– Designers! For those who like interior design and always want to make every room look beautiful, we might always search for decorating ideas as inspiration. This time we will give you modern Mexican decorating ideas for beautifying your living room. Mexican living room is identic with a bright color such as red, yellow, light blue and others. If you want to make it in another color like black, white or brown is still suitable. The Furniture with bright color makes our room look cheerful and colorful at the same time and doesn’t make our living room look tacky at all. Hopefully, our ideas can help you to design your living room in a modern Mexican style.

Use Furniture with Mexican Style for Our Living Room Decoration

Mexican Terracotta
Mexican Terracotta always be decorations in Mexican room style

Mexican terracotta or earthenware is identical to the Mexican living room style as a decoration. If we can add this to our living room, it can bring out a more Mexican style. The Mexican terracotta has a typical pattern from Mexico and looks prettier if we add it.

Mexican Art
Folk art in shower curtain
Folk art table
Table with folk art

We should add some furniture that has Mexican art like folk art. The furniture that we can choose is a shower curtain or tables with folk art designs on them.

Mexican Maguey Rug
Mexican Maguey Rug is a decoration for our Mexican living room

Mexican Maguey rug is a typical rug from Mexico and this carpet has a Mexican pattern. This rug can be added to our living room as a decoration or carpet.

Talavera tiles
Use Talavera style to make Mexican style living room

Talavera tiles are typical tiles from Mexico. If we want to make our living room have Mexican style we can use these tiles on the floor or as decorations in our furniture.

Use an Otomi floor lamp to make Mexican style living room

We can use an Otomi floor lamp to make a Mexican-style living room. This lamp can be added to the table or floor and make our living room has a stronger Mexican style. If we want to add cushions to the sofa we should choose cushions that have a typical Mexican pattern style.

Modern Mexican Living Room Ideas

Modern Mexican living room
Modern Mexican living room design

We can use an Anthurium wave love plant for decoration in our room and add a sofa with some cushions as furniture. Besides Anthurium we can add hanging plants in our living room or other plants that still related to our concept. We should add a Mexican rug to make our living room have a more Mexican style. If we want to make our room felt like a modern style we can add other modern furniture or this modern furniture selection for the living room might help you.

Make our living room to be Mexican style

We should add some furniture in our living room which has a Mexican style pattern. The fireplace in the living room makes it feel warm and doesn’t make the Mexican style gone. We can add a floral pattern curtain for covering the window and some decorations that are still related to the Mexican style.

Pink Mexican design
Mexican living room design in pink color

The pink color is a favorite color for many people and we can make a Mexican living room design with pink color. We should add a pink sofa and paint our walls with it. Don’t forget to add some Mexican furniture like painting or others. Additionally, we can add some plants as decorations.

Mexican living room design
Mexican style living room

Who likes blue? If you are one of them, you will like this concept. We should choose blue color for our floor and walls in the living room. A Mexican rug can be added under the table and chairs. The pink color for a curtain is suitable for this concept. We can paint our bookshelf the same color as the wall and floor. If we want to make our living room look prettier we can add a flower in the vases and add it to the table.

Bright Mexican Style room
Make Mexican style room with rattan chair

For those people who like to make their living room feel brighter. We should choose white color for the wall. Rattan chairs are suitable for this concept and still related to the Mexican style. We should add a Mexican rug under the table and chairs to make this style feel stronger. A transparent pink curtain is suitable for covering our window.

Colorful Mexican living room
Colorful Mexican living room design

Who wants to make our living room have a Mexican colorful concept? For those who want to make this concept, we can choose colorful pillows and add them to the sofa. We should add a brightly colored fabric for covering our sofa and add a rug with a Mexican pattern. Some paintings can be hung on the wall to make our living room feel more colorful.

Things to Avoid In Decorating Living Room

  1. Placing bigger furniture. Why should this be avoided? Because this furniture makes our living room looks smaller and has no extra space for other decorations. We should add furniture that has a small size even if we have a wider living room this should be avoided.
  2. Don’t maintain the decoration for a long time. It will make our living room look monotonous.
  3. Use a small carpet for our living room. The small carpet is not enough for many people if we used it at family gatherings. We have to choose a big carpet for our living room.
  4. Having basic furniture only. If our living room just has basic furniture such as tables, chairs, and others it makes our room not interesting. Add some decorations to make our room look prettier.
  5. Unarranged placement. Arrange our furniture properly to make our living room look wider.
  6. Wrongly using furniture miss to its concept. Choose furniture which is suitable for our concept to make our living room look harmonious.
  7. Bad lighting system. Our living room needs the best lighting and it’s necessary to add because our concept can’t look pretty if the lighting is bad. We should choose a lamp that has a big size or enough to light up the entire room.
  8. Choosing a small sofa. The sofa is necessary to put in our living room because it has big size and makes us more comfortable to sit. We have to choose a big sofa for our living room because it makes it comfortable for people who came to our home. If we are still confused about choosing a sofa these 5 suitable sofa designs for the living room might help you.

Modern Mexican design is not easy to apply in our living room because we have to choose furniture which has a Mexican style. We also have to know what furniture has Mexican characteristics. Hopefully, we can help you to decorate your living room under this concept and choose the right furniture for it.