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Coverage Topics

You may ask us which topic can be approved here. As we have stated above, we accept almost every topic idea as long as it can be related to our site but it would be better if you can write for us about home improvement. The other accepted topics are DIY tutorial, interior & exterior design, gardening tips & ideas, and anything that is close to home improvement.

How to write for us?

If you ask us how to send your home improvement article after writing it. Firstly, We would like to let you know about the regulations that you have to follow. We will not accept any articles which are out of our regulation. Kindly check out the regulation below.


  1. 2 OBL per post
  2. Informational article
  3. No affiliate link
  4. 3+ Images

If you are ready to submit your article, feel free to check out categories that are being accepted by NextHomeGeneration. Hopefully, you can write it based on the category given.

  1. Home Improvement
  2. Home Design
  3. Interior & Exterior
  4. Gardening
  5. DIY tips & tutorial

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