1. Multifunction room

One problem for people living in the capital is limited space. Owning a dwelling, whether a house or an apartment, is something to be grateful for. But that’s just the beginning because then you will be challenged to fill it efficiently and aesthetically.

There are many ideas you can use to get around a limited space. One of them is by applying the multifunctional room design concept. You can get around space limitations by using one room for a variety of different functions. The following are some inspirations for multifunctional room designs that can be a guideline when you want to rearrange a living room.

2. Why do you need multifunctional room ideas

Multifunctional room design inspiration is needed by people who have homes with narrow land. Under these conditions, special ideas and designs are needed to provide a multifunctional room. This is necessary to accommodate the large number of items in the room.

Then, to design a room to be a multifunctional room, you need creative ideas. But to get these creative ideas, one way is to look at the references in various media. Then, if you are looking for references, you are very right to read this article because this article will discuss several examples that you can use as inspiration for the design of a multifunctional room at home. For that, let’s review the inspiration and design below.

3. Inspiration and design

With ideas and inspiration for living room designs that have multifunctional, Hopefully, they will fulfill the home design that you are currently trying to create. In addition, the current design of tiny houses is increasingly diverse, and the price will not be as expensive as a house of a larger size. But different with this one.

Today’s multifunctional room design provides the best inspiration for the home design that you are looking for and desire. If you want to style it just right, we will share ideas and designs. We hope that our review will suit your taste. Then, make your minimalist room interior multifunctional.

4. Some attractive design examples

Minimalist home design with multifunction design is needed. As you know, the design of a tiny house doesn’t leave much room. Therefore, the arrangement of furniture and other rooms must be designed appropriately. In this review, we want to share ideas and designs on how to design room interiors in your home. So it can be multifunctional. We hope that our review below will suit your taste. Then, it can be an inspiration for your home. For that, let’s follow the review below. Welcome to our review!

Sofa bed for living room

The living room is probably the most frequent place for activities. This room can also be very versatile. If you have relatives or friends who often stop by and stay the night, the family room can be their emergency bedroom. All you have to do is replace the existing sofa with a sofa bed, like a living room in an apartment in London.

Designer Azman Architects completes this Mid-Century living room with a sofa bed that can be converted into a bed whenever there are guest hosts staying overnight. therefore, you have to design it properly. So your living room looks aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add wooden shelves on the wall, abstract paintings, single sofas with different colors, and patterned floor rugs. With this arrangement, your living room design will look aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

Breakfast bar which becomes multifunctional

The living room can make you confused because it cannot be used as a multifunctional dining table. To fix this, you use a bar counter instead. That way, you’ll have a comfortable place to eat in a pretty bar. This breakfast bar can also function as a room divider between the kitchen area and the family room.

So that the design of this room looks beautiful, you can arrange a minimalist white sofa set, a small glass table for placing drinks, wall paintings, floor carpets, spotlights hanging from the ceiling, and a bar table complete with chairs. Then, so that there is refreshment in the room, place ornamental plants that are beneficial for family health. With this arrangement, your living room design looks elegant and luxurious.

Semi-mezzanine bedroom for multifunction room

This one living room design looks beautiful and neat. For tight spaces, partitions are not a good idea. An open interior design concept is recommended not to use partitions. So it looks wider. By making this space into a multifunctional space with a living room, kitchen, workspace, bathroom, and bedroom that still looks spacious and artistic. You can design a bedroom above the bathroom in a semi-mezzanine concept. This concept looks more private and saves space.

Then, to make it look beautiful and enchanting, the living room has equipped with long sofas, chairs, a work desk and chairs, a bar table that can be used for dining with your partner, and antique hanging lamps. To make it look elegant, the floor design uses wood motifs with bright colors. Then, for lighting during the day, uses a glass window complete with curtains. With this arrangement, your apartment interior design looks elegant and luxurious.

Multifunction wall

If we talk about walls, then we will imagine what type would be right to be decorated on walls, such as marble, ceramic, and paint. Especially the corner is a spot that may rarely be noticed. For limited space, of course, it’s too dear if one side of the space is wasted.

This innovative design, like the picture above, takes a minimalist kitchen with a thick Scandinavian-style seating area. No space is wasted, then the impression is relieved in fresh colors. This room has decorated in yellow and white. Then, the sofa has been designed to be attached to the wall and the color matches the room’s interior, kitchen table. Then,  added an island table that can be used as a dining table. To make it look elegant, the floor of the room uses a wood pattern. With this arrangement, the kitchen room design looks artistic and aesthetic.

Multifunctional spaces in narrow areas

Getting a dwelling with a narrow, elongated room layout can be a challenge in itself when arranging the interior. If you’re wrong, the room might get cramped. The solution is to create a multifunctional room for one occupancy with an open layout. That way the family room, kitchen, dining room, and balcony are integrated. Then, giving a visual effect of relief and smooth air circulation.

