1. Overview of the family room

The family room is one of the important rooms that must be owned in the house. This room is a relaxing space for chatting with your partner and children. In addition, you can spend time watching movies and relaxing. Then, this room does not have to have a large size. Therefore, you can decorate your narrow space into a comfortable place to gather with your family.

As far as we know, the living room is the first face of your home. How not if there are guests who visit the house? Of course, you will entertain them in the living room. But the family room is a room where you gather with your family without disturbing the conversation in the living room. Usually, the family room model is equipped with complete facilities such as a television, sound system, and thick carpet for lying down. For that, let’s look at the inspirational family room ideas below.

2. Inspiration ideas for designing a family room

For new families, time for relaxing with family members at home is always eagerly awaited. One of the right rooms for gathering is the family room. Therefore, the decoration of the family room must be made as comfortable as possible even though its size is small.

The ideas and inspiration for the interior of the family room have been made to make family members more familiar. Therefore, you can create a family room according to the needs of each family member. Then, don’t let any family members feel uncomfortable with the interior of the family room design. Therefore, let’s review a beautiful family room design as below.

3. Attractive design

In general, the aesthetic home interior has been designed to be as comfortable as possible. The goal is for family members to feel at home while in this place. Therefore, get a design to look attractive, aesthetic, beautiful, and fun. That way, the atmosphere in the family room will be warmer. Then, the relationship between fellow family members is getting closer. For more details, let’s review some examples of family room designs complete with the arrangement below. Hopefully, one of these designs suits your taste. Welcome to our review!

Modern design living room interior

In this modern era, the easiest design to apply is a modern-style living room interior. This family room has dominated by neutral colors such as white and gray. The floor uses ceramic motifs and carpets to make it feel warmer.

To save space, use an LED TV that hangs on the wall and makes the TV table a decoration. Then, place a few pots of leaf ornamental plants in the corner of the room so that the interior of the family room is not too crowded. To make it look more attractive, you can add wall paintings, hanging decorative lights, soft sofas, and sofa cushions. With an arrangement like this picture, you and your family will feel at home in the family room.

Living room interior with a touch of pink

A small family room will look beautiful and spacious if you use bright colors like white and pink. For those who don’t want the interior of this family room to look too flashy, you should use white for the walls and window area. Then use pink as an accent on the sofa upholstery or decorative pillows. Not too flashy. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add a round table, chairs, and flower pots. That way, your mini family room looks beautiful.

Elegant-style family room interior

The interior design of the eclectic style family room can also look elegant in the house. Not to make the interior of the family room look cramped, you can step aside unnecessarily. Instead, use sofa sets, chairs with various motifs, sofa cushions with colorful motifs, floor rugs, wall paintings, and beautiful knick-knacks. Don’t forget to add a flower pot so it doesn’t look monotonous. If you are interested in using decorations like this, you should choose medium-sized flower vase decorations or exotic sculptures. That way, your living room design will look aesthetic.

The interior of the family room blends with other rooms

Houses with limited land are a bit difficult to decorate. Therefore, to outsmart it, you can combine two rooms into one area, such as a family room combined with a workspace or a dining room. That way, you can save space in the house.

To limit the area, use the choice of carpet in the interior of the living room, while the workspace floor is left to use ceramics only. Then, to look more attractive, add wall paintings, hanging decorative lights, round tables, classic guest chairs, and classic buffet models. That way, you can enjoy your relaxing time with your family in a relaxed manner!

Interior of the living room in the attic

So far, the attic area is often used as a storage location for saving goods. Therefore, if not cared for, this attic area can become a nest for rats, damp, then can make the environment unhealthy for family members.

Well, instead of this attic being a rat’s nest, it’s better to turn it into a room for your family. The interior of the family room in this attic area does not need to be too complicated. Just put on a comfortable sofa. Then provide sufficient lighting and decorations such as photo frames or other decorations. That way, you and your family can chat casually or just read a book in this place. Do not forget to design the window for the entry of sunlight. That way, it can prevent the shrew from returning to the attic. Then, clean it regularly so that you and your family become healthy. Hopefully, this attic family room design can be an inspiration for you.

Living room interior with vertical lines

In the interior world, vertical lines give the illusion of the eye in the interior of a small living room, especially one with low ceilings. These vertical lines are believed to make a small living room look taller than it actually is. Then the living room interior looks spacious.

Therefore, you can use these vertical lines when choosing wallpaper or wall covering. For maximum results, choose stripes with bright colors such as yellow, green, white, and blue. Then match the color with the sofa cushions. To make it look more attractive, add an elongated sofa to sit together and lie down, a small table, a floor rug, and a television for watching movies. That way, the design of your living room looks beautiful and charming and makes your family more comfortable at home. Happy decorating!

Living room interior in shades of gray

As you know, gray can create a cool atmosphere so it is suitable for the interior of a small family room. So that the atmosphere is not too gloomy, you should only use gray on one side of the wall and on the sofa.

For the rest, apply a mix of light colors like yellow and white. To make it look more attractive, you can add a guest table, some beautiful paintings, sofa cushions, decorative lights, wooden wall shelves, a television, flower pots, and a short buffet. That way, the design of your living room will make the family cheerful and feel at home.

Modern bohemian-style living room interior

The interior of a living room designed in a modern bohemian style is suitable for families who are always cheerful and full of enthusiasm. Bright colors make the interior of the living room more lively. Moreover, this design is not bound by one rule and is free to combine any color to make it look festive.

As you can see, the long guest chairs with white foam and colorful cushions make this design look even more vintage. Several elements are presented in this modern bohemian-style living room, such as carpets with tassels at the ends, colorful floor pillows, throw blankets from synthetic fur, and even a Mandala tapestry. That way, your living room design will eye catchy.

Vintage-style living room interior

Vintage designs are currently in great demand by millennials because the colors seem soft. As you can see, this vintage-style living room interior is suitable for lovers of the old-school atmosphere. This design always reminds us of our past.

Then, to make it look more attractive, use soft colors such as turquoise green, and white to arrange a vintage-style living room. After that, place a soft single sofa, a turquoise table, some wooden furniture with a color that matches the walls, decorative lights, antique wall hangings, and unique knick-knacks. By arranging it like this, this vintage-style family room will make you and your family relax while enjoying a warm cup of tea with some snacks.

Semi-outdoor family room interior

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of gathering with family, the family room does not always have to be in the house. To get an open atmosphere, you can create a family room with a semi-outdoor style. With a stone base and a brick wall roof, the interior of this living room is quite fierce thanks to the dominance of the red color.

To make it look more natural, you can add metal lounge chairs, long wooden benches, red floor pillows, colorful floor carpets, and wooden sofas complete with colorful pillows. But don’t forget to add ornamental plants so that it looks green. That way, gathering time in the morning or evening will feel comfortable and pleasant. Then, you and your family will get to know each other better. Moreover, in the morning, you can enjoy the sun, then at night, you can enjoy the cool night breeze.

Scandinavian-style living room interior

One of the reasons why a Scandinavian-style home interior is suitable for a small room is the use of furniture that is so simple and natural. The all-white interior of this living room looks in harmony with the wooden furniture and ornamental plant decorations. Relaxing with family here is even more comfortable!

To make it look even sweeter, you can add a black and white floor rug, black hanging lamps, a round table, some beautiful wall paintings, wooden wall shelves, a television for watching movies, a short buffet, and a white exposed brick wall design. With this design, your small living room will look spacious. Then you and your family will feel more comfortable watching television shows. Of course, this atmosphere will make your family more cheerful and familiar.

Living room with natural green shades

As far as we know, green can make our souls feel calmer. Therefore, if you are a lover of green, you can use this one living room design as your inspiration. The trick is to use white wall paint. Then, you can combine it with a light green sofa color that gives a natural impression.

To make it look more beautiful, add a carpet with a matching color, and put some patterned sofa cushions and wall hangings in a matching color, like the inspiration above. With this design, your living room will be fresher and more comfortable. You can also gather with family while chatting. Hopefully, this design can make you and your family more intimate.

Living room in pastel blue shades

If you want to know that a minimalist living room in light colors can give the illusion of a room that looks spacious. Therefore, you can create it by wearing a pastel blue sofa and adding a neutral-colored rug to make it look elegant.

Then, to warm up the atmosphere in the living room, use white decorations with a few wooden accents like the inspiration above. To make it look pleasing to the eye, add a television including a short buffet, guest table, hanging decorative lights, and knick-knacks in colors that match the room. That way, your living room design will look elegant and charming. Then make you and your family more comfortable at home.

Bright bohemian feel

Bohemian design is a design that dares to play with colors and antiques. So for those of you who want to design a family room with a bohemian style, you can use colors like the picture above. But if you want to create a soft atmosphere in the living room, you can use a vintage design.

Then to make it look cooler, complete it with a long sofa with a color that matches the floor carpet, add a television, antique guest table, wall painting, knick-knacks that match the room, and beautiful wall decorations. That way, your living room design will look more aesthetic and fun. Then you and your family will be happier watching television while chatting.

Family room with wood brown tones

Having a beautiful family room like the picture above is everyone’s dream. This one living room can give a warm and comfortable impression. Then, to look more attractive, you can combine brown in the family room with the color of the sofa and some other furniture.

Then, add ornamental plants in the corner of the living room and minimalist shelves to give an elegant impression. Then put the television on the wall for your entertainment with your family. That way, the family room will feel fun for you and your family.

Family room with refreshing shades of yellow

We all agree that yellow is a bright and refreshing color. This color is like the morning sun. To make you always excited and cheerful, you can try this yellow nuance in the minimalist living room of your home.

To look cooler, you can add a white sofa, decorative lights in the corner of the room, guest tables and floor rugs, shelves to put knick-knacks, wall decorations, and televisions for watching movies. With an arrangement like this, your family will feel at home in the family room while enjoying television entertainment. Happy decorating!

Family room with feminine pink shades

We know that almost everyone loves the color pink. This color symbolizes the tenderness of a person’s heart. Some even say this color is feminine and can unite one’s heart. Therefore, those of you who like the color pink can design your living room with pink.

Then, to make it look more beautiful and charming, you can combine this color with beige and white. As you can see in the picture above, this family room has combined a beige sofa set, cream wall shelves, carpet in the same color as the sofa, and a round table. Then, to make the family feel at home, you can add television for entertainment to watching movies. With this atmosphere, you and your family will feel more at home.

Family room with a rustic theme

A family room design with a rustic theme is also currently quite popular because it gives an aesthetic and comfortable impression. You can use this theme for your family room.

Then, to look more modern, you can add a white sofa set, classic furniture, lounge chairs, antique hanging lamps, wall hangings, and a television for entertainment. To see the greenery, you can add some ornamental plants in the corner of the room. With this design, you will relax with your family while watching television.

Korean-style family room design

The current Korean trend has mushroomed in various countries, including Indonesia. In addition to drama and cuisine, Korean-style interior design is also an inspiration for many people. Therefore, for those of you who are fans of the Korean style, you can use the above image design to inspire your family room.

To look more attractive, you can design a wall with natural stone, then place the television in this place for entertainment. To make the family atmosphere more intimate, you can add a sofa set with a color that matches the walls, add wooden shelves for knick-knacks, and add ornamental plants to make the eyes feel fresher. With an arrangement like this, you and your family don’t need to go to Korea because you can enjoy this family room to relax with your family.

4. Conclusion

We know that the family room is always used for family gatherings. Then, the aim of making fellow family members closer. Then, to make a family room design, you need a sufficient budget and the best design so that the results are satisfying and according to your taste. In this article, we review some family room designs that can be an inspiration for you. We hope one of these designs suits your taste. Hopefully, this design can be useful for you and your family. Then make you and your family more harmonious. Happy decorating!


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