1. Overview of the industrial design 

Having a house with a beautiful interior design can make you more confident in receiving guests. For you to know, home interiors with industrial style are much loved by interior design lovers. The reason is, this interior style does not demand perfection but instead accentuates the imperfections of the interior from the appearance of the walls and building materials which are left as they are.

Industrial-style design can be applied to any room, including the family room and living room. The industrial style applied to the living room can certainly create a cool room appearance and make residents feel at home while spending time in the room. Therefore, the interior of a house with an attractive industrial style can make the room cool and dashing. Below, we review an interesting industrial-style design.

2. Attractive industrial style

Industrial style is synonymous with the use of materials such as wood, iron, and used goods. If usually, this material is the main element in the room, then you can use it as an accent for the interior of the house to make it look more attractive. To create an interesting focal point, you can design like the reviews we provide. As you know, the interior of a room with an industrial style is currently a trend for millennials. Using exposed brick walls and ancient furniture can give a unique and artistic impression.

Using a plain gray color was enough to create an industrial impression, but the owner chose to add an accent to the wall through the use of wood paneling and exposed bricks that were installed on the wall. As a result, the appearance of the family room also looks attractive with the presence of this material. If you want to use the same technique in the living room, make sure the colors you use match the other elements in the living room. For that, let’s look at the ideas and inspiration below.

3. Ideas and inspiration

The beginning of the emergence of the industrial architectural style was in the 1950s on the European continent. At that time there were many former factory buildings that were abandoned and no longer used. So that it can be used and comfortable to live in again, it is used for the house interior design. However, the original character of the building cannot be removed.

Therefore, it is not surprising that an industrial-style building will seem like a warehouse or an unfinished building. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for some to think it looks gloomy or like an abandoned building and needs renovation. In fact, at the same time, the industrial style also shows modernization, a collaboration between simplicity and aesthetics. To be clearer, let’s follow the review of the characteristics of the industrial design below.

4. Characteristics of industrial design

As is known, the industrial house style has a design appearance that is far from beautiful, charming, and elegant. The industrial design looks more like what it is. But it becomes interesting because there are classic and modern touches. Here are the characteristics of industrial style that you should know.
  • On the interior, this design is very flexible. They usually consist of neutral colors and materials that focus on unique textures. Good lighting will make the contents of the room look more attractive.
  • The industrial design does look simple, it only focuses on functionality. But more than that, when you enter the house and see this design, you will get a strong impression that is different and bold because of its simplicity.
  • Industrial designs use a lot of recycled materials, so the industrial style is much more environmentally friendly. Then, with finishing as it is, make this style have a high aesthetic value.

5. Some examples of interiors that you can imitate

When you are looking for home interior styles in articles, you will often come across the terms “modern,” “minimalist,” “industrial,” “Scandinavian,” and several others. But do you understand this design? For starters, these terms refer to different styles of interior design. Each of these styles has unique characteristics and touches.

This time, we will talk about several industrial interior styles that you can use as inspiration for your home. For that, we share ideas with you to review industrial-style interior designs below. Hopefully, this design suits your taste and personality. Welcome to our review!

Wooden panels behind the TV

Industrial style is synonymous with the use of materials such as wood and iron. If this material is usually the main element in the room, try using it as an accent in the living room to create a pleasant atmosphere. The family room above uses a plain wooden wall as a base. Using wooden walls is enough to create an industrial impression.

However, to create a warm atmosphere, you can make wood panels as the back decoration of the television. Therefore. The appearance of the family room also looks attractive and aesthetic. If you want to use the same technique in the living room, make sure the color of the wood panels used matches the other elements in the room. With this arrangement, the living room design will look elegant.

Simple white brick

Apart from using wood designs, brick is also a popular material used in industrial-style rooms. The use of bricks is usually manifested in the form of exposed brick walls that are left alone, giving rise to an industrial aesthetic impression. However, the use of red brick walls can feel a little crowded and overwhelming for the occupants of the house.

The solution, you can use brick walls painted white to give the impression of a slightly calm and bright industrial living room. To balance the white on the walls, use upholstered furniture in warm colors like brown or dark red, like the sofa in the picture above. Next, you can also add minimalist ornamental plants for additional fresh green color, and decorative lights standing in the corner of the room. wooden shelves for placing knick-knacks, patterned floor rugs, unique decorative lamps hanging from the ceiling, and several frames with useful writing. That way, your living room will look artistic and unique.

Industrial style furniture

There are many ways to design an industrial style. So it’s not only wood and iron that can give an industrial feel. An industrial impression can also be created from the furniture used in the room. Therefore, use furniture with materials that look stiff and hard like wood and iron. Like the picture above, you can choose a table with a combination of wood and iron with a natural finish as is. Then, choose furniture with a minimalist design. So it doesn’t feel overwhelming when placed in the living room.

Next, you need to make sure that the colors of the furniture match the overall industrial theme in the living room. In addition, the right color combination will make the living room look more comfortable. To make it look more attractive, hang decorative lights on the ceiling, motif floor carpets, dining tables, chairs, decorative table lamps, and ornamental plants in small flower pots. With this arrangement, the interior of your living room looks elegant and charming.

Stone wall for natural stone texture

The purpose of an exposed brick wall in an industrial-themed room is to add a rough texture, thus giving the impression of an unfinished room. However, you don’t have to go for an exposed brick wall to achieve such an effect. The use of natural stone with a rough surface can be an alternative that can replace brick walls.

That way, the impression of a wall that looks as it is can still be seen even if it uses a different material. But if you want to imitate the warm impression of a brick, choose a natural stone with a reddish-brown color. In addition, you can use real stone or wallpaper according to taste. If the texture and color of the wall feel too crowded, simply use a stone wall on one side of the wall to create a unique accent wall. To make it look beautiful, you can combine this natural stone wall with a beautiful sofa set, a wooden table for placing drinks, unique decorative lamps hanging from the ceiling, and beautiful flower pots. With this arrangement, your living room design will look more attractive.

The charm of an industrial house with its design characteristics

The charm of an industrial house is indeed able to attract attention. Especially the owner does not need to spend a lot of money to design it. Its raw, urban, but still modern appearance is also suitable to be combined with other designs, including minimalist and tropical. The original industrial style is generally created through several materials such as concrete steel pallets, stainless steel plates, steel and mirrors, and exposed bricks. Meanwhile, the addition of wood elements is useful for presenting a warmer impression on the room.

Then, to create an even more charming appearance, an industrial touch can also be presented through furniture, and lighting, such as a unique chandelier mounted on the ceiling or room accessories. And don’t forget, the ceiling material used is also one of the biggest influences. So the industrial style feels attached. That way, the interior of your living room will look aesthetic.

Millennial-style design ideas

The lifestyle of the millennial generation also influences the movement of home design trends. Therefore, millennials tend to be active and have high mobility. Their perspective on home design makes them want an original and unique home design. However, millennials don’t like seeing similar designs. For you to know, the house they want must be able to bring out high aesthetic value. Therefore, the industrial house style is their main choice.

Industrial design is synonymous with the impression of being open and neutral, and what it is, seems to show that the house is their identity. Then, to make the interior of the house look more artistic and unique, they added sofa sets, kitchen tables, island tables, cabinets for storing furniture, and unique hanging lamps. With this arrangement, the interior design of the house will look unique and attractive.

Korean style design idea

If you like watching Korean drama films, you will always see the interior design of industrial houses. The influence of Korean drama films, aka Drakor, more or less influenced Indonesian youth to apply the industrial style to their homes. If you pay close attention, there are lots of Korean dramas that use beautiful, unique, and luxurious industrial house backgrounds.