But you also have to complete it with furniture such as elongated sofas, decorative lights, television as entertainment, soft sofas in front of the TV for you to relax while enjoying entertainment, and banal motif sofas. To make your room look elegant and luxurious, add floors with wood motifs, walls with processed wood decorations, and beautiful knick-knacks. That way, you will enjoy your leisure time while watching entertainment.

A colorful multifunction room

Opening all the partitions is a trick that you can use to turn a limited space into a spacious and sweet multifunctional space. If you also like bold color combinations, this illustration can also be a sweet inspiration too. Family room, dining table, and kitchen blend in fresh colors.

A private workspace or even a home office can also be combined with a comfortable family room. Designing a sweet example for multifunctional room occupancy looks sweet and modern. To make it look beautiful, this room is equipped with a long sofa complete with colorful motif sofa cushions, a round table for placing drinks, a semi-circular bar table, a kitchen set and kitchen table, a round dining table complete with colorful chairs, work table, and decorative lights, and unique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, the interior of the room looks artistic and beautiful.

Beautiful guest room

Designing a narrow living room requires a brilliant idea. One alternative to make every space can be used efficiently is to use the space vertically. For that, you can beautiful a living room design that can make your icon in your home. This space is a comfortable resting area for its residents.

Then, to make it look more beautiful, this living room is equipped with a beautiful sofa set, a patterned floor carpet, a wooden table for placing drinks, soft sofa cushions, a ceiling-mounted chandelier, ornamental plants, and pictures of figures mounted on the walls. That way, the design of the room will feel comfortable and pleasant.

Minimalist design

With the best living room design ideas and inspiration, it is hoped that you will be able to fulfill the home design that you are currently creating. In addition, the current design of tiny houses is increasingly diverse and the price will not be as expensive as a house of a larger size. But different from the design of this one apartment.

Today’s Living Room Designs provide the best inspiration and design according to what you want. Because the room is an important part of an apartment. To make it look more attractive, this apartment is equipped with an L-letter sofa, colorfully patterned sofa cushions, a table for placing drinks and flower pots, a black and white patterned carpet, partitions made of knick-knacks strung with ropes, a bar table, decorative lights hanging above the table, and knick-knacks mounted on the wall. To look elegant, the floors are designed with wood motifs and ceramic walls. With this arrangement, the interior of the room looks aesthetic.

Kitchen table design as a multifunctional table

The design of a multifunctional room is not just a workspace with a table and chairs, but the entire contents of the room is part of the room design. Therefore, avoid using sharp colors like red, yellow or blue because these colors will create a full impression on the room. Choosing colors for a minimalist small house design can use paint or wallpaper.

To make it look more artistic, the tile floors and walls are designed in bright colors and the addition of a unique hanging decorative lamp is on the ceiling. Then, the kitchen table is made in a color that matches the room so that it looks harmonious and can also be used as a dining table. In addition, this room is equipped with a dining table and chairs that are adjusted to the area of ​​the room. In order not to look monotonous, the room is equipped with flower pots and antique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, the interior of your room will look complete and attractive.

Multifunctional glass bottle display rack

Combining the living room with the family and dining room can save your interior space. The most important thing is to avoid using excessive furniture and decorations on the walls and on the floor so as not to become cramped like in the picture above. Then, select simple and modern table and chair designs that are easy to lift.

Next, choose furniture that is durable and multifunctional. A glass model shelf for placing bottles can be used as a partition for your home. Then, to look complete, add a minimalist sofa, patterned sofa cushions, window curtains the same color as the sofa, a dining table complete with chairs, and some wall paintings. With this arrangement, your home interior feels comfortable and makes you feel at home.

Selection of partitions as a multifunctional decoration

This artistic and attractive room interior design looks neat. The selection of the right furniture for room decoration complements the interior which strategically placed lights. Then room dividers and living room dividers with wooden partitions can function as decoration and room dividers. Today many people use wooden partitions for room dividers. Therefore, this item is a favorite of many people who want to divide their rooms into several rooms. Although the shape is simple its function is very important. Therefore, most homes with a minimalist design apply this object.

Then, to make it look more attractive, this room is equipped with a wooden dining table and chairs, decorative lights mounted on the ceiling above the dining table, a one-row sofa, a wooden table for placing drinks, a half bureau buffet, and spotlights mounted on the ceiling as room lighting. With an attractive arrangement, you will feel comfortable. Then, ease chatting with your guests while enjoying a meal.

Simple multifunctional desk design

A minimalist living room design that you can try is to put simple furniture in colorful colors. Choose a standard-sized minimalist sofa. Then, add a wooden table to put drinks and a patterned floor rug. In addition, you have to set bright lighting so that the interior of the living room looks more attractive.

Then, to make it look perfect, this room is equipped with a dining table and chairs modeled on Jepara teak wood, a bar table that functions as a living room divider. If you want to make it look beautiful, this room has a unique chandelier, a natural color kitchen set, a large refrigerator, and an abstract wall painting placed above the sofa. To make the interior of your room look elegant, design the floor with wood motifs. With this arrangement, the interior of your room will look beautiful and neat.

