1. Overview of the garden in the house

Everyone wants to have a big and beautiful house. However, there are always problems with the high price. Therefore, a minimalist home model is a right choice. Although the model of the house is simple, it is not a problem, but the important thing is that it looks beautiful. One way to add to the beauty of a minimalist home is to create a small, minimalist garden in it. That way, the interior design of the house will feel comfortable and pleasant.

As far as we know, the garden in the house can add to the beauty of the house’s interior. However, the selected plants must be suitable for placement in the house because this model garden is not exposed to full sunlight. Currently, there are many choices of plants and flowers that can be placed indoors. Then, the designs and models are even more varied and can be adjusted to your taste.

2. Ideas and inspiration

Having a garden in the house is everyone’s dream. The interior garden design will make the home feel more beautiful and look aesthetic. The garden model that is currently trending is a minimalist garden with green plants and a few flowers. We know that the location of the home garden is not always outside the house because you can design a beautiful garden inside the house. Therefore, ideas and inspiration to find garden designs will be needed So your house interior looks more attractive and can create a fresh atmosphere.

Then, for the size of a minimalist garden in the house, it can be adjusted to the existing land so you don’t need to be discouraged if you have a small house. The selection of the type and size of plants also affects the final result of the minimalist garden appearance in your home. Therefore, ideas and inspiration must be in accordance with the design that will be made. Let’s discuss the garden design in the house below.

3. Indoor garden design

Plants in the house can give a feeling of freshness. This element makes the house feel comfortable. One of the most popular ways to bring greenery to home is to create a garden. But, do all the houses have a large area or residual land? Certainly not. Indoor gardens are increasingly popular lately because many homes have narrow land.

Therefore, you must consider what kind of garden that suitable for your modern minimalist home. Below there are many attractive design inspirations and models for your reference. Let’s review the design below. Hopefully, it fits your idea.

4. Attractive design

Ada area tersisa yang kecil atau bahkan sempit di rumah? Meski ukurannya mungil, tetapi area tersisa tersebut dapat memberikan keuntungan bagi pemilik rumah, lo.

Sayangnya, area ini jarang dimanfaatkan dan dibiarkan kosong begitu saja. Tak jarang, lahan tersisa ini hanya dijadikan sebagai gudang atau tempat untuk menjemur pakaian. Dengan kreativitas, sebenarnya banyak ide keren yang bisa diaplikasikan pada taman belakang rumah agar lebih cantik dan menarik.

Minimalist garden in the house under the stairs


The area under the stairs is always forgotten because of its less strategic and convenient location. This area can be used as a minimalist garden in the house. You may not use this area, but you will see it when you go up or down stairs. Then, to look cool, choose medium-sized greenery pinned to the rocks. You Can also use pots mounted on the wall.

Then, to look more attractive, add lights to illuminate a minimalist garden in the house, a minimalist sofa, and ornamental plants. That way, your home interior design looks more beautiful and fun.

Minimalist garden in a vertical model house

A minimalist garden in a vertical model house is the right choice for homes with limited land. The position of the plant against the wall will not take up much space, so it can limit the movement of the occupants of the house. As you can see, this one garden also can be used as a wall decoration.

Then, to look beautiful, arrange plants on walls and iron bars. Then, add a table and chairs for you and your family to relax and add some brightly colored flowers in the corners. That way, the atmosphere in your home feels fresher.

Minimalist garden in a Japanese garden-style house

Having a minimalist garden in the house can be a troublesome job because you have to clean up the soil that is scattered on the floor when watering it. But if you don’t want to be bothered, please design a Japanese garden that is synonymous with stone media and green plants.

To not report you, try a minimalist garden model in a house like this. In a small area filled with rocks, place several types of greenery at once. Add a tiny fountain decoration in the center and some natural stones. That way, your home interior design looks more natural.

Hydroponic design minimalist garden

A minimalist garden in a house with a hydroponic system does not require a lot of space, but it takes extra effort to install an irrigation system. This garden model is suitable for those of you who like to grow crops and cook using your plants. This garden is suitable for growing vegetables such as chili, spinach, lettuce, and tomatoes. However, you still have to design this garden with furniture that fits this garden model. That way, your home interior design will look more aesthetic and not messy.

