxed, you can equip it with an iron long chair placed under a mirror, add a single iron chair, a marble round table, and put several ornamental plants beside the wall. With this arrangement, you feel more comfortable. Then, make the atmosphere for you and your family feel warmer. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for your home.

Arrange a terrace with garden

These garden designs like this are perfect for minimalist houses because they don’t take up much space. In this place, you can put lots of bonsai on the terrace. In addition, you can use pots as gardens and can be made of earthenware to make them look nicer. If you want to put wooden chairs and guest tables, you can use decorative wood with leaf motif pillows for a beautiful look. Then, to make it look more natural, you can design a terrace wall with exposed brick. With this arrangement, you will be more relaxed to enjoy your favorite plants. Happy decorating!

Arranging the garden to appear clean and spacious

A beautiful and clean garden can be applied to themes like this image. By creating an all-white theme, your garden will look simple. So from the walls and floor, you can apply white. Then, to look beautiful minimalist garden, you can place several flower pots with different plants. Then. you can use wood furniture with a combination of white and brown. To decorate the garden terrace, don’t forget to put green pots on the wall. In addition, you can also hang plants on the ceiling of the house. With this arrangement, your mini garden will look clean and bright.

4. Conclusion

There are various types of gardens at home, ranging from small yards with flower pots to large areas of land with various plants. In addition, you also can design a garden at home to suit the concept of the house or for specific purposes. Therefore, we provide some examples that you can create in your home. Hopefully, the garden example above is to your taste. Then, make your home design look aesthetic, beautiful, attractive, and fun. Happy decorating!


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