1. Classic living room design

If you want to decorate a beautiful living room, furniture needs to be considered, and aspects of decoration and lighting are also important. If you want to create a luxurious living room at home, of course, there are several aspects that must be considered. Starting from determining the concept, and budget, to arranging planning for furniture and decoration arrangements.

Compared to the usual living room design, a luxurious one will require more effort to make happen. Usually, a glamorous living room has a wider space, requiring more furniture to fill the void on each side of the room.

2. Ideas and inspiration

Ideas and inspiration are needed to design home interiors to make them look more attractive. As you know, the play of light can also add a luxurious impression to the living room. An interior designer must be good at managing lighting in the living room so that it can show the luxury of the living room. One of the luxury effects that arise from lighting is when placing a lamp to illuminate a picture or painting. Therefore, providing lighting for an image has two advantages. Apart from showing off the work of art, the bias from the reflected light will also illuminate the room.

3. Design Inspiration

Here are some design ideas and inspiration for those of you who want to design a luxurious living room at home. To note, inspiration for the design of a classic and elegant luxury family room can be an option for those of you who want to find a new atmosphere.

Maybe you no longer want to apply a minimalist or contemporary design to your home interior. You definitely want the interior design of the family room to be more classic and elegant because the family room is a gathering place for all house residents besides the dining room and living room. So if you want to accommodate more people, you don’t need to place chairs and sofas. For this reason, we want to share ideas with you to review a classic living room is suitable for family gatherings. Then, it is appropriate to welcome guests. Welcome to our review!

Minimalist luxury living room


For a luxurious living room design with a nice minimalist style, you only need to add items and furniture that seem simple. To make it look more attractive, add simple wooden sofas and chairs, as well as pillows with colors that match the living room interior.

In addition, you can add a mini library which can be one of the room attractions. To make the atmosphere even warmer. Make sure the living room has a balanced aesthetic value, and add one thing that stands out and attracts attention.

As you can see, a living room design with a large floor-to-ceiling window can be the focal point of a room. This classic minimalist-style window not only contributes to the beauty of the decoration but also provides more ventilation so that air circulates smoothly and makes it easier for sunlight to enter the room. Therefore, the addition of large windows in the house is an element of luxury. With this arrangement, your living room design will look aesthetic.

Uniting the living room and dining room


As you can see in the picture of the luxurious family room combined with the dining room, this design looks practical. By setting up the living room like this, you can enjoy TV shows while enjoying food. In addition, this living room also can be used as a family room with a luxurious classic style. That way, you can entertain big families who come to your house while chatting.

This modern minimalist luxury classic living room is suitable for receiving guests. To make it look beautiful, you can add an antique hanging decorative lamp above the dining table as lighting for the dining room, a hanging decorative lamp complete with a fan, a large wooden shelf mounted on the wall, and a beautiful sofa set. That way, your living room design looks luxurious.

Medieval semi-Mediterranean design


As far as we know, wood still plays an important role in home interior design. Then, house design using wood can make the house interior look more luxurious, such as the living room using wood as the best material. In the house design, wood materials dominate, such as the presence of living room floors, guest chairs, tables, window frames, ceilings, and round tables which using as living room decorations.

Then, to make it look more beautiful, you can combine it with antique chandeliers, white sofa sets, floor rugs, buffets for placing knick-knacks, and decorative lights. In addition, the curved window frame design makes the living room look more elegant and feminine.

Vintage living room design


If you want to make a classic home design, you can choose a vintage living room design. This concept is very distinctive because it is synonymous with the nuances of the past. As in the picture above, you can see a vintage feel through the use of flowers as well as shabby items. Then, the colors chosen for the walls are green, orange, pink, and bright colors.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add vintage furniture such as an old guest chair, coffee tables for placing drinks, antique hanging lamps mounted on high ceilings, wall paintings of old pictures, and a pair of portable decorative lamps. Meanwhile, to make the interior of the living room look elegant, you can add a floor rug with colorful motifs. With this arrangement, the living room design looks attractive.

European-style living room

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This living room looks to use an old design. You usually see this design in royal films. Then, To look beautiful and modern, this design is complemented by a sofa whose legs are covered with soft cushions and also a foam-covered handrest. But if you want to look elegant, you can decorate with colorful striped rugs or floral prints in pastel colors.

Then, to make it look more classic with European style, the living room wall is painted white to make it look spacious. Then, the high ceiling was decorated with wood. So it looks natural. But if you want to give a luxurious and elegant impression to the living room, please add this living room with a unique chandelier that is mounted on the high ceiling. Then, to look with classic nuance, a large window frame is made with a curved model. That way, the design of this living room looks thick with classic European style.

