1. Overview of the garden behind the house

When you buy a house from a developer company, your house must have a back garden and a front garden. Therefore, you can use your home garden for flower gardens, children’s playgrounds, and a place together with your family. As we know, the area of ​​the garden behind the house varies. There is a small garden for large sizes. Even if you have a small backyard, you can design it beautifully so that your garden can make you feel comfortable. But if you don’t want to use it as a garden, you can make a bedroom. Therefore ideas and inspiration are needed to make your home design look beautiful and comfortable.

2. Back garden design ideas and inspiration

Small gardens and small terraces may need more ideas and inspiration to think to make a small space into a bigger one. Therefore, you need design ideas to outsmart a small space to make it look bigger and neater. Thus, even the smallest plot can be turned into a resting place and relax.

Well, we understand very well that you need ideas and inspiration to arrange your backyard garden. Therefore, we share ideas for designing your backyard garden to turn it into a beautiful home like your dreams. Having a beautiful and neat garden design, you will feel at home in the garden behind your house and chatting with family. Therefore, we recommend designing a beautiful backyard garden to make your home look cooler.

3. Beautiful garden design reference

A limited area behind the house can be designed for a beautiful garden and make the house atmosphere feel cool. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people want to have a garden in their home area, either behind the house, on the rooftop, or in front of the house.

With the availability of a garden, you can be free to plant various kinds of plants as you like. However, to design the garden behind the house. So that it looks neat and beautiful, you have to make it properly because the land left for the garden is limited. That way, your dream of creating a green area at home will be a success. Therefore, you can use the inspiration for a backyard garden design like this picture as a reference. In addition, we will also share various inspirations for small and beautiful backyard garden designs that you can make into heaven in your home if you wish. For that, let’s discuss the image below. Welcome to our review.

French-style garden

The garden is a small natural landscape found in our homes. Therefore, many people want to decorate their home gardens to be beautiful. A French-style garden like the one in this picture is suitable for those of you who like to wake up early and see your various flower plants. You can place a chair and a small coffee table in one corner, then fill the garden with colorful flower plants. With this arrangement, your relaxing time while drinking coffee will feel like in a city park. To make it look more attractive, design the terrace floor in your garden with wood so that the natural atmosphere will be more pronounced.

Blending Mediterranean style

Gardens with European-style designs are increasingly in demand by housewives. With a distinctive style like European housing, this park looks more attractive. The garden with a Mediterranean style is very suitable for tropical plants and is very suitable for residential with a typical Indonesian design that still has art deco elements.

Then, to make it look more beautiful, you can design the floor with exposed brick. Then put a patio chair and table for you to relax while enjoying hot coffee. To feel cooler, decorate your garden with lush ornamental plants. With this arrangement, the garden behind your house will feel cool. You can relax and spend your free time.

Simple home garden design

If you have limited land behind the house and a mediocre budget. You can make a backyard garden like this picture on the land behind your house. Then, with a simple garden design, there are only wooden benches and several potted plants. Then with a makeshift wooden deck and concrete floor in the garden behind this house, you can use this simple garden as a place for you to unwind while chatting with family. But to arrange it, you don’t put too much furniture because it can make the land behind your house cramped. Therefore, you can decorate the garden with your favorite flower pots so you can enjoy them every time

Children’s play area

We know that children love to play outside the house. If you have children who like to play outdoors, you can design a minimalist playground like this picture for them. You can make a playground behind your house. So they don’t need a place to play outside the house.

Playgrounds like this are suitable for those of you who still have young sons and daughters. This minimalist garden design behind the house is easy to make because the model is simple, and there is only a slide or slide that can make them play cheerfully. To make the garden model more visible, you can plant green grass and decorate it with ornamental plants and flowers. That way, your child will be more cheerful playing in this park.

Gathering place design

If you are a person who likes to get together with your friends, a garden design like this picture is perfect for you. The garden of this house has been designed to be a fun hangout place. Then, to be more comfortable, this garden is equipped with a soft letter L sofa set and a table, sofa cushions, and a beautiful gazebo. To look beautiful and green, you can decorate the garden with some ornamental plant pots. That way, you don’t have to worry about arranging the garden behind the house as a place to hang out together anymore because you can make this place a place to gather with your family and friends.

