1. Get to know the bohemian design

Everyone wants to have a beautiful and charming bedroom design. Moreover, this bedroom has a unique, antique, and festive design. Of course, it makes you feel more at home while enjoying the entertainment. If you want to design a bedroom full of striking, unique, and different colors. You can use a bohemian style bedroom design at home. This bohemian design has intended for those who want their home to feel freer and less rigid.

One thing, usually a room that uses a bohemian style will use furniture with bright colors and unique and antique decorations. This makes the house they live in feels different from other homes. Therefore, you can apply this style not only in the bedroom but also in various rooms in the house. For that, let’s look at the bohemian-style bedroom reviews below!

2. Bohemian style bedroom

If you have an aesthetic and Instagramable bedroom, of course, your sleep will be more comfortable. More than that, you will also feel more comfortable staying in the bedroom for a long time. The way that you can be done to make yourself feel comfortable is to arrange it as aesthetically as possible.

One of the decorating styles that can be tried and become a trend on social media like Instagram is the bohemian style. This bohemian style tends to play on soothing earth-tone colors, so it always looks beautiful to look at and photographed for social media. Then, the Bohemian Style Decoration also tends to reuse old objects and combine them with meaningful furniture collected through your own experience.

3. Bohemian bedroom ideas

When you want to make changes in your home, you often look for ideas and inspiration to organize your bedroom into a beautiful and comfortable room. This area is certainly a private space that not everyone can enter it.

Therefore, if you are bored with the same room feel, you can apply a relaxed and unique design such as the bohemian style. This style is known as ‘boho’. This style is defined as an interior style that is a combination of several elements. Such as the selection of accessories in the style of shabby chic as well as eclectic combined with theatrical works of art.

Boho is also usually a reflection of the lifestyle of someone who appreciates art, contrasting colors, creativity, adventure, and a free spirit. No wonder this style often represents the lifestyle of today’s millennial generation. In addition, the boho style is also not limited to one’s opinion. There is no particular trend in decorating bohemian interiors because everything has adjusted to the taste of the owner. If you are interested, let’s discuss some bohemian-style designs below. Hopefully, it suits your taste. Welcome to our review!

Bedroom design with artwork

Plain white walls do not depict a bohemian impression. Therefore you have to start collecting some accessories to decorate this room with a bohemian design. As you can see, wall hangings, paintings, antique rattan chairs, floor rugs, antique decorative lamps, and wooden boxes for footwear and storage make this room look artistic.

Then some flower pots of ornamental plants placed in this bedroom add to the atmosphere of the room looking fresh and comfortable. This unique and irregular arrangement, makes the bedroom design look artistic and aesthetic.

Design with striking patterns and textures

For those of you who are happy with antique and unique bedroom accessories, you can decorate your bedroom with a beautiful design that is currently popular, namely the bohemian design. As you know, a room filled with vibrant textures and patterns can reflect a bold bohemian personality. Such as bold colors, wooden accessories, wooden knick-knacks, minimalist beds, sofa pillows with colorful motifs, and decorative lights on either side of the bed.

Then, to display a green atmosphere, you can add some ornamental plant pots complete with green plants. That way, your bedroom design will feel more comfortable. So that makes you feel at home in your bedroom.

Creative bedroom design

Leave an area in the bedroom for painting, sketching, design, or anything that channels your art hobby. Display the artwork that you create so that it can complement the decor of the room. If you want to make your bedroom a bohemian style, add some unique accessories, antique chandeliers, and rugs with brown and white globe motifs, then decorate your walls with pictures of the full moon. Don’t forget to design the color of the bed and sofa cushions in a color that matches the walls. This design makes you look very creative and inspiring.

Create a comfortable and beautiful bedroom

A comfortable atmosphere can make your sleep sound and healthy. If you want to make your dreams come true, design the bedroom as a work of art with your artwork. You can start from minimalist beds and soft carpet-covered floors to soft pillows. Make sure there is a touch of color and pattern that can make you happy to see.

Then, to look more attractive, add a colorful patterned sofa cushion to your bed, a rattan chair that you can use to relax while chatting with your family, then a unique wall decoration, and a wooden bench for you to put your feet on the bed. To make the atmosphere feel fresh, add flower pots with bias plants. That way, your bedroom design will look beautiful and comfortable.

