– Who doesn’t want to have a comfortable kitchen? Of course, many people want to make their kitchen feels comfortable. The kitchen is our place to cook and if it doesn’t feel comfortable that makes us can’t cook comfortably. A traditional Japanese kitchen design can be applied in small places. It’s easy to apply in our kitchen and we can make this concept in many colors. This time we will help you to make a traditional Japanese Kitchen Design. Hopefully, our ideas can help you.

Things That We Have to Use on Making Traditional Japanese Kitchen Design

Use Shoji window to make our room have a traditional Japanese kitchen design

The Shoji window is a traditional window in Japan. This window is made of wood and shoji paper. If we want to make a traditional Japanese kitchen design we have to add it to our kitchen. Shoji paper also the basic ingredients of Japanese-style doors and always exist in bedroom Japanese-style. If you interesting to make a Japanese bedroom this small and simple Japanese bedroom design might help you.

Open shelves
Open shelves are necessary for Traditional Japanese kitchen

We should add an open-style shelf to make our kitchen like the Japanese kitchen style. This shelf makes our kitchen accessories visible. Also, we can add a wooden cupboard with an open style to make our kitchen looks minimalist. Kitchen accessories can be added to the cupboard or shelf and it’s more suitable if we make it from wood.

Dinning room blends with kitchen
Blends the dining room with our kitchen

We should make a traditional Japanese kitchen and blend it with the dining room. This style is always used in Japanese kitchen style and can save our space for other furniture. The design is also suitable for small places.

Japanese kitchen with wooden furniture
Wooden furniture is typical furniture in the Japanese kitchen

Japanese kitchen style is identical to its wooden furniture. We should use it to make it feels stronger. The benefit that we can get if we use wooden furniture is strong and long-lasting. The wooden furniture also gives us a natural feel and has many shaves and carvings.

Traditional Japanese Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Place

Traditional Japanese kitchen
Traditional Japanese kitchen with wooden furniture

For those who have a small place but want to have a kitchen with a traditional Japanese kitchen, these ideas are suitable for you. Wooden furniture in our kitchen makes our kitchen feels like a Japanese kitchen and adds a shoji shelf to make the Japanese concept feels strong.

Traditional Japanese kitchen
Make our kitchen blend with dining room

We should make our kitchen blend with the dining room and this makes our kitchen fully functioned. Arrange our furniture properly to make it doesn’t look messy and also install some lamps on the top to make it bright.

Traditional Japanese kitchen
Traditional Japanese kitchen design in white color

Traditional Japanese kitchen designs can be made in white color. We only need white furniture for our kitchen and make our traditional kitchen look minimalist. Sometimes many people think that white furniture is tricky to clean but these tips about how to make your kitchen always clean might help you. Hashira lamp can be added to our kitchen to brighten it and makes our design feels stronger.

Traditional Japanese kitchen in green color
Green color furniture in Traditional Japanese kitchen design

We can combine green color furnitures and wood furniture for making a traditional Japanese kitchen. We should choose green wallpaper for the wall and hang some plants to make our kitchen look fresh. Artificial plants can be added on top of our furnitures to make it look prettier.

Traditional Japanese kitchen in pink color
The pink color in the Japanese kitchen

The pink color can be added to our Japanese kitchen design and we should choose pink color furnitures for making this concept. This kitchen looks prettier and feminine because the pink color is identical to the feminine concept. Japanese kitchen with its color is suitable for people who live alone in an apartment or house.

Black color Japanese kitchen design

Who prefers dark colors rather than light? This concept is suitable for you because we use dark color furniture for our kitchen. We should choose dark colors such as brown, dark blue, dark grey, black, and others. Dark colors furniture makes our kitchen feel darker and we should install some lamps for making our kitchen brighter than before.

8 Advantages That We Can Get If We Applied Traditional Japanese Kitchen Design

  1. Japanese kitchen design has a natural and simple concept that is suitable for people who have a small place in their home. This design is easy to apply and doesn’t make our kitchen look narrow. It’s also made our kitchen accessories look prettier because we add them to the open cupboard style.
  2. Doesn’t cost a lot to make it because we only need the kitchen furniture that we have.
  3. This design always combines the dining room with the kitchen and makes our family can see us cooking directly. It also makes us easy to serve the food immediately. The best part of all, the design is suitable for family gatherings and dinners.
  4. Much open space that we can get. This design makes our kitchen feels more bright because we use Shoji paper for window and doors. Shoji paper is transparent and makes sunlight easily come into our kitchen.
  5. The design is unique and not mainstream because not many people use it.
  6. We can make a Japanese kitchen design with many colors even we use black colors that still suitable.
  7. Japanese kitchen design has kanso principle which means this design adds kitchen accessories only that we need. This principle doesn’t make our kitchen looks narrow.
  8. Fashionable design and look luxurious in minimalist design if we apply it.

Traditional Japanese kitchen design is easy to apply to our kitchen. The design is simple and minimalist which is suitable for small places. It’s doesn’t need large expenses to apply. This design needs a lamp that can make our kitchen feel bright. If we considered about how to choose a suitable lamp 5 tips kitchen lighting from us might help you to choose it. Japanese kitchen design won’t bring too much feminine concept. If we want to make our kitchen feel more feminine shabby chic kitchen design might suitable for us. Hopefully, our ideas can help you to design your kitchen.


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