Children’s playground from a wooden house

Having a baby always makes you as a parent want to make them happy. Therefore, don’t waste the land behind your house for a useless place. You can design the backyard into a beautiful backyard for your little one to play in. Then, you can juggle the back of your house with their playground by making a small wooden house, hanging games, and decorating their small wooden house with stairs.

Then, to make it look more beautiful, you can plant Japanese grass in the home area and plants ornamental plants in the home area to make it feel shadier. By designing a rear garden like this picture, this park can be a place for outdoor activities. That way, this place will be a place for them to gather while playing.

Minimalist garden design for a relaxing place

Designing a beautiful garden is not only on a large area and a luxurious house. For those of you who have a minimalist home type, you can make the back of your minimalist home with some simple plants. A garden like this picture shows a small backyard garden that is simple and equipped with hanging chairs.

However, if you don’t have time to take care of plants, rarely at home, but the back of the house must still look beautiful, this garden design can be a solution for you. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can decorate the minimalist garden walls with wooden accessories as a place to hang flower pots. With a design like this, you will be more relaxed to enjoy your day. Hopefully, this simple design can be used as an inspiration for you.

Beautiful minimalist flower garden design

These beautiful minimalist home garden designs are not spacious. The garden behind this house has been planted with short ornamental plants and flowers. The garden area is of medium size, and the walls have been designed with exposed brick ceramic motifs. If you like ornamental plants and flowers, this minimalist garden design behind the house can be an alternative according to taste. To make it look more beautiful, you can plant green grass in the garden area. Then to take care of it, you must be diligent in watering the plants. So they don’t wither and die. We hope this backyard garden can add to your minimalist garden ideas.

Minimalist garden design for gathering

If you won’t want to enjoy your day with family and friends. You can make a garden behind a modern minimalist house that combines a garden with tropical plants as a place to relax. This unique backyard garden design is equipped with swings and wooden chairs and has decorated with white coral.

This design does not use grass plants as the garden floor. But white coral. Then, to look more beautiful, the garden behind the house is still decorated with ornamental plants that can make the atmosphere cooler. In this way, you can invite your friends to gather while relaxing. We hope this design can add to your gardening ideas.

Garden design with tropical plants

To make the garden behind your house look attractive. There are many choices of plants that you can plant for your backyard garden design. One of them is tropical plants such as the beautiful fan banana. If the garden behind the house is spacious, you can even create a garden that has a tropical pool. To make it look more beautiful, you can add ornamental plants and grass plants. Then, to make it look more harmonious, you can design a garden wall with black wood. That way, the garden design with tropical plants behind your house will look more natural.

Garden design for relaxing during the day

You can turn a backyard garden design with limited land into a place to relax or even a place to take a nap on the weekends. By having limited land behind the house, you have to be creative in designing the garden design behind the house so that it can meet the needs for you to let go of fatigue and relax.

Then, to make it more perfect, you can complete it with a beautiful gazebo, a large long bench complete with foam, a table for placing drinks, wall hangings, sofa cushions with colorful motifs, floor rugs, and some pots of ornamental plants and flowers. With this design, your backyard garden looks more attractive. Then you can take a nap in this place.

Simple flower garden design

For a minimalist house type 36, have a garden behind the house that is not too big. But you can design it appropriately. So it looks wide enough to make this minimalist home garden. Like this picture, the design of this garden is simple. This small garden has planted with grass, flower plants, and several plants in hanging pots. However, with a fence made of processed wood and brown garden stones, it looks beautiful and charming. But If you have limited backyard land, this simple flower garden design can be your gardening idea.

Minimalist garden design blends into the dining room

This garden design looks attractive. The garden design that blends with the dining room can provide a more pleasant atmosphere. As you can see in this picture, a modern minimalist backyard garden design combines grass with a concrete floor and ceramic wood motif. Then, the garden behind this modern minimalist house has decorated with several plants in pots and plants placed on the wall.

The specialty of this backyard garden, this garden has equipped with a dining table, marble wall tiles, and the floor has designed with wood motif tiles. With this design, the back garden looks beautiful and luxurious. For those of you who have enough land, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Garden with fruit and vegetable garden design

If you want to use the land behind the house for a fruit and vegetable garden, you can create a garden like this picture. The garden design with fruit and vegetable gardens will make you happy when picking the fruit and picking up vegetables when needed. So that your fruit and vegetable garden looks beautiful, you can make plant pots from Dutch teak so that they can last a long time. That way, you can plant vegetables and fruit plants and then fertilize them so become thrive. Well, for those of you who like vegetables and fruits, you can imitate this design for your backyard garden.