Create a bedroom with beautiful lighting

Sometimes we want our rooms not too bright so that the atmosphere feels more comfortable and pleasant. If you want the appearance of your room to look like this, you can design it in a Bohemian style like the picture above. As you know, the bohemian style is synonymous with soft and warm light.

Therefore, you can bring a night light that emits a romantic reflection throughout the room. Or you can also design with twinkling lights wrapped around a rope above the bed. Then to look more attractive, add furniture, bed covers, and wall decorations with colors that match the wall decorations. That way, the appearance of your bedroom will look antique and artistic. Good luck!

Bedroom design with festive accessories

This one-bedroom design looks antique. This bedroom is full of accessories that make it a bohemian design. Moreover, knick-knacks, fabric colors, and squishy rugs ​​make this bedroom look festive. However, if you have trouble finding antique shabby chic-style accessories, you can imitate them like the picture above. With a design like this, your bedroom will be pleasing to the eye. To add a green atmosphere, you can add ornamental plants to the pot. That way, the atmosphere of your bedroom does not look monotonous.

Camper vintage design

This bedroom looks like a minimalist style because the concept is relaxed with a clean white wall foundation and a warm mid-tone wood floor. To make this room design into a bohemian-style bedroom, you can add wooden wall decorations and border fabrics. Then add a mattress with linen sheets covered with white bedcovers, piles of pillows with colorful motifs, borders on the bed covers, comfortable wool blankets, and rattan flower pots for ornamental plants. Do not miss the floor carpet with beautiful colorful motifs.

Then, to make the atmosphere feel fresher, you can add some ornamental plant flower pots. With an arrangement like this picture, your minimalist bedroom will turn into a bohemian design. Hopefully, this inspiration can be a role model for you.

Simple room design

For friends who want to create a simple bohemian design, you can combine a minimalist and boho style with clean white walls and curtains. Then make the appearance stand out with the warm beige brown furniture and linens.

Then, to look cooler, you can add wall mirrors, standing decorative lights, and floor rugs with colorful motifs. To make your sleep feel more comfortable, you can arrange the bed with a bed cover with a bright color motif, then add a sleeping pillow and a sofa pillow. Don’t forget to add ornamental plants in this bedroom, so the atmosphere feels fresher. That way, you will feel at home, and your sleep will be sound.

Bedroom furniture design with rattan

For a more feminine look, decorating the room from rattan and hanging some colored hats on the wall is recommended. You can add wallpapers with floral or leaf themes and add old or antique rugs for a better Boho look. To look more attractive, combine bedcovers, cots, and antique wall lamps with colors that match the rattan furniture. That way, your bedroom design looks harmonious.

Eclectic small bedroom design


Many people mistake an eclectic bedroom for a room that combines a variety of colors and ornaments. In fact, designing an eclectic room has its own rules so that the room doesn’t look cramped and messy.

Then, To look more attractive, combine furniture with different styles that can complement each other, rather than collide with each other. Then, add plant ornaments, boho-style decorations, and walls that give a modern impression. By arranging it like this, your bedroom will look not cramped but harmonious.

Exposed brick design bedroom

The exposed brick design is currently favored by millennials. This design looks more natural and vintage. This semi-exposed brick-style room has become a trend in recent years. In addition to giving the impression of a warm room, a semi-brick can be an option for those who like an aesthetic impression, but you don’t need to design exposed bricks in your room.
Then, to look more attractive, combine a brick wall with white and gray paint to keep it modern. Adjust the color of the bedding with the walls of the room to make it look aesthetic, or even give a bright color accent to make it more artistic. Then, add a unique chandelier, bed cover with colorful motifs, sofa pillows, and ornamental plant pots. That way, your bedroom will look more natural.

4. Conclusion

Presenting a variety of colors, lively motifs, and the impression of no rules in the bedroom can make your own satisfaction. By arranging a beautiful, comfortable, aesthetic, unique bedroom, you will feel at home in the room to relax while enjoying your rest.

Therefore, the bohemian design is currently one of the designs that are chosen by millennials because of its antique, unique model. In addition, this design also challenges you to be more creative. Hopefully, our review above can be useful for you. Happy decorating!


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