1. Overview of the Vintage kitchen style

For lovers of classic themes, you can now enjoy beautiful vintage kitchen designs with various models. Of course, you also know how aesthetically pleasing a room is designed in a vintage style. Combining colors that are right and comfortable to look at, it makes the room seem to take us to a time of old vibes. Indeed, nowadays more and more people dare to design a room in their house with a vintage design according to their wishes and tastes.

It aims to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere when in the room. Then, for those of you who like classic types of interior design as the vitality theme, you might be able to try to apply it to your favorite kitchen space. If you are still confused about what kind of vintage kitchen design is suitable for your residence, let’s look at the inspiration for a vintage-themed kitchen design below.

2. Vintage kitchen inspiration ideas

The first vintage theme kitchen design inspiration came from the basic color, namely the dominance of white. You can try to apply white, especially bone-white in the kitchen room and combine it with colorful designs. This color is suitable for those of you who have a gentle personality because it will bring out a clean and calm feel at the same time.

Give white paint as the dominant color in the kitchen space. Then, use the furniture that best matches that color. Don’t forget, you can also give a touch of flowers and colorful accessories in certain spots to give a vintage impression to the room.

3. The predominant design to date

Vintage designs that are most favored by homeowners are designs that have a feminine and gentle personality. Therefore, you can try to apply this vintage theme kitchen design inspiration in your kitchen room. with a soft design will give a feminine impression to your kitchen.

To get a kitchen room like that, try using colorful paint as a hallmark of a vintage design idea. Give a touch of floral motifs such as muted red and white flower colors. You can also give some complimentary touches such as curtains, tablecloths, or flower decorations on the table and near the window. To maximize the appearance of a vintage kitchen design, place a chandelier in an “oldish” style above the antique kitchen room.

4. Classic and natural designs that are still trending

In addition to a soft vintage design, the inspiration for vintage kitchen designs that are still widely used today is a natural design, namely using a brick-designed wall combined with a wooden wall to make it look more attractive. Therefore, this design is perfect for those of you who like a natural, rustic style.

But if you want to design a classic and natural, you can use a brick design in the upper wall area. In addition, you can also put wood that has been neatly arranged to serve as a storage area. Then, to give vintage characteristics to the room, you can design with wood materials such as chairs and dining tables in the room and designed in colorful colors. Then, don’t forget to add foliage accents on the roof and a touch of flowers with a vase on the table to make it look more natural and beautiful.

5. Some examples of designs that are trending

We know that vintage design is one of those designs that makes you reminisce about your past. With this design, you can imagine your sweet times when you were still with your parents. Memories that you will never forget for the rest of your life. Therefore, we would like to invite you to design a vintage kitchen that can make you happy and cheerful. A million memories will be felt when you are in this kitchen. The past design is full of beauty. Therefore, let’s discuss the image below full of smiles and joy. Let’s follow the review below!

Coffee shop design with red brick

This kitchen reminded us of the past when cement and kitchen utensils were not as complete as they are today. The kitchen is designed with red brick and has not plastered with cement. All of that was because the materials were not complete at that time. Then, the financial difficulties at that time. So that the kitchen has been designed as it is.

However, with the development of design, you can design a kitchen with equipment such as a kitchen table and wooden wall shelves as a place to put cooking utensils. Moreover, you combine it with wooden floors and attractive wooden furniture, making the kitchen perfect.

Then, to look more attractive, the kitchen and terrace are limited by glass doors with aluminum frames. It makes the kitchen more beautiful. Then, make you lazy to find a relaxing place outside the home and take advantage of the interior design in your home. We hope this design can be an inspiration for those of you who are happy with a relaxed atmosphere.

Beautiful and feminine design

This kitchen looks beautiful and feminine. A kitchen is full of beauty and fun designs for those of you who like a romantic atmosphere. Interior color design with a harmonious blend of kitchen equipment colors makes you and your partner feel at home in this place while chatting. The kitchen has equipped with beautiful curtains, beautiful kitchen walls, and an attractive kitchen floor that makes anyone who sees it must be amazed.

Then, to add to the beauty of the kitchen, this kitchen is equipped with a kitchen table and a light green kitchen set. Then, already combined with earth brown accessories, antique decorative lamps hanging on the ceiling, spotlights, wooden ceilings, and wall paintings. With a design like this, the impression of your kitchen will increasingly make everyone who sees it will be amazed and fascinated. If you want to look always cheerful and youthful, you can use this design for your inspiration.

Kitchen design with old equipment

Designing a house according to taste must be fun because you can arrange bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, and even kitchens according to your dreams. Therefore, if you are a lover of antiques, you can turn your kitchen into a collection of antiques that everyone is always looking for.

As in this picture, you can see kitchen equipment with an old white refrigerator, antique plates, a mini kitchen set, a gas stove, and an antique sideboard for dining. With such a design, your kitchen will become a beautiful kitchen and have a million memories. Therefore, for those of you who are happy with kitchen equipment like in the past, you can adopt this design as your idea and inspiration. Happy decorating!

