– Can you imagine a cozy concept combined with a traditional accent? Will it look good? The traditional accent of Japanese country looks beautiful and unique where it can be combined with any concept. A cozy impression is famous for a beautiful look and comfortable feeling. If we combine them, we can create a unique, beautiful, and fascinating impression at the same time. Don’t forget to add some characteristics of the Japanese home interior to make a stronger concept. We should arrange our seating in our living room to create a beautiful Japanese design. Don’t worry and feel confused about it because today we will give you some information about it.

Tips To Apply Japanese Interior Design

Before applying a Japanese design to your home, you should know some tips from us to make it prettier and avoid in order to make a mistake while applying it. By using our tips, we can make it more comfortable and cozier.

  1. Choosing light and natural colors for a broad effect. It can be used in Japanese kitchen design to make a cheerful impression.
  2. Add bold colors as an accent. We can’t use only bright colors because they can make our living room look monotonous.
  3. Avoid bulky or massive furniture. It is useful to make our home have a harmonious look in the furniture selection.
  4. Beautify walls with wallpapers. We can’t create a pretty room if we don’t use something beautiful to it. That’s why we recommend you create a pretty wall by using wallpapers or colorful paint.
  5. Make a cheerful impression if we have kids in our home because it makes them happier to stay in our living room.
  6. Multifunctional furniture and integrated space. We should use them to make our room feel wider.
  7. Bright lighting for every room in the house. It is necessary to avoid a gloomy impression.
  8. Don’t forget to add a fascinating room decoration to make our living room prettier.

Traditional And Cozy Japanese Living Room Seating

There are many people who create a Japanese bedroom style to have a relaxed private place that can make them relax from a hard day. We can also apply it in our living room to make a comfortable and relaxing room for people that come to our house. It is necessary to make the seating arrangement look beautiful and feel cozy. If you are confused about how to arrange it, this time we will give you some information about it.

Simple Seating Arrangement

Simple seating arrangement
Japanese room seating arrangement with simple style

A simple concept is always related to the Japanese home style because it doesn’t have many decorations and furniture in its interior. We should add a tatami carpet and a black wooden table to it. Don’t forget to add a little sofa to make us more comfortable while sitting and spending time in this room.

Bright And Relaxed Sitting Arrangement

Traditional Japanese living room seating arrangement
Bright and relaxed impression seating arrangement

Do you want to make your guest feel relaxed when visiting your home? Do you want to have a living room that can make you and your family feel comfortable while staying at it for a long time? If you want, we should make this concept by choosing a room that has enough natural lighting. We always use a tatami carpet if we want to apply Japanese style to our home. To make a traditional accent, we should add a white round cushion and a wooden table to make it more comfortable and cozier. Simple decorations can be added to the table like a little sakura ornamental tree to make it prettier.

Fresh Natural Open Space

Traditional and cozy Japanese living room seating arrangement
Fresh natural open space

If we want to make a stronger Japanese interior design, an open space with a beautiful view is the best for applying this design. We should always use a tatami carpet to make our home feel comfortable and warm even at the night. Beautiful views from your backyard, small garden, or front yard can make our living room have the best panorama in our home. We can add a little round wooden cushion and create a place for making a bonfire.

Cozy And Feel Warm

Japanese living room seating arrangement
Cozy and warm at the same time

Sometimes we feel cold in the winter especially while staying in the living room. To avoid it, we should try to make this concept. We can add simple cushions as a pedestal to sit in the living room. If we apply this design in our home, we will always use a wooden table because it is suitable for it. To make it warmer, we can add a lamp to create a bright impression and we should choose it that has a yellow light. If we want to cover our window, a wooden curtain can be added to make it more have a natural impression.

Dark But Calming

Japanese room style
Dark but calming at the same time

Some people don’t want to have a bright living room in their home and if you are one of them, we can apply this concept. We should add dark wooden tiles to make our living room have a dark concept but lamps with yellow light are important to be added to this room. Although we apply the dark concept in our living room, we can still have enough lighting in it. For making us comfortable while sitting in this room, we should add a rattan cushion as a pedestal and create a place for making a bonfire. It can make us feel warm and happy while gathering with family.

Why Should We Arrange Living Room Seating?

A beautiful living room can create if we arrange our seating because it can make us more comfortable while spending time in it. We can also create a better home improvement and have a different impression than other home interior designs. By applying a Japanese interior design, we will have a beautiful, fascinating, cozy, and unique impression at the same time.


Arranging living room seating is essential to do as a homeowner because we can make our home more comfortable and prettier at the same time. We can also make our family want to stay in the home for a long time than spending time outside. To create it, we should pay attention to how to apply this design and choose decorations and furniture that still related to it.


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