Nexthomegeneration.comInterior and exterior is an important element in our house because it can make it have the best design outside and inside. We have to make sure you need to decorate both of them to create a beautiful impression of your house. Before building a house, we should consider the design of it because it give many effects on our house. Actually, there are many designs and shapes of houses that we can choose as long as we like. If we want to have a traditional Japanese living room, it means we should apply Japanese exterior design. Today, we will give you all information that might you need for applying a modern Japanese house exterior. By applying it, we can create a stunning look on our home exterior.

Modern Japanese House Exterior Design Ideas

Some people want to have a traditional accent in their home but also want to have a modern style at the same time. Don’t worry about it because we can apply a modern Japanese house exterior design. It has a unique impression from Japanese style and a stunning look from a modern accent. Now, we will give you some ideas about a Modern Japanese house exterior.

Black Roof With Yellow Light Create A Warm Atmosphere

Japanese house exterior design
The warm atmosphere from yellow light

Have you ever imagine having a warm house that can comfort us and our family to stay?  To create it, we should make our home exterior have a warm impression because it gives many effects to our interior. Japanese bedroom design can feel cozy and warm if our exterior has a beautiful design. We can create a spiky roof shape with black color then combine it with a light brown wall. To make a stronger design, we should install a wooden window cover.

Classic White Home Exterior Design

Japanese white home exterior
Classic white house exterior

Some people who love a white color than any color might want to apply this design in their house. We should build our house with a triangle roof shape and paint our wall with white color. Don’t forget to add some wooden materials to the window or only for decorations. To make it prettier, we can add a black fence to make it look modern but still have a Japanese accent. A beautiful Japanese dining room can be made in this home design because it is suitable for it.

White Shape Building

Japanese home exterior style
White cube shape building

Actually, Japanese interior inspiration is not much different from the exterior design. In the previous one, we have explained about a white house with a sparky roof shape. This time, we will give you a concept that has the same color but in a different shape. We should paint our wall with white color and install some windows in a suitable place. We can use wooden materials for covering some parts of our home design. A little stair can be made to make us feel comfortable if want to enter.

Wooden Materials For Making Natural Impression

Beautiful Japanese exterior design
Wooden materials for our house

Creating a natural impression in our house can be made by using wooden materials. We can build our home with it to make a simple but also looks beautiful. For people who live in the village, this design is very preferred to make. Generally, there are many people that paint their walls with color painting. In this design, we should use wooden materials instead of using wall paints. Japanese zen garden design can be made in the front yard of this house design.

Unique Shape Of Japanese House Exterior Design

Japanese home exterior design
The unique shape of the Japanese home exterior

The first time that we should create is a wooden fence to cover our home. We can also use natural stone to make a path in our house. We should grow some plants in our front yard to make a fresh impression. For walls, we can paint them with light grey color to make an elegant accent and stunning look.

The Characteristics Of Japanese House Exterior

  1. To create a Japanese home exterior is we should make a flat foundation by sing soil or stone. It is for the base of wooden pillars and for the supporting frame of the building. Japanese building has a pit to avoid soil moisture.
  2. The frame structure of Japanese house building consists of vertical columns, horizontal beams, diagonal supports, and it all arrange without nails at all. It makes Japanese design develop complex wood connection methods of various types.
  3. Japanese house exterior design always makes large roofs with wide overcuts. It has an angled shape and tends to bend to provide maximum protection from the four seasons.
  4. There are many Japanese houses that have a large veranda to receive a guest that comes to our house.
  5. This design doesn’t have too many room dividers and tends to make their room doesn’t use it for making a wider space.
  6. Generally, this design always uses shoji paper. It is a typical paper from Japan to cover windows or doors in our house.

Suitable Colors For Modern Japanese House Exterior

  1. Light Grey is the first color that is suitable if you want to make a Japanese house exterior. It is a neutral color and makes our home look modern and elegant at the same time.
  2. White is a basic color that many people use because it doesn’t look monotonous and give a classic accent to our house. It is also be chosen by many people because it has a simple design but looks astonishing.
  3. If we want to have a feminine design, we should use baby pink, light pink, and pink pastel. It has a soft accent that is very suitable for girls or anyone that want to have a feminine impression in their house.
  4. Light brown is a preferred color to create a natural impression in our house. We can also choose dark brown if we want to make color combinations.
  5. Last but the best to choose is a green color. We can have a stronger Japanese accent if we paint our wall or anything in our house by using it.


To create the best Japanese house, we should pay attention to colors, shape building, and materials. Hopefully, by using our ideas, we might help you to create the best Japanese house exterior and make it look stunning.


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