Minimalist garden in a semi-open area

If you have a semi-open area, it is very appropriate to be used as a minimalist garden in the home. With a strategic location, you can plant grass or other plants, such as shaved trees. This plant will thrive because it gets enough sunlight. To look more artistic, add a path with wood motif ceramics, spotlights, and chairs for you to relax while enjoying the garden.

Minimalist garden using pots

There are many ways to create a minimalist garden in the house so that the house feels cooler. If you have a small house, you can place the pot in the corner of the room or near the window, even though the space in the home is limited. That way, the feel of the house becomes cool. However, if you want to design your garden to make it look more beautiful, you can add some furniture that fits your garden design. Hopefully, this minimalist garden design can be an inspiration for you.

Garden on the top floor

Busyness often makes you tired. But if you like vacationing in the mountains with your family, now! you don’t need to bother to get an atmosphere like that. By designing a garden like this house, you can spend the evening sitting in the garden without fear of being exposed to rainwater with a glass roof.

The garden design above makes plants can grow normally without a lack of sunlight. For that, you have to water the plants regularly because rainwater cannot penetrate the glass roof. Then, put some flower pots. That way, you and your family will feel at home in this place.

Make a simple minimalist garden

Having land left behind from the house can be made into a beautiful mini garden. You do this by presenting several plants and small trees. Then design the walls with exposed bricks so that the interior design of the house looks more natural. Then, to look more attractive, add minimalist chairs and tables to provide maximum comfort in the garden area. That way, you can enjoy and relax with your family.

Garden with fish pond design

Many peoples make the backyard as a warehouse to store goods. Even though you can use the land behind the house for a garden and to make it look more attractive, you can design it with a minimalist fish pond. Then, to make it look even more fun, add white coral, ornamental plant pots, showers, and spotlights to light up the pond. But if you want to be more relaxed, you can add lounge chairs to see and feed your favorite fish. With a design like this, your stress will disappear.

Garden for children’s play area

If you have a small house, don’t worry because you can also have a fun play area for your little one. The trick is to turn the remaining land in the backyard into a comfortable play area. For your safety, use synthetic grass. So your little one is comfortable and safe playing in the area. Then, add wall hangings from processed wood, a long chair with a motif foam base, colorful pillows, wooden tables, and ornamental plants. Designs like this make you feel at home and more cheerful.

Garden with transparent curtain design

You can make the balcony design into a beautiful garden. Then, you can use this garden to relax while releasing your fatigue. Therefore, this concept can be applied to your apartment. Adding transparent white curtains, it will make your garden look more attractive. In addition, this park can also be a solution for a small house where you can play with your baby.

Then, to look more beautiful, you can design a floor with wood motif ceramics. Then add a lounge chair, some potted ornamental plants, and vines on the glass. That way, the garden design in the house is pleasing to the eye.

Artificial garden in the house

Everyone wants a fresh atmosphere in their home. To make it, you must design it properly to make it look more beautiful. Home design with a fresh atmosphere is not only outside the home. Try to create an artificial garden with artificial grass in your home. Then, to look greener, also add trees on the back and sides. Don’t forget to add a sky mural to make it look more natural. That way, the interior design of your home looks brighter.

The small garden bathroom area

A clean home interior design can make you feel at home and comfortable. To create an attractive garden is not only outdoors. You can also make it in your bathroom area so that the atmosphere around the bathroom will feel comfortable.

We understand that bathing is not only a self-cleaning activity. With a garden design in the bathroom, you can also relax and unwind while bathing. In addition, this design is to make you and your family more comfortable. Then, to look more beautiful, add plants to the wall. So the bathroom atmosphere feels more beautiful and fresh. But if you don’t want to bother, you can use artificial plants. That way, the atmosphere of the bathroom will feel more natural.

Small garden with artistic design

A fresh and natural atmosphere can make our minds healthier. Therefore, to create a fresh atmosphere in the house. You can create a unique garden. With an attractive design like the garden above, you will feel like you are in a cave or maze full of greenery.

Then, to look more artistic, pay attention to the arrangement of the plants so that they are still beautiful to the eye. Then present, ornamental plants in pots, hanging ornamental plants, ornamental plants attached to the wall, and a pond with a fountain that falls from the pool wall. With this arