1. Overview of a clean and tidy home interior

Currently, having a minimalist home design is the main attraction for most people, especially millennial couples. One of them is because the budget is affordable for millennials. Then whichever is not difficult.

An architect, Jennifer Tulley said, a minimalist home is a residence designed with simplified elements or structures. Then, given additional effects or designs to make the shape look beautiful. Then, to look more attractive, you can put decorative light and materials are needed that make the house look more attractive.

In addition, arranging a minimalist home does not mean getting rid of everything that is considered unnecessary. Instead, take the time to consider what kind of lifestyle you want. The goal is also so that the house does not seem messy. For that, let’s review the ideas and inspiration below.

2. Ideas and inspiration

Home is the most comfortable place to rest and gather with family. Then, it becomes the final place to share stories and do activities together. Therefore, arranging a beautiful house needs to design furniture properly. So your home looks aesthetic. For that, you need ideas and inspiration to make comfortable your home.

Whether that is a simple or modern house, everything must design with beautifully arranged. So that all families feel happy and feel at home. Even though the design of your home is simple, you still have to pay attention to decorations for the interior. So the appearance of the house becomes perfect. Therefore, let’s look at a neat, clean and comfortable home design below.

3. Neat, clean, and comfortable design

A clean and comfortable house turns out to reflect the personality of the owner of the house. Moreover, having a clean and tidy house is everyone’s hope. However, not everyone can make it happen because of their hectic daily activities. Not only that, daily activity is sometimes an excuse for not cleaning the house. Over time the house becomes dirty and messy. But don’t worry, we are ready to explain how you clean the house perfectly.

Well, there are several ways to organize an efficient and economical home that you can do without wasting time. Let’s look at the following ways to create a clean, healthy, and comfortable home interior as below:

Homey and neat minimalist bedroom

The concept of a simple minimalist bedroom in gray looks aesthetic when combined with a shabby-style homey interior. The bedroom, which is quite spacious, does not use a lot of wall decorations but only details on the sleeping mattress and the main furniture.

To look more attractive, you can add a tropical touch to this beautiful bedroom design with ornamental plants to make the atmosphere more immediate. Then, place a slim wardrobe to save space. Add floor rugs and wooden wall shelves.

Keeping the bedroom clean and tidy

Everyone wants their bedroom to look neat and comfortable. Therefore, there are several ways you can do to make your bedroom appear more attractive. Below we review some of the ways you can do this. For that, let’s follow the review below:

Keeping the bedroom tidy

Keeping the room tidy is the best way to make a minimalist room look more attractive. It is also the easiest, fastest and cheapest way. The most crucial thing in tidying a room is getting rid of things that are no longer used. In addition, keeping the room clean and tidy also helps to calm our minds.

Use a little color in your bedroom

Another easy way to get a minimalist room look on a low budget is to reduce the number of colors. Therefore, you can only polish white and bright colors on the walls.
As for the bedroom, limit the color by using only one or two colors. Then, for the furniture such as blankets, pillows, and others. We can also choose dark colors if you want a more masculine look and stay minimalist.

Give free space in your bedroom

Empty space with little furniture can add a minimalist impression because it doesn’t make the room messy. Also, an easy way to get more space is to put furniture against a wall or corner. Pushing the bed into a corner will create a new place. Other objects that can be pushed into walls or corners are desks and cabinets. That way, you have saved space in your bedroom.

Have a place to store goods

We don’t want to see piles of dirty clothes in the house. Therefore, store dirty laundry in a laundry basket with a lid. In addition, also store other items in drawers and wardrobes. Then, make it a habit to put notebooks, pens, and paper in the drawer when not in use because an empty and clean table can give the impression of relief.

Another good place to put things is under the bed. Then, keep things you don’t use in a box, and put them under the bed. As you know, having a storage area is the key to a minimalist room. Therefore, buy a high shelf to store your goods. Then, choose a slim one to save space.

Place ornamental plants in your bedroom

Minimalist space aesthetics does not mean cold and empty. The room should always feel warm, natural, and comfortable. Adding simple plants to complete the minimalist look is one of the keys. Then, choose small plants that do not take up space. That way the room will look fresher with greenery.

Minimize cable usage

Cables are a trifle, but people always overlook this thing. Almost everyone has a lot of gadgets. So the rooms tend to be decorated with lots of wires. Therefore, all you have to do is store unnecessary cables in the drawer. Then, if you have extra long cables, it’s a good idea to roll them up and store them neatly. So your room looks messy.

Keeping some blank walls

To put wallpaper on the walls, it’s a good idea to clear the walls first. This method can add to the appearance of the room to look beautiful and neat. Then, it can reduce the cost of the purchase of paint. Having plain colored walls can also be used as a background for your photos and wall paintings. That way, your bedroom design will look aesthetic.

