1. Bohemian design overview

Architectural and decorative arts seem to be inseparable from human life. When building a building, such as a house, shop, cafe or restaurant, an owner will definitely think about what shape he will make. Therefore, many people leave the beauty of a building to an architect or interior designer. This is done so that the building that is built will feel comfortable to live in or just for a place to stop. It also pays attention to the aesthetic value of each room in it.

As we know, there are various interior design themes, one of which is the Bohemian theme. Bohemian has a free personality. This bohemian style was born because of that disorder and freedom. Therefore, the bohemian interior style is a mixture of various motifs, textures, and contrasts. You can freely mix and match all the characters you like in one space. In this design, there are no rules for designing a bohemian room. Bohemian interiors tend to be closely related to the impression of adventure and eccentricity. But in fact, you can design a bohemian-style room to make it look aesthetically pleasing! For that, follow the review on how to decorate an attractive design below.

2. Decorate an attractive design

Decorating a bedroom is a challenge in itself because this room is very close and is private and has your own characteristics. Designing a bedroom is not enough to make you comfortable. However, a bedroom design that combines your style and a certain style will definitely produce an aesthetic, cool, and attractive decoration.

As you know, one of the contemporary bedroom design inspirations and enough to highlight aesthetics is Bohemian or Boho designs. In French, bohémien refers to someone with artistic interests who ignore conventional standards of behavior. But the arrangement and design look artistic and attractive.

3. Some of the designs that can be imitated

As you’ve seen, bohemian bedroom design is different from minimalist and modern designs. Bohemian design belongs to the unusual decoration and looks unique and artistic. A bohemian style full of unique colors, patterns, and textures. Bohemian style is about repurposing old objects and incorporating meaningful furniture gathered through your own personal experiences. Therefore, we want to share ideas to apply a bohemian-style bedroom design as below. We hope that our review will suit your taste. Then, make you and your family happier. Welcome to our review!

Unique and artistic design

If you like a room full of bright colors, you can use a bohemian-style bedroom design at home. The bohemian style of the house is for those who want the house to feel more alive and not stiff. Usually, rooms that use a bohemian style will use furniture with bright colors and unusual decorations to decorate their homes.

As you know, this makes their home feel different from other homes. You can apply this style in various rooms in the house, one of which is the bedroom. As you can see, this bedroom is equipped with rattan chairs, patterned rugs, and dressing mirrors. and ornamental plants. While the bed is left messy without being arranged. That is one of the characteristics of an attractive bohemian design.

Aesthetic bedroom design

Having an aesthetic and Instagramable bedroom can make our sleep more comfortable. More than that, we also feel more at home in the bedroom. The way that can be done to make us feel comfortable with our own bedroom is to arrange it as aesthetically as possible. One of the decorating styles that you can do is to design in a boho style. This bohemian style tends to play on soothing earth-tone colors, so it always looks beautiful.

The bohemian style also tends to reuse old things and mix them with meaningful furniture collected through your own personal experience. As you can see, Bohemian decorating ideas that you can apply to your bedroom. As you can see, this bedroom is equipped with rattan chairs, unique wall accessories, corner tables, wooden beds complete with foam, and ornamental plants that are beneficial for health. While the floor is designed with wood motifs. That way, your bedroom design will look aesthetic.

Eccentric bedroom design

Bohemian interiors are a mixture of various motifs, textures and contrasts. You can freely mix and match all the characters you like in one space and make your own choices according to the taste you want. So there are no rules in designing a bohemian room. For you to know, bohemian interiors tend to be closely related to the impression of adventure and eccentricity.

Therefore, you can design a bedroom like a picture above. To make it look thick with a bohemian style, you can complete your bedroom with unique wallpapers with full moon images, unique hanging lamps, corner tables made from used crates, patterned carpets, decorative lamps, and minimalist beds. With this arrangement, your bedroom design looks accented.

Artsy bedroom design

Bohemian or boho style design is one of the most popular styles. Bohemian style is often chosen as a room design, namely the bedroom. A mix of ethnic, hippie, and vintage styles will create a unique and artsy bedroom. So the essence of the bohemian style is blend and harmony. Full of beautiful textures, patterns, lines, and contrasts. So in the bohemian style, there are no special rules, because it’s about freedom because bohemian reflects one’s uniqueness, passion, and lifestyle.

As you can see in the picture above, this design is full of bold color play. Then, the wall design is also made of exposed brick. Then, to make the bedroom more attractive, this bedroom is decorated with unique hanging decorative lights mounted on the ceiling, wall paintings, some additional furniture with attractive colors, and ornamental plants to make the atmosphere feel fresh. That way, your bedroom design will look elegant and aesthetic.

Bedroom design with antiques

As you can see in the picture above, the Bohemian style design expresses individuality and doesn’t follow any rules. The patterns on the accent wall in soft, bold color contrasts complement the overall scheme of the room. The addition of wood can also provide balance to the room. Especially with the presence of accessories, such as old-fashioned bicycles, crates-style beds covered in soft foam, and old-fashioned rattan chairs.

By taking a pattern like this, your bedroom will look antique and unique. However, to design it you have to look for antique objects that have not been used for a long time. In this way, your bohemian bedroom interior will be the center of attention for everyone who sees it. So it doesn’t look monotonous, you can provide some accessories in blue, ornamental plants that are refreshing, and knick-knacks that are attractive and unique. That way, you will feel happy with the design of your own work.

The Junglelow design

This style is probably the most unique of the styles reviewed, but this bohemian style is a crowd favorite. The application of this style can be by using an owl-style decoration with beautiful colors. The teal accents and patterns on the bed sheets and wall decor make the room anything but boring.

Then, the presence of wicker or rattan always has its fans. There’s just something about its authenticity that makes it stand out. In The Jungalow bedroom, the beautiful patterns and contrasting colors make it both beautiful and relaxing. Coupled with plants placed in the corner of the room. Then, to make it look more attractive, this bedroom is decorated with decorative lights placed on the left and right of the bed. To make things even more relaxing, this bedroom is furnished with attractive sofas and sofa cushions, antique knick-knacks, and soft bedding. That way, your bedroom design feels comfortable.

Vintage accessories design

This bohemian design is considered a style or interior design full of art and gives the impression of being comfortable, natural, and calm. However, it is important for you to find out the roots and history of the boho style before bringing it into your living space. Because if this design is done right, bohemian decor can drastically change the look and feel of a bedroom to make it look antique and attractive.

To understand some of the layering patterns, you can mix furniture styles, and choose the right colors to help give your room a fun and lively feel. As you can see, this bedroom is decorated with antique lamps placed on the floor, antique wall hangings made of cloth, decorative bedside lamps, and a soft minimalist bed equipped with a unique bed cover. To make the atmosphere more relaxed, this bed is equipped with a single sofa. With this arrangement, the bedroom will feel comfortable. Then, make you and your partner sleep more soundly.

A messy but beautiful design

As you can see, the texture plays a key role in the idea of creating a Bohemian-style bedroom. Then, it is also important to you can apply features like those in this image. Coatings will play a key role in the same. Place one rug on top of another for a different look. Apart from that you can also add thick knits to the bed to provide more comfort and make all the difference.

Combining pillows with a bed will make you feel more comfortable and easy to fall asleep. However, when it comes to transforming space through the Boho style, all the rules go to waste. Therefore, you can use bright colors with lots of patterns, such as florals and paisleys combined with geometric patterns and natural prints. If you don’t like bright colors, choose a mix of colors such as cognac, gray and earthy brown. Then, to make it look more attractive, complete the bedroom with a work desk, a soft minimalist bed, and ornamental plants placed in pots. With this arrangement, your messy bedroom will look natural.

Attractive design

If you want your bedroom to look beautiful and unique, you can apply an attractive bohemian-style bedroom interior design by combining bold colors. But if you want to play with this color, you also have to adjust it to your bedroom model to make you comfortable and feel at home. There are no special rules for decorating the interior design of this bedroom because combining motifs with bold colors can make your bedroom the center of attention of many people.

As you can see, the interior design of this room uses a different color because it is accompanied by the use of a tassel bed cover on the bed. Then, to make it look more unique, this bedroom has decorated with antique knick-knacks hanging on the ceiling and antique mirrors mounted on the walls. To make the atmosphere look more relaxed, this bedroom is equipped with a single sofa, patterned sofa pillows, and beautiful flower pots. With this arrangement, your bedroom design will look more attractive.

Eclectic room interior design

The electric room interior design is also quite challenging because the colors used are striking colors like red, blue, and yellow. The main point in the eclectic room interior design is the use of charming fabric elements. This fabric can be combined with carpets, large curtains, or other wall decorations. Then, you can use geometric motifs on furniture or each wall with wallpaper, motifs that are often used. Then, to make it look more attractive, add decorations such as wall paintings, corner tables to place knick-knacks, and decorative plants. With this arrangement, your bedroom design will feel comfortable.

4. Conclusion

Those are some bohemian-style bedroom interior designs that we can recommend. We hope that our reviews above are to your taste and can make your home interior design look aesthetically pleasing, attractive, elegant, and comfortable. However, if the reviews above don’t suit you, you can order a design from a home decor company so that the results are satisfying and according to your wishes. Then, make you and your family more comfortable and feel at home in the bedroom. Happy decorating!


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