1. Overview of the village house kitchen

If you live in a rural area, it feels comfortable, cool, and pleasant. But if you want to find entertainment, it’s difficult because the distance is quite far to the city. Therefore, the most enjoyable entertainment is viewing and reading interesting articles to fill your time.

On this occasion, we review a variety of unique and aesthetic village wooden house kitchen models. The best inspiration for this goal is to beautify the interior of the house. Now, many people still look at the simple minimalist kitchen model in the village style, because of its unique appearance. As you follow our review, a village wooden house equipped with a cooking area with lots of wood elements can make you feel at home cooking. for that, you can consider adopting a simple kitchen design concept in your favorite village.

2. Setting up a beautiful design

If you want to prepare a beautiful kitchen design, it’s not only limited to modern or classic styles. In contrast to modern beautiful kitchens, wooden village kitchens tend to be designed with natural and traditional nuances. So that it has a different and memorable appearance for those who see it.

In addition, there are many beautiful kitchen ideas with traditional nuances that you can apply to modern homes. Make sure the interesting ideas and designs make a simple kitchen look unique and with character. In this article, we have collected several examples of simple beautiful kitchens in the village. We hope that the examples of reviews that we have provided will suit your taste and at the same time be your inspiration. Welcome to our review!

Natural L Letter Kitchen Model

Generally, rural kitchens have a simple model. Then, the simple kitchen model in the village has a large size and is also designed to be open. Likewise, this beautiful, simple kitchen in the letter l-shaped village has a large, comfortable cooking area. A kitchen design like this will not feel stuffy from cooking smoke because the smoke goes straight outdoors. In addition, the atmosphere in the kitchen is also not hot because the air circulation is free. Besides that, the advantages of kitchen decorations like this have a natural impression with kitchen cabinets made of pallet wood. Then the kitchen table is simply made of ceramic. With this arrangement, your kitchen will look artistic and unique.

Open kitchen concept

Country kitchen models are made more openly. This is because the atmosphere in the countryside rarely uses a closed room as a cooking kitchen. So if you are looking for a rustic-style kitchen with an open space concept, then this might be the right inspiration. In addition, the village wooden house kitchen looks luxurious, because it uses a stove set. To make it look more attractive, you can design a kitchen table with several drawers to store cooking utensils. Then, make it with wood designs and matching colors. That way, your kitchen design will look beautiful and charming.

Aesthetic with exposed brick wall

Country kitchen designs prioritize an approach to nature. This is because the culture of the rural population prefers to enjoy the outdoors rather than being in the house. The open nature atmosphere can make them more comfortable and happy. In this review, we describe an interesting simple village kitchen. In this kitchen, the wall uses exposed brick without plaster. You can see the kitchen picture above. This kitchen looks aesthetically pleasing with a combination of kitchen tables, tool racks, wall shelves, and a wooden dining table. To give a refreshing accent, you can present ornamental plants in a beautiful kitchen model.

A simple but elegant kitchen

This simple kitchen design looks neat and beautiful. This kitchen has a minimalist concept design. With this concept, you will feel comfortable when cooking. For air circulation, besides the kitchen, a door is designed so that the sun can easily enter the room. Besides that, the aroma of cooking can easily fly out so it doesn’t make the kitchen clean to smell bad. So that it doesn’t look cramped, the arrangement of kitchen utensils is placed on a wooden shelf mounted on the wall. Then, the kitchen table is designed with several drawers for storage shelves. With this arrangement, the kitchen design will look beautiful and elegant.

Traditional kitchen inspiration

Kitchen ideas and designs are needed to make your kitchen look aesthetic. As you can see, the kitchen above looks natural but still looks attractive. This kitchen floor use of unique motif floor tiles and a color that matches the kitchen interior. The color of the ceramic looks beautiful with the decoration of the kitchen of a traditional village wooden house.

To make it look more beautiful, you can add kitchen wall decorations such as minimalist wooden shelves, dining tables, bar-style dining chairs, kitchen sets, kitchen tables with colors that match the kitchen set, unique decorative lights mounted on the ceiling, and interesting knick-knacks. . With this arrangement, your kitchen design will look aesthetic and natural. Then, your partner is also more comfortable and comfortable cooking.

