1. Overview of the bedroom

The bedroom is the most personal area in the house. Therefore, the bedroom must be designed to be as comfortable and attractive as possible. The bedroom not only functions as a resting area but also a space where hobbies and other personal activities are carried out in that place. The bedroom must be designed as much as possible in order to facilitate the needs of its inhabitants.

Each house has different bedroom sizes and varies. Then, everyone also has different characteristics and needs. Therefore, for those of you who have a large and spacious bedroom, it is certainly not difficult to design your dream bedroom. Meanwhile, for those who have a small room size, the bedroom design must be planned carefully, so that it can have maximum functionality that is not inferior to a large room.

2. Attractive idea and design

If you are always at home, it will definitely feel boring. The right time for you and your family is to rearrange the interior of the house. In addition to providing a new atmosphere, rearranging the interior can provide satisfaction and comfort for the occupants.

Apart from the living room and kitchen, another room in the house that is no less important to rearrange is the bedroom. With a new atmosphere, hope can make us sleep more soundly. If you want to arrange a minimalist Scandinavian-style bedroom, here we provide some examples of interesting designs.

3. Some attractive design examples

Minimalist bedroom design is one of the interesting concept choices and is in great demand. Apart from being simple, Scandinavian design rooms are also suitable to be combined with many other home architectural designs. One that is suitable to be combined together is a minimalist design.

Scandinavian itself has almost the same characteristics as minimalism, namely the use of furniture that is sufficient and the selection of colors that tend to be soft. If combined, will definitely produce an attractive interior design. Therefore, we want to share ideas with you to review this design. Hopefully, this design is to your taste. Welcome to our review!

Paint the room a neutral color

The key to Scandinavian interior design is painting with a neutral color palette. You can use calm colors like white, beige, and light gray. Don’t forget to also adjust the paint color with the furniture. To make it look more attractive, add carpets, use new neutral-colored sheets, chairs for relaxing, shelves for placing knick-knacks and decorative plants, antique hanging lamps mounted on the ceiling, motif floor rugs, and decorative plant pots. With this arrangement, your bedroom design will feel comfortable. Then make your sleep soundly.

Design with wood elements

Scandinavian design always includes wood elements, in every corner of the room. But not just any wood. The lighter wood used is preferable and can give the home a warm atmosphere. Apart from that, you can add chairs, replace the floor with parakeets or add wooden cabinets.

In addition, you can add a simple display on the wall such as a painting or photo frame. If you really want the display to be functional, you can display a mirror in the wardrobe. As you know, the Scandinavian style is known for its textile products to provide accents and texture in space. You can add a rug in the bedroom if you wish. Then, also use new sheets that are neutral in color, and avoid sheets with vibrant colors. To complete your room, put it beside your bedroom with a nightstand and dressing table. That way, your bedroom will look complete and neat.

All-white 3×4 small room design

White is a powerful color to give a clean and airy impression to a room. It is very appropriate to use this color choice as the basic color for a Scandinavian style small room. In addition, white is also easy to combine with any other color you want.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can combine white with wood elements or other neutral colors, such as gray or black. For wood elements, you can present it in some furniture. Meanwhile, for other colors, namely gray or black, you can add wall accessories, chairs to beautiful wool rugs. With this arrangement, your bedroom will feel comfortable. Then, make your sleep sound.

Small bedroom design 3×4, colorful accents

If you want to get a comfortable room atmosphere, get a truly personal Scandinavian-style room with a touch of your favorite color as an accent. For that, you can play on one side of the wall or use accessories and other decorative elements.

Other color choices will look beautiful combined with white in the bedroom, such as yellow, turquoise, and or pink, making the Scandinavian room look even more impressive and not stuffy. To make it look more stylish, you can decorate the walls with murals. Then, add soft sleeping pillows to your minimalist bed, and complete the nightstand and antique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your bedroom will look artistic.

Small bedroom design 3×4, with minimal furniture

If you want your bedroom to feel spacious, don’t make a tiny bedroom design feel cramped and cramped with the use of too much furniture. Then, also avoid using large furniture which can eliminate the flexibility of space.

Then, choose small and slim furniture, such as cabinets and tables to chairs. With a multifunctional designed single bed, design it neatly. Then, make a drawer under the bed so that it can also function as a wardrobe substitute. Besides clothes, you can also store books or other items. To make it look more complete, add a dressing table, a mirror, an antique wooden chandelier that is mounted on the ceiling, a wardrobe, a decorative lamp, and a buffet with three layers to place clothes and documents. With this arrangement, your bedroom looks simple and attractive.