The combination of monochrome colors looks so elegant in the interior of a communal space in a Korean-style industrial house. So that it’s not too monotonous, give bright color accents like yellow which are reflected through displays or other decorations. Then, mix it with a bright color sofa set, coffee table, unique hanging decorative lamp mounted on the ceiling, dining table and chairs, kitchen table, flower pots and ornamental plants, and some antique furniture. To make it look unique, this room is made on the second floor. To make it look spacious. With this arrangement, the appearance looks more attractive.

Multifunctional design in an open area

If your home interior wants to be different, an industrial design can also be realized with the idea of ​​a bedroom without doors and windows. You can combine it with the living room design so that the room becomes multifunctional. Then, it can be positioned in the mezzanine area. The concept of an industrial house is closely related to the style of young people who crave practicality as well as openness to housing. Then, they also love this antique and artistic design. You can see like the picture above, the inspiration in the picture above can be used as inspiration for a house that is not big.

To make it look wider, you can make this room have two floors. Upstairs for sleeping and work space. Then it is decorated with antique paintings, unique knick-knacks, and attractive bedding. Meanwhile, you can use the lower floor for the living room which is equipped with a sofa and iron arms towards the upper floor. With this arrangement, the interior of your room will become multi-functional.

Simple and minimalist design

The combination of industrial and minimalist design is one of the most suitable designs to be applied to today’s home interior design. The combination of colors and appearance in industrial style will look much simpler and minimalist. Usually industrial style uses neutral colors that don’t stand out too much and look calm.
Even though the industrial style looks more mature and masculine, it doesn’t mean that this style can only be applied by men.

But if you are a woman who likes a cool and antique look, you can also choose industrial design as a home interior design. To make your living room look cooler and more stylish, you can add two-tone sofas, antique and unique decorative lamps, colorfully patterned floor rugs, work desks, corner tables, and wall-mounted lighting. To add a natural feel and industrial design characteristics, you can decorate the living room with a wooden ceiling and exposed brick. With an arrangement like this, your living room design will be the attention of guests who come.

Luxurious and elegant design

Having a luxurious home interior design is everyone’s dream. To make this happen, you have to be good at arranging and choosing beautiful furniture. As you can see, luxurious decorations such as leather sofas and parquet floors can bring out the luxurious and elegant feel of an industrial home. Therefore, you can use wood material as a substitute for gypsum boards for ceilings with a ceiling height above the average.

To make it look industrial style, the wooden structure on the ceiling must be exposed, as seen in the picture above because wood can also be used to strengthen industrial style with a neater arrangement. To appear more stylish, you can add a beautiful sofa set, glass table, colorful floor rugs, unique chandeliers mounted on the ceiling, wall paintings, and other furniture. With this arrangement, your living room design will look elegant and luxurious.

Design with a masculine style

if you like designs that are masculine and unfinished, you can bring an industrial concept or design using exposed brick and iron. This design focuses on a factory-style design with exposed materials that appear unfinished. This architectural style initially began to penetrate into the interior design due to a large number of former factory buildings that were no longer used. Then, this factory was converted into a comfortable residence without losing its original character.

This is what makes industrial style synonymous with monochromatic and masculine colors. In addition, the materials used also tend to be rough like metal and steel which are deliberately exposed to show their original character. To make it look more attractive, combine this interior design with a soft 3-seat sofa, guest chairs, a round table for placing drinks, floor rugs, unique chandeliers that are mounted on the ceiling, decorative wall lights, and attractive knick-knacks.

Exposed roof design

As you can see, in this house design, the columns or roof structures are more often left to be seen clearly. Some may be finished, but most are left unfinished. This open roof reveals the structural elements of the house which makes it look even more attractive. The appearance of pipes or building structures on the ceiling makes it a unique feature of this interior design. However, the interior of this room looks more stylish with attractive fixtures, such as a sofa set, wooden benches, cabinets, hanging lamps mounted on the ceiling, floor rugs, dining tables and chairs, and shelving cabinets. With this arrangement, your living room will look artistic and antique.