A small aesthetic kitchen

The atmosphere in the kitchen must be made as comfortable as possible so that you are more comfortable and feel at home cooking. If the kitchen area is not attractive, maybe you are too lazy to go to the kitchen to cook. As you can see, this open kitchen atmosphere can be said to be in a minimalist style. Besides that, you can still make aesthetic cooking area decorations.

By setting up a simple kitchen without a kitchen set, you don’t need to place a lot of furniture in the cooking area. In this way, your kitchen will feel spacious and comfortable. Then, to make it look more attractive, choose the wood that has a unique appearance. So your kitchen looks different from the others. Then, add decorative elements like tables and high bar stools. Then, to make it look more natural, design a wall with exposed brick with a rough surface. That way, your kitchen design will look aesthetically pleasing and pleasing.

Luxurious natural kitchen style

As you know, not all kitchens in the countryside look classic. Some people want their kitchen to look modern and luxurious. But the luxury kitchen design in the countryside is not the same as the luxury kitchen in elite housing in the city. As you can see in the picture above, this beautiful and luxurious rustic kitchen looks unique with the use of colorful patterned wall tiles and wooden decorations with original colors. In this way, the feel of a country-style kitchen feels thick and pleasant.

Then, to make it look more attractive, the kitchen table has made of ceramic tiles with bright colors, equipped with tool storage drawers. For lighting during the day, it is obtained from sunlight that enters through the window, and at night using a chandelier mounted on the ceiling. That way, this kitchen design looks complete and charming.

Modern country kitchen design

Everything that is in the past is not certain to be outdated. Some of the designs have now been modernized and made to look more aesthetic, such as the use of a rustic style kitchen design. A simple kitchen that can make the atmosphere warm always makes the occupants of the house always remember.

You can see in the picture above the rural kitchen, this kitchen is intentionally designed to be quite attractive so it feels comfortable. This is why the design is widely used in modern housing. Then, to make it look more attractive, this kitchen is equipped with a wooden dining table and benches, wooden shelves that are mounted on the wall, decorative lights that are hung from the ceiling, a kitchen table complete with drawers, a stove set, floor rugs, and beautiful knick-knacks. To make it look more rustic, the walls are designed with exposed brick. That way, this kitchen design looks aesthetic and attractive.

A kitchen design without a ceiling

Kitchen design ideas and designs are needed to make the atmosphere comfortable. As you can see, a kitchen design without a ceiling still looks attractive. Indeed, the design is unique in the interior of the house. But in this way, the appearance of the room will look much wider and more spacious. By using exposed materials, this kitchen looks more natural.

In addition, exposed brick walls combined with a roof without a ceiling can make a simple kitchen look even warmer. As you can see, this country-style kitchen design applies a lot of ethnic hues to wood combined with some brightly colored furniture and fixtures, such as a dining table, chairs, white wall shelves, a gas stove set, and a white refrigerator. With this arrangement, this kitchen design looks more aesthetic.

All white design

The next kitchen design is a white kitchen. For those of you who are happy with a contemporary kitchen design with a rustic feel, you can mix and match the colors of the kitchen interior with furniture. The use of white in furniture will display a warm kitchen that is still aesthetically pleasing. If you want to make it look more attractive, add some rustic decorations and also use classic window curtains as a sweetener. Then, complete the kitchen with a white kitchen set, a kitchen table with a color that matches the kitchen set, and a white dining table and chairs. With a design like this, your kitchen atmosphere looks white.

Design in a rustic style

Country kitchens are generally more inclined to the old style. The placement of a rustic theme in a rustic kitchen style is indeed very compatible. To make it look rustic, you can emphasize the use of typical rustic furniture with a majority of wood materials that have a more striking texture. This makes the kitchen seem more natural and simple.

Then adjust the kitchen table with the color of the dining table. In addition, a wooden wall shelf for placing kitchen utensils is indispensable as a substitute for a kitchen set. For lighting, you can install spotlights that are mounted on the kitchen and dining tables. Then, during the day you can take advantage of the lighting from the sunlight coming in from the window. With this arrangement, your kitchen design feels comfortable and pleasant.

Wall design with natural stone

Rustic design is inseparable from all that is natural. Therefore, natural stone can be one of the materials for walls with a rustic theme. Natural stone that displays a natural look can make the atmosphere of a country kitchen more comfortable and full of style. Walls made with the structure using this stone will be very harmonious if combined with white cabinets or the color of real wood. This will make your country kitchen not look boring.