Explore bedroom walls in other colors

The Scandinavian style, which is always dominated by white, often makes you paint the walls white. Actually, you can explore the white color on the walls with certain patterns and shapes. You don’t need to be bound by white wall color, in fact, you should be able to develop it freely.

Then, to make it look more attractive, create your bedroom wall with the use of white-painted exposed brick. Apart from that, you can combine other colors in the Scandinavian room. Using gray on one part of the bedroom wall is an option for those of you who want another color. Then, the use of white exposed brick walls and the presence of gray walls will give an elegant Scandinavian impression. For a luxurious look, design your bedroom floor with wood motifs. Then, add work desks, chairs, wall paintings, night lights placed on white nightstands, unique decorative lights mounted on the ceiling, and televisions for entertainment. That way, your bedroom will look beautiful and charming.

Selection of the right furniture

Jika Anda tetap memilih menggunakan warna putih utnuk seluruh bagian dinding, maka saatnya bermain dengan penggunaan furnitur. Untuk itu, gunakanlah furnitur untuk meja atau ranjang yang berbahan kayu dengan desain yang simpel dan agak pendek. Kehadiran furnitur kayu akan memberi kehangatan pada kamar tidur Anda. Kemudian, kombinasikan dengan perabotan berwarna putih agar ciri khas skandinavia tetap kental.

To make it look more attractive, place the headboard on the top side of the cot with the placement of the cot facing the window. So that when you wake up, you will get a refreshing view to start the day. Apart from giving a warm feeling, a wooden cot will provide a beautiful natural accent in your bedroom. Natural wood colors and textures that show strokes will give a warm, classic impression.

Make the best use of the room space by choosing the right furniture and furniture, such as choosing furniture that is minimalist in size and avoiding using large furniture. Then, to make it look more attractive, add a work desk, chair, a unique chandelier mounted on the ceiling, a reading lamp, a wooden wall shelf to put documents on, a wall painting, and a soft pillow for you to sleep soundly. Do not forget to present ornamental plants so that the eyes feel fresh. That way, your bedroom design will look aesthetic.

Bedroom design with beautiful accessories

To make you feel comfortable, beautify your Scandinavian design bedroom by using decorative elements on the walls. The presence of accessories will make your Scandinavian room livelier and less boring. To appear less monotonous, you can place your favorite paintings, inspirational quotes, or posters. Place it on a wooden frame and place it on your bedroom wall. That way, your Scandinavian bedroom will be even more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Apart from the walls, you can also decorate the floor with a plain gray or white carpet. Decorative lights can also be complementary accessories that will make your room even more pleasant to live in. Then, a white buffet for storing clothes, a bedside lamp placed on the left and right side of the bed, wall shelves to place documents, rattan chairs for you to relax, wooden stools placed behind the bed to place books, and flower pots placed on the bed. iron rack. That way, your bedroom design will look elegant and charming.

Design with decorative plants

As a final touch, you can add ornamental plants to your room. Not only beautiful to look at, but the presence of plants can also make the air fresher and cooler. For that, choose ornamental plants and place them in tiny pots that are on the table or in the corner of the room. With, Putting flowers in a vase is also one of the choices you can make to produce freshness in the room. Don’t forget to change the water and flowers regularly. Then, always tidy up your room so that it always looks beautiful.

Elegant design

The Scandinavian style is synonymous with simplicity and practicality. The use of a strong Scandinavian style with white color can make the space in the house look wider, simple, and without lots of decorations that tire the eyes. There are only two or three paintings on the walls and a few plants in the room. Then, place a chair for you to relax, a unique hanging decorative lamp mounted on the ceiling and a nightstand next to the bed.

Scandinavian simple concepts can also be translated into choosing furniture that has clean and simple lines. Another thing that is characteristic of Scandinavia is a large number of windows or large openings. The existence of large openings also makes the house natural lighting and a natural impression. So that makes you healthy. To make it look luxurious, design the bedroom floor with wood motif ceramics. With this arrangement, your bedroom design looks elegant.

4. Conclusion

Those are some beautiful and charming Scandinavian bedroom designs that we can recommend. We hope you can make one of the bedroom designs above an inspiration for you. But to set it up you have to spend a little money. Hopefully, our review can make your bedroom design look aesthetic, beautiful, attractive, and comfortable. Then, make your sleep more sound. Happy decorating!


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