Combination of living room and kitchen

The design of this living room looks elegant and luxurious. The furniture and accessories presented are also classy. However, to save space this object is not certain to function properly. To make it look more attractive, this living room is equipped with a long buffet to place the television, minimalist sofa, coffee table, antique decorative lamp mounted on the ceiling, beautiful window curtains, floor carpet, and motif sofa cushions. Meanwhile, on the right side of the sofa, ornamental plants are displayed so that the eye does not get tired.

Next to the guest room, it is equipped with a round glass dining table, beautiful chairs, a buffet that can be used as a multifunctional kitchen, and a beautiful kitchen set. With a minimalist living room design arrangement like this, your integrated space interior design looks luxurious. Then, you are more confident to receive guests.

Room dividers make stylish

The living room was created specifically in the front of the house. This is done in order to maintain the privacy of the residents. Walls that block between rooms will limit the view of guests. However, in a small house, it’s a bit unsuitable to build a dividing wall in the living room because it will make the room seem even cramped and stuffy. Therefore, you can carry out the idea of ​​using a living room divider.

The living room partition is actually a barrier or barrier to the view of the surrounding room. Its nature is non-permanent alias that can be moved. Usually, the size is also not as big as the wall so it is more space–saving. Not just insulation but can make your home more stylish!

Conventional style

The living room which is a place to gather when other people visit the house is often used as a place to relax or as a family room. Do you know what a seat-on-the-floor living room design is? Most of us have probably never thought of trying this unique idea. Many people are still focused on the idea of ​​a conventional model living room, namely using a sofa in the room they have.

Even though a living room with a cross-legged model can save costs and make the room look much wider. With this idea, you can also receive a larger number of guests, compared to using a conventional living room design. But to keep it interesting, you can add thick patterned floor carpets, tables for placing drinks, and stacked wooden shelves used as knick-knacks and partitions for the living room and kitchen. That way, your interior will look unique.

Practical and concise furniture

The minimalist home design makes you have to be good at designing rooms so they don’t become cramped. Did you know that innovation and the use of multifunctional furniture like the picture above are more than just getting around a tiny house? The use of multifunctional furniture has also become part of the minimalist lifestyle adopted by modern society.

You, as a modern society, of course, prefer to use furniture that is practical, concise, and has more usability because it’s like design. The minimalist lifestyle also uses the same principle, namely “less is more”. This is where multifunctional furniture offers solutions to fulfill this minimalist lifestyle.

Makeup mirror as multifunctional

As far as we know, mirrors are one of the best mediums to make a small room feel more spacious and open. Therefore, it is not strange if you add several mirrors when creating a living room design in your home. Apart from creating a more spacious appearance, mirrors also reflect all the light in the room so the living room will appear brighter.

For the design of the living room, you can use a mirror that is placed as wide as the size of one wall for a more dramatic effect. Or, you can also use several small mirrors so there is an additional artistic touch to the living room design. There are also many mirrors with unique frames seen in the living room. But to keep it looking beautiful, this living room has equipped with a beautiful sofa set, a round wooden table, floor rugs, rugs made of sheep wool, decorative lamps, and beautiful knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your living room design will look luxurious.

Living room design with a linear focus

If your living room wants to look more attractive, make the vertical dimension the center of the living room. To create the impression of a wider room, one way is to direct the view from the bottom up. A living room design like this will be very profitable if you have a high ceiling. However, low ceilings also have their own advantages with this design, such as arranging room ornaments or decorations vertically or placing curtains on windows that extend from floor to ceiling.

Apart from that, you can also use geometric patterns or lines in paintings or ornaments to complement the living room design. Patterns like this make the living room of a small apartment feel like a more organized room. On the other hand, this pattern also creates the illusion of additional areas in the living room. To keep it visible, this stylish room is equipped with a sofa set, patterned sofa cushions, a unique round table for placing drinks, a television for entertainment, a beautiful patterned carpet, and a unique chandelier hanging from the ceiling. That way, your living room looks antique and unique.

Furniture that can be folded

The interior design of the room can make multifunctional, one of which is to use a folding furniture model. As we know, this furniture has made the most useful interior innovation, especially for those who are designing a living room with minimal area. Therefore, its usability is great. By using folding furniture, you can save a lot of space. For your information, lately, this item is increasingly popular in contemporary-style homes.

By utilizing the foldable furniture in the living room design, you can more easily adjust the room to your needs, such as a display table that is not really needed when holding an event at the apartment, you can fold it and put it aside. Then, you can also use a sofa that can function as a bed. However, you still have to add a patterned floor rug to make it look cooler. That way, the design of the living room of your apartment can be beautiful and spacious.

5. Conclusion

Those are some multifunctional room designs we can recommend. We hope it can be your inspiration to rearrange your living space. But if you don’t want to bother, you can order from a home decor company. Thus, the result will be according to your wishes. Hopefully, our review above can make your home interior design look beautiful, aesthetic, attractive, and comfortable. Then, make you and your family even happier. Happy decorating!


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