Beautiful and neat design

This kitchen design looks artistic and neat. Simplicity in decoration is also one way to create a kitchen theme that is closely related to rustic elements. The kitchen is made roomy and spacious with minimal decoration. As you can see in this picture, the main function of the kitchen is highlighted without the use of furniture that is not fully functional there. To add to the beauty, this kitchen is equipped with black spotlights mounted on the ceiling. Then, the exposed brick wall is decorated with black iron which functions as a kitchen utensil hanger. For lighting during the day, simply open the window. That way, you will get free air circulation and sunlight. A kitchen arrangement like this can make the atmosphere of the kitchen feel good. That way, the kitchen design will look beautiful and neat

An attractive and simple kitchen

Some kitchen models in the countryside do indeed feature a lot of simple designs. This is following the typical countryside which displays a lot of wood materials in it, such as floors, walls, and roofs to furniture, almost all of which use various types of wood. Besides some wood that looks shiny, you can also use old wood that looks artistic. Then, to look more beautiful, this kitchen has equipped with a dining table and chairs, a bar table, and spotlights mounted on the ceiling. To look elegant, the kitchen floor is installed with a wood motif floor. In this way, the appearance of your kitchen will look artistic and simple country style.

Soft pastel color

An aesthetic rustic kitchen design is not always bright in color. Soft pastel colors can be transformed into a simple rustic look. The softness that radiates from pastel colors can be combined with typical rustic wood materials. The final appearance will still be ethnic, especially if it is supported by several decorations that are characteristic of rural communities, such as clay jugs, wooden tables and classic chairs, antique chandeliers mounted on the ceiling, and wooden shelves mounted on the walls. Apart from that, you can add ceramic jars or wooden cutlery that are used as displays. With this arrangement, your family will feel at home and comfortable.

Utilizing a kitchen design with rattan

Almost everyone knows that rattan is a more natural material. Then, this material is mostly in rural areas. So do not be surprised if rattan is a material that is widely used by rural houses. In addition, we know that rattan wood is strong and can last a long time. The appearance is very adorable and beautiful. This material is well suited to be placed on kitchen furniture and also to decorate the interior of the kitchen. As you can see in the picture above, some of the furniture is made of rattan. However, to combine it, they still use furniture made of wood, such as dining tables and chairs, white buffets, and white wooden shelves that are mounted on the walls. With this arrangement, your home interior design will look aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

Kitchen look in ethnic style

This rustic kitchen design looks beautiful and neat. Apart from that, the ethnic look of this kitchen also adds interesting things to the adaptation of a country kitchen. The ideas vary and do not escape the colors of the wood and the detailed decorations in it, such as adopting a very distinctive Japanese-style kitchen design. The traditional simple kitchen of the Japanese population does a lot of playing with the use of wood materials in it. for that, you can recreate according to your creativity. Hopefully, the results are to your taste.

Outdoor village kitchen design

As you know, many people also make outdoor kitchens to be free from smoke. Besides that, you don’t feel stuffy when cooking. Therefore, there are many kitchens in rural Europe, they make outdoor kitchens. The advantages of this outdoor kitchen can make air circulation better when cooking. if you are interested, you too can make this kitchen design like the picture above. To make it look more beautiful and natural, complete the kitchen with a dining table, chairs, and kitchen equipment such as a gas stove and kitchen table. That way, your open kitchen will feel comfortable.

Jungle village kitchen design

Not only village kitchen designs with Santorini nuances can make a kitchen look more unique. We also can create a natural, jungle-style kitchen. This design not only makes the kitchen look more natural but also seems exotic. To make it, use wood-based materials that are varnished so that they look shiny like kitchen countertops and floors. Meanwhile, for the roof and pillars of the kitchen, use whole tree wood so that it can create the impression that you are cooking in the wilderness. In this way, your rustic kitchen design will amaze people.

3. Conclusion

Those are some rustic-style kitchen displays that we can recommend. We hope that our review above will suit your taste. Then make your home interior look more beautiful and charming. However, if our review is not to your liking, please see our other reviews. Hopefully, our review is useful for you and your family. Then make our review as inspiration for you. Happy decorating!


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