Arrange the living room to look neat

Beautiful living room design is everyone’s dream. A beautiful and comfortable living room will make you and your family feel at home while enjoying television entertainment. Therefore, ideas and inspiration for an aesthetic and elegant living room arrangement are needed to make it look more attractive. Therefore, you need to organize and tidy up the living room properly.

Minimalist house terrace with aluminum frame

The first part of the house is the terrace. This area is an outside area of ​​​​the house that needs to look beautiful. Next, you can use an elegant concept with black on the window or door frame that looks balanced. Then, to look more attractive, you can arrange patio chairs and decorative lights. Then, you can create a beautiful atmosphere with ornamental plants on the side of the door. So it looks aesthetic.

Neatly organize a minimalist living room

The living room is still an important area that you need to decorate and arrange neatly in your home. Then, to look attractive, you can complete the room with a beautiful minimalist sofa with various motifs. Then, you can give vintage accents with functional glass windows to make the room look wider. In addition, complete this living room with some beautiful decorations such as ornamental plants, decorative lights, wall decorations, ceiling fans, and lighting that can make the details of the room look beautiful.

Neatly arrange the family room to relax

The next area in the house that you can rearrange is the family room. This room is the most comfortable place to gather with family. Therefore, design it with the dominance of Scandinavian-style minimalist colors. So it feels more comfortable.

Then, to make the space feel spacious and functional, use furniture that is not excessive, then place open shelves as decorations and cabinets to store things. In addition, you can beautify the walls with display shelves, wall hangings, and beautiful knick-knacks. So that the eyes feel fresh to see, you can put ornamental plants. That way, the design of the family room will look beautiful and neat.

Organizing a neat minimalist kitchen

Having a neat and clean kitchen is everyone’s dream. A clean and tidy kitchen can make cooking moments more comfortable and enjoyable. In addition, arranging the kitchen to make it look neater can also give a spacious impression.

So far, for those of you who have a minimalist kitchen, try to make it look neat. That’s why you can see some easy ways to organize the following kitchen. Then, keep the kitchen table clean of various spices that easily spill. For prevention, you can bring jars of various sizes to fill kitchen spices, such as sugar, salt, and flour, to coffee grounds. That way, your kitchen is neat and clean.

Separating Kitchen Spots

If you have a minimalist home, you can design a simple kitchen to fit your home model. How to organize a simple kitchen is very easy. You only need to apply some furniture and cooking utensils like the picture above.

Next, you can organize the kitchen by separating the spots in the kitchen according to their function. You can separate them starting with cooking spots, storage spots, and eating and make all items neatly according to their function. That way, your kitchen design will look more aesthetic and practical.

Use of Wooden Wall Shelf

This simple home kitchen design with a size of 3 x 2 m looks attractive. The beautiful and neat arrangement of the wooden shelves and the L-shaped kitchen table without a kitchen set remain neat with a dynamic monochrome backsplash wall.

A cast ceramic table with cooking utensils that can be stored neatly under the kitchen table makes your cooking activities uninterrupted. To look more attractive, you can add lighting in the middle of the room to support cooking activities. With an arrangement like this, your minimalist kitchen will look beautiful and spacious.

Using a small shelf above the kitchen table

Using this small shelf may have been applied by many people. Then, you can use this small shelf to put the spice container to make it more organized and neat. Not only that, but you can also use this small shelf as a place for glasses, pairing, and several other small cooking utensils. Especially for the small size of the shelf, it can be placed on the kitchen table so that the items are easier to reach.

Dining room design in the middle of the room

In general, the dining room is at home due to its small size. But this time, you can make a simple dining room if the space is still left. This dining room looks minimalist with black table and chair furniture that can be a place to gather with family. Although this design looks simple, it looks beautiful and pleasing to the eye. To appear more attractive, you simply add lighting in the middle of the room with an industrial hanging model. That way, your dining room will make the family atmosphere feel more comfortable.

The relaxing room behind the house is neat and clean

If you feel stressed after a long day at the office, you should take your time to relax while releasing fatigue. Therefore, your land behind the house can be used as a relaxing space with your family. Design this space as needed.

Then, the relaxing room does not have to be large, and the most important thing is that you can make for a beautiful place to gather with family. Then to look aesthetic, you can use rattan furniture with a pair of chairs and a long bench. Then to make it look more attractive, you can decorate it with antique chandeliers, wall hangings, floor rugs, and ornamental plants. That way, you and your family will be more harmonious. Then you can be calmer to release fatigue.

4. Conclusion

Those are some examples of clean and tidy home interior designs that can make you feel at home and comfortable at home. In addition, a clean house can make you and your family live healthily. Therefore, we share ideas to design your home to look aesthetic, comfortable, beautiful, and fun. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you. Then make your family more harmonious. Happy decorating!


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