Country style kitchen design


The next kitchen design recommendation is a vintage rustic style kitchen. A kitchen design like this is thick with natural elements, so it will be easier to apply. You can also use an ancient wall clock on the kitchen wall to further strengthen the vintage design.

The use of color in this vintage kitchen design can look by using elements of brown, gray, white, and green. Natural colors that can make the kitchen thicker with a rustic feel. For that, you can also add, an antique chandelier on the ceiling and a small flower pot as an accent to make the kitchen even fresher. With this design, your kitchen looks aesthetic. We hope this design can add to your inspiration.

Kitchen design in rustic style

This vintage kitchen model with a rustic style is almost the same as the first coffee shop kitchen design. With exposed brick walls and brown wood, the kitchen looks like a traditional design. The striking difference from this design is the feel of a large wooden table with a modern design in the kitchen. Then, the wall shelves and the kitchen furniture are also chosen colorfully and made of wood.

In addition, the kitchen design looks attractive with wall hangings, antique chandeliers, wall paintings, flowers, and beautiful accessories. With a design like this, this kitchen will highlight the rustic impression. Then, the presence of a floor with a gray motif ceramic design also makes the kitchen look beautiful and fun.

Kitchen with yellow tones

If you want to design your kitchen with attractive colors, you can choose a kitchen with shades of yellow to strengthen the impression of being cheerful and fun. For those of you who have a cheerful personality, this kitchen design will be suitable for your use. Vintage kitchen designs deliberately choose striking furniture colors with the dominant yellow color.

To look more attractive, you can decorate your kitchen with a green kitchen table, wooden table texture, white wooden shelves, decorative mirrors, and attractive kitchen accessories. Then, you can adjust the kitchen floor with wood motifs. So the kitchen atmosphere is warmer and more cheerful. Therefore, we hope this design can be one of the design recommendations for your favorite kitchen.

Kitchen with shades of pink

If you are looking for beautiful modern vintage kitchen design ideas, a touch of pink can be an option. As far as we know, many people like the color pink, especially girls. Then, not to be too flashy, you can use variations of pink such as shabby pink with green and white because it can produce an elegant color.

To make it look more controllable with a vintage design, you can complement it with a green refrigerator, white wooden shelves, a white kitchen table with a wood texture, and a dining table with chairs. With this design, you can be comfortable when cooking. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Design with a modern style

If you want to design a vintage kitchen with beautiful colors, then the color suitable for your unique vintage kitchen is marble with yellow, light green, and black. This color combination can provide a unique and elegant color. In addition, you can use a black kitchen table with a white texture.

You can also add one to two green plants as decoration, then unique hanging lamps, stainless bar stools, a relaxing sofa, and beautiful wall accessories. To add to the beauty of the walls, you can decorate with white exposed brick motif wallpaper. With a design like this, your kitchen will feel more comfortable and enjoyable. Hopefully, the bar table design can make you more cheerful when enjoying food.

Kitchen with wood tones

If you want a kitchen design with a natural atmosphere, you can use wood shades for a vintage kitchen in your home. Then, if you use wood as the main design, you will feel a warm and cozy kitchen. Making a kitchen with this design is also very easy. Then, you only need to use wood and design it in the best position as in this picture.

To look more attractive, you can choose a wall shelf with wood as a substitute for a kitchen set. Then, adjust the wall color with green and white ceramic motifs. In addition, you can complement the white gas stove set, green table, wall hangings, and some kitchen accessories. Don’t forget to add flower plant decorations to the pots to make the kitchen atmosphere even more comfortable. We hope this simple design can add to your ideas.

Kitchen design in turquoise green color

In addition to a touch of pink, you can use turquoise green as a kitchen color to add a soft impression. But if you have a daughter and want to teach her to cook and take care of the kitchen, this color can increase your child’s enthusiasm for cooking in the kitchen.

To make them more interested, add kitchen equipment such as a turquoise green kitchen set, and a kitchen table with a white texture. In addition to hanging decorative lights, additional kitchen tables can also make them more attractive. Don’t forget to design the kitchen walls in a color that matches the floor. With a design like this, your kitchen will be more pleasing to the eye. We hope this design can add inspiration to you.

Design a combination of wood and exposed brick

The combination of exposed brick design with wood can make your vintage kitchen look cooler. To make it look more attractive, you can use a kitchen table door with real wood and wooden shelves on the wall as a substitute for a kitchen set. In addition, add wall tiles, gas stove sets, and flower pots to make it look more glamorous.

As you know, vintage kitchen designs emphasize the use of old-fashioned furniture. Therefore, you can decorate the ancient wall clock on the wall and place some accessories on the wall shelf. With kitchen decorations like this, the result will make you feel at home cooking. Hopefully, this design can make your kitchen look aesthetic.

