– Relaxing and beautiful impression can be created by making a mini Japanese zen garden design. Japanese is famous for its natural and simple impression where it can be combined by making a neatly garden arrangement with zen touch. There is nothing better to relax in the less busy day exactly in our garden. Can we imagine we have a place that has plants are blooming everywhere? It is such a relaxing atmosphere, right? When we already have a space to make a garden, then we want to decorate it, we are exactly want to use a beautiful concept, right? To create a relaxing and beautiful garden simultaneously, we recommend you apply Japanese exterior design. Today, we will give you some information about mini Japanese zen garden design to create a beautiful home exterior. Without any further ado, let’s get to the list!

Mini Japanese Zen Garden Design Ideas

Before growing plants in our garden, we should make sure the climate in our country is suitable for the plants, so they will not die quickly. We can choose preferred plants to make our garden have long durability. Generally, we can add any type of plant in a Japanese zen garden but bonsais are very suitable to add.

Changing Our Outside Corner Into A Japanese Zen Garden

Mini Japanese zen garden design
Changing our outside corner into a Japanese zen garden

If we have empty space on the outside like the backyard or front yard, we should change it into a Japanese zen garden. We can grow some plants that have green leaves and shape like a bush. To make it more relaxed, we should make a small water pipe and a place to hold water. The sound of splashing water coming from it can make us more comfortable while staying in it. To create a stronger accent of zen, we should add some decorative stone. Japanese exterior door’s design is suitable to add to our home if we create a mini Japanese zen garden.

Little Pool With A DIY Bamboo Pipe

DIY Bamboo pipe
Japanese garden with a zen accent

We can create a space for water to make us have a little shower in our zen garden. We should use bamboo to make a DIY pipe. A little spruce and other plants can be added to our garden to create a natural impression. We can also add rocks to make a street on the white sand in our garden. A traditionalĀ and cozy living room is suitable to have a view of Japanese zen garden design. We will more comfortable and easy to relieve our stress while staying in it.

Fishpool With Many Colors Of Plants

Plants with many colors
Fishpool with many colors of plants

A fish pool can make our home exterior have a beautiful and fresh impression that can make our Japanese zen garden looks prettier. We recommend you add many plants with different colors to make a different environment for your house. To make a colorful concept, we should add some koi fish in different colors to make our pool look prettier and cheerful. Besides, make our exterior look beautiful by applying Japanese design, we should apply the same design in the interior. For example, we can create a tiny Japanese-style bathroom in our house.

Simple Decorations And Little Bit Plants

Mini Japanese zen garden ideas
Simple decorations and a few plants

Creating a simple garden in our home is essential for us even if we are on a budget. We should try to make this concept if we don’t want to buy many decorations and plants. We can add plants that have red flowers and green leaves. Decorative and round stones can be added to our garden to make it prettier and create a natural impression. If we want to make it have a stronger zen accent, we should make an artificial small waterfall. For some people who have a Japanese bedroom design which has a beautiful zen garden view, we can more relax while staying in it.

A Gazebo In The Japanese Zen Garden

Japanese zen garden decorations
Flower plants with a gazebo

Japanese zen garden can be made by using a plant which has pretty flowers. It can be combined by adding some green plants to make a beautiful variation. We should add some round stones as a pedestal in our green turf. We should create a gazebo to make us have a place for staying in this garden. Japanese kitchen design can be created near this garden to make a fresh impression in our kitchen. We should make a place for water that makes it easy to wash your feet after from this garden.

The Advantages Of Create A Beautiful Garden

There are so many advantages that we can get if we create a beautiful garden in our house. To make you understand how necessary it is, we will give you some information about the advantages of creating a beautiful garden.

Beautifying Your Home

One of the benefits of a home garden adds aesthetic value to the dwelling, especially if the garden has a beautiful and relaxed concept. If we give the best maintenance to our garden, it makes us more comfortable to spend our time in it. We don’t have to create a big garden because a small garden still can beautify our house. Try to grow various types of plants and do optimal care in the garden to makes it always beautiful.

Giving A Cool Atmosphere To The Home

All of the plants are producing fresh air for our earth and a garden in our house can make us always have it. The existence of a garden in our house can create a cool and healthy impression. We can also make our home have a better environment even in the city with the high pollutant.

Comfortable Area To Spend Our Time

Besides a Japanese modern dining room that can be used as the best place to spend our time with family, A garden is also a comfortable area for it. It creates a new impression of our home and feels different if we don’t have it. We can complete it by adding a chair or gazebo to make us more feel comfortable while spending time in it.

Relaxing Place To Do Your Hobbies

Gardening is a relaxing activity and fun to do in our house. Besides it can produce fruit, vegetable or anything that we grow, it makes us spend our time with useful activities. We can make it feel more pleasant by creating a patio.


Beautifying our house is necessary to do to make us feel comfortable and relaxed while spending our time after work or any tiring activities. We should create something that can relieve our stress by sitting in it. To create it, we recommend you make a Japanese zen garden design that is easy to apply. Hopefully, by making it you can have a relaxing place and make your home exterior looks beautiful.


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