Exposed brick wall without plaster

One of the most prominent characteristics of industrial interiors is the use of brick walls. The appearance of the bricks is left exposed and clearly visible. There are also bricks painted in bright colors like white or gray. Apart from bricks, you can also use wood or concrete as an alternative to other walls.

However, this design is closely related to the arrangement and selection of antique furniture, such as soft sofas with brown leather sheaths, armless guest chairs, ceiling hanging lamps, decorative wall lamps, tables for placing drinks, wall paintings, and interesting trinkets. That way, the design of your living room will be pleasing to the eye. To make it look more impressive, choose a floor tile color that matches the exposed brick. So it looks compatible.

Modern interior design

Modern industrial style is a fairly broad term, usually referring to homes with clean, bold lines, a simple color palette, and the use of materials such as metal, glass, and steel. Therefore, modern industrial design at home emphasizes the essence of simplicity in every element, from the living room furniture to the bedrooms inside.

Then to appear more stylish, you can combine it with a beautiful minimalist sofa set, a wooden table for placing drinks and flower pots, antique guest benches, patterned floor rugs, wooden shelves from iron frames, and antique knick-knacks. To emphasize the industrial style, the walls are designed with white natural stone. With this arrangement, the industrial living room design will look more modern.

Industrial style with an iron ceiling

Popular industrial design with a factory style renovated into a house. This design is said to be factory style because it takes inspiration from factories or lofts typical of European urban houses in the Second Industrial Revolution era. Therefore, it gives the impression that the house has not been completed in its various elements, such as seeing the exposed bricks, drains, wood, the metal inside.

In Indonesia, this style is closely associated with hangouts or cafes which can be easily found in big cities like Jakarta and Bandung. As for landed houses, not many developers have implemented this design. However, homeowners are trying to renovate their homes, such as ceilings made of mild steel, typical old dining tables, sofa sets, chandeliers made of copper, and exposed brick without plaster. With this design, the interior of the living room looks antique and unique like a factory design.

Aesthetic and modern design

As you know, industrial interior design is synonymous with the appearance of unfinished home interiors but still edgy. A firm and masculine impression emanates from industrial designs like this image. Industrial interior design is now growing and is in great demand by millennials. Even though at the beginning of this design the main goal was to take advantage of the former factory building which is no longer in use. so as not to be neglected.

With the development of an increasingly modern era, renovations were carried out so the building looked modern but still interesting to look at. However, the renovation did not eliminate the original character of the factory building itself. To make it look more modern, this room with an industrial design has equipped with a minimalist sofa combined with old furniture. Then, it is strengthened by accent chandeliers and walls made of copper. With a combination like this, the living room will look aesthetic and modern.

Floor materials

The industrial design does not only have a character with exposed brick walls, steel framework, and wooden ceilings. However, this interior design is also very synonymous with cement or polished concrete floors. Apart from being economical, the choice of this flooring material also strengthens masculine and edgy characters at the same time.

To add a warm impression, you can also choose floors made of brick, stone, or parquet wood. However, avoid using patterned tile floors because it will eliminate the industrial character itself. To make it look stronger with an industrial design, you can combine it with black copper lamps, iron frames, and neatly designed wooden walls. That way, the interior of your living room will look beautiful and charming.

Color selection

In making industrial designs, color selection is also important. Therefore, to strengthen the visualization of industrial design at home, you must really design colors according to your home interior and your taste. Then, to get the right impression, black, gray, and neutral colors can be ideal choices.

Then, to make it look more harmonious, bold colors will strengthen the industrial character at home. Meanwhile, neutral colors will give the impression of being homey so that the atmosphere feels balanced. For furniture, choose a color that matches the interior of the room. That way, your living room design will look more attractive.

6. Conclusion

Those are some industrial-style living room interior designs that we can recommend. We hope our reviews above are to your taste and can make your home interior design look aesthetically pleasing, attractive, elegant, and comfortable. However, if the reviews above don’t suit your taste, you can order a design from a home decor company so that the results are satisfactory and make you and your family more cheerful. Happy decorating!


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