Modern minimalist classic design


If you like an elegant atmosphere, this classic modern minimalist design is perfect for vintage-style homes. A living room that is designed in a classic manner must of course be added with wooden elements such as adding a table and chair furniture made of wood then, combined with sofa cushions, and a decorative lamp complete with a wooden table.

Then, to look cute with a vintage design, this living room is equipped with an old-fashioned wall clock, abstract wall paintings, and a unique model chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Next, so that the design of this living room looks more beautiful, choose the color of the furniture according to the soft color. Then, to add an elegant impression, the living room floor is equipped with a carpet in the same color as the sofa. So a living room design like this is synonymous with a unique design with ancient carvings. Thus showing the impression of luxury and elegance.

Simple Japanese and Scandinavian designs


As you can see, the combination of Japanese and classic living room design elements creates a simple and elegant style. As you can see, the living room in this design, the guest chair set, and the table use wood material. So it can provide warmth in the living room.

Then, to make it look more attractive, this living room is dominated by bright colors, while the ceramics floor and accessories are in neutral colors. You could say the design of this living room is unique because it is a combination of two designs. Not to look monotonous, the living room wall has an installed photo frame and is equipped with wooden shelves and carpets motif. With this arrangement, the living room design looks simple.

Design with a bohemian feel


If you have a classic home design, you can also choose a vintage living room design. The design concept for this living room is very distinctive because it is synonymous with the past. Shades of lamps hanging on the wall. The color chosen for the walls is gray with a wooden floor.

Then, to apply the vintage concept, this living room has added furniture such as round tables made of old wooden materials, old-fashioned sofa sets, colorful motif sofa cushions, antique wall hangings, decorative plants, antique knick-knacks, and floor rugs. With this arrangement, the living room design looks aesthetic.

Luxurious modern minimalist design


The modern minimalist classic design is currently much favored by the public because this design is very suitable to be applied in a minimalist style house. To make it look beautiful and enchanting, you can add antique decorative lamps to the living room ceiling. In addition, adding furniture such as bright color sofa sets, bright color sofa cushions, tables for placing drinks, and floor carpets in matching colors with the sofa. In this way, your living room interior looks luxurious.

So that the design of this living room doesn’t bore you, choose the color of the furniture according to the desired concept. Therefore, a living room design like this is synonymous with modern design. Then, to make the living room look more attractive, design the interior of your living room with bright colors. With this arrangement, your classic living room design looks modern and luxurious.

Javanese classic design


As you know, Javanese culture is still popular with many people. Therefore, until now, the Javanese-style living room design is still the people’s favorite. They love it because this design makes the living room look classic and reminds them of old designs.

The specialty of this design is that all the furniture has made of wood, such as carved wooden chairs, tables, cupboards, and the house floor. Then, to make it look more classic, the house ceiling has made of carved teak wood. Of course, it makes it more luxurious. Then, the walls, doors, and windows are made of teak wood. With a design like this. The interior of the living room looks majestic and dignified.

Design with the Hang Tuah model


As you know, the name Hang Tuah is the name of a hero who comes from a Malay land. In memory of him, several people have perpetuated the interior and exterior design of Hang Tuah’s house with an elegant classic design, including the living room.

The wall details will remind you of a classic European-style house. Then, the color of the walls, ceiling, and floor, which is dominated by white, is enlivened by a red sofa with a gold list that looks luxurious. To make it look more attractive, hanging and portable decorative lamps, antique mirrors, and colorfully patterned rugs complete the look of this living room. That way, the design of the living room looks aesthetic and attractive.

Teak wood design


Teak wood is known for its strength and longevity. So if you want to design your living room to look luxurious and long-lasting, you can apply modern classic designs with teak wood. Javanese teak wood design At first glance it looks simple but classy.

As you can see, this classic living room is designed with a sofa in natural colors. The frame of this sofa and the table for placing the drink has made of teak wood. Then, to get rid of the empty impression, you can install a patterned carpet, or beautiful wall painting, hang a painting on one of the walls and install an antique hanging decorative lamp on the ceiling. That way, your living room design looks magnificent.

Classical residence artistic design


If you want to arrange a living room that has artistic value, you can arrange the living room like the picture above. To make it look more attractive, you must add a modern sofa in this Classical Residence-style living room. Then, design the living room wall with an ornamental mirror whose frame has made with a gold profile model. Then install it on the living room wall.

Then. to make it look more luxurious, you can install antique chandeliers on the ceiling, add a sofa set complete with sofa cushions, a table for placing drinks, and a rug with a fleece pattern. That way, your living room design will look beautiful and elegant.

4. Conclusion

So, those are some classic wooden living room designs that we can recommend for you. Living room designs like this are still a favorite because they can make the living room look more luxurious, elegant, and beautiful. Even its application is fairly easy. We hope that our review above can make your home interior design look aesthetically pleasing and attractive. Then, make you and your family more cheerful.



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