Kitchen design in white

If you look at the kitchen design above, who doesn’t want to have a beautiful kitchen like this. The combination of white with wood can produce a harmonious kitchen. Moreover, coupled with chandeliers and ancient clocks, the old model makes the kitchen more attached to the vintage design. Even though it doesn’t use a luxurious wardrobe, this kitchen can look modern and functional.

To look more attractive, you can use a kitchen with aesthetic colors. Then, for those who have a limited budget, you can choose simple furniture because this kitchen does not feature luxurious furniture but relies on a touch of bright lighting colors. Hopefully, this design will make your kitchen feel more spacious and comfortable.

Light and green color combination design

This minimalist kitchen design is perfect for those of you who have a neat and orderly habit. Each part of the kitchen has a placement according to its function. The furniture is also placed in a section that makes it easier for you to use the kitchen.

You can easily organize kitchen furniture. Even when you cook, you will have no trouble finding kitchen equipment because everything has been placed according to its function. In the picture above, you can also choose simple furniture that suits it’s such as function. Then, to look more attractive, you can arrange a green refrigerator, white kitchen table, antique lamps, ancient clocks, and antique wall hangings made of cloth. In this way, your kitchen will be perfect.

Kitchen with wood tones

If you are happy with the all-wood design, you can design your vintage kitchen with wood material. If you use wood material as the kitchen design, you will have a warm and cozy kitchen. Making a kitchen with a touch like this is also very easy. You only need to apply the use of wood, but it must arrange properly.

Then, to look more impressive, you can choose furniture with wood and kitchen sets with white colors placed on exposed brick walls. In addition, you can add vintage antique chandeliers, bar tables, and antique chairs so that the vintage impression is more attached. With a variety of colors and furniture, your kitchen will look more artistic. Hopefully, this design can add ideas and inspiration to your small kitchen.

Pink and light blue theme kitchen

In addition to a touch of flashy color, you can also combine light blue, white, and white to make your kitchen look girly. For those of you who like soft colors and want to increase your wife’s enthusiasm for cooking and taking care of the kitchen, this color can be favorite and fun.

To look beautiful and elegant, complete your kitchen table with pink and white with a light blue texture. Then, design the kitchen set in pink. Don’t forget to adjust the color of the gas stove to white. As a counterbalance so that the girly feel built into the kitchen becomes even better, design the wall colors with white colors and add flower pot decorations in the corner of the kitchen. With a design like this, your kitchen will come alive.

Industrial theme kitchen

This industrial kitchen design looks aesthetic. This industrial-themed kitchen design looks luxurious and easy to apply. The dominant color in this kitchen is gray. The colors are black, white, and brown. as a compliment.

To look more attractive, you can choose furniture with colors that match a touch of industrial themes. Therefore, you can select the color of the kitchen table and kitchen with brown wood and black marble texture. Then decorate your kitchen with gray angled iron and gray wall tiles, and add ornamental plant pots to make it fresher. With a touch of this color, your vintage kitchen becomes very comfortable.

Kitchen in blue tones

The next vintage kitchen design is to use a blue kitchen design. The blue color that comes from this design comes from the furniture. Then, the touch of the color of the kitchen remains dominant with white on the walls. In addition, some furniture in blue and the use of plants make the kitchen produce a fresh and comfortable feel.

You can see this from the kitchen table, equipment rack store, and additional kitchen table. While for the gas stove set, refrigerator, and gray smoke exhaust. This color combination looks very harmonious. That way, you will feel at home in the kitchen and comfortable cooking. Hopefully, you can use this design to add to your kitchen ideas.

Kitchen in gray and white

Having a spacious and beautiful kitchen is sure to make you happy. With a design like this picture, you can use gray in your kitchen. Then you can decorate the walls with white exposed bricks and the top with gray. To make it look even more harmonious, you can design a kitchen table in gray with a white texture.

In addition, to add to the kitchen so that it doesn’t feel empty, you can place a black dining table and several wooden benches. Then, to look fresh, you can add other accents as ornamental plant pots. Don’t forget to decorate the dining table with a unique chandelier to provide maximum lighting when eating. We know that Good kitchen lighting can make the kitchen more attractive. Finally, design the kitchen floor with wood motif tiles. With this design, the kitchen will feel warmer and more comfortable. Hopefully, you can make this design the inspiration for your luxury kitchen.

6. Conclusion

After explaining some of the vintage kitchen design recommendations above. We hope you can make these designs for your ideas and inspiration. But to make your kitchen look aesthetic, beautiful, luxurious, attractive, and fun. You need the best design and sufficient budget. But if you want to make your own, you can leave this design to an experienced kitchen designer.

Those are some vintage kitchen design inspirations that we explain. Hopefully, this design can make your home interior design more attractive. Then it can make you and your family comfortable and cheerful.


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