Door design in the back garden

You can make a backyard garden design with a variety of models. Like the garden design behind this house, it shows a simple indoor garden design by installing an outdoor wooden deck. Furthermore, you can make this area filled with plants so that it can be used to channel your hobbies to plants while relaxing.

To make it look more attractive, you can place a wooden chair on a wooden deck and put some pots of ornamental plants and flowers in this place. But don’t let the plants you put cover the glass door into the house. That way, you can use this garden as an open living room. Hopefully, this design can be a blend for you.

Luxurious minimalist garden design

For designing a luxurious minimalist garden, of course, you have to prepare the best design, sufficient budget, and elegant garden equipment. Therefore, if you have all of that, you can choose your backyard garden for your luxurious design. To make it look more luxurious, you can place several plants in beautiful medium-sized pots made of ceramic and natural stone.

Then, to look more luxurious and elegant, design a garden floor with black painted wood to make this garden look luxurious and elegant. Then, choose beautiful quality ornamental plants so that your back garden looks more luxurious. Don’t forget to design the walls with gray natural stone to look natural. With a design like this, your backyard garden will amaze everyone who sees it. Well, for those of you who have limited land behind the house but want to look luxurious, you can imitate this desi

Beautiful simple garden design

If you like to enjoy your day with your family in a minimalist backyard garden design that is also simple and beautiful like this picture, you can make a garden behind the house. That way, you can place a wooden bench and a round table under an existing tree.

Next, decorate your garden walls with various ornamental and flower pots. Don’t forget to decorate the garden floor with coral and grass. So the water doesn’t stagnate. With this arrangement of plants, the garden atmosphere behind your house will feel comfortable. Then, make your family even happier to gather and play in this place. For those of you who have a family of more than three children, you can make this garden design your inspiration.

Garden design with fish pond

Keeping fish in a pond can be therapy for those of you who are always tense with daily work at the office. Therefore, you can design a modern minimalist backyard garden with a fish pond. Then, decorate a beautiful tropical garden with beautiful plants. That way, this design looks luxurious and fun. Even this design can make your stress disappear. We know that enjoying and playing with fish while feeding them can be entertainment for you.

But you still decorate your fish pond with some ornamental plant pots made of soil painted white. Then, you can make the edge of the fish pond with natural stone and a water shower. That way, your backyard will be more beautiful and fun. If you like a garden behind a large house or a garden behind luxurious homes, this design can be your gardening inspiration.

Japanese minimalist garden

The design of the Sakura state park is indeed much loved by everyone because of its distinctive and beautiful design. Therefore, if you have enough land, you can choose a garden behind your house like this picture. This minimalist garden design with Japanese characteristics looks unique such as the combination of fountains, stones, plants, Japanese decorative lights, ornamental gardens, and walls made of bamboo, making this garden look artistic and unique. Therefore, for those of you who are happy with unique designs and can use this design as inspiration for your backyard garden.

Back terrace with green garden

Well, for those of you who are lazy to tidy up the grass, you can replace it with synthetic grass. A garden with artificial grass will always look neat. In addition, you need to arrange various kinds of ornamental plants in pots in the corner of the garden and leave empty land for a shady relaxing place.

Instead of being hot, you can decorate the back porch of your house to be greener by planting some shady and green ornamental plants in the few remaining corners. Then, you can also add vines to the wall area to create a cool green feel. With this design, the garden atmosphere behind your house will be shady.

Nice little park for gathering

Many are also looking for a minimalist garden design that is not too shady but still looks beautiful. Therefore, you can imitate this garden behind the house like in the picture above. In this way, you can plant ornamental plants in several corners of the backyard garden and put the wooden chairs. That way, the backyard garden looks more attractive. Don’t forget you must plant grass

4. Conclusion

Having limited land for the garden behind the house is not an obstacle for you to creating a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere. In this place, you can enjoy holidays and rest time. But if you want to create a garden that is aesthetically pleasing, attractive, beautiful, and fun. You should prepare the best design and budget and submit it to a home decorating company. But if you want to make it yourself, the image above can be your inspiration. Hopefully, this review article can make you and your family happy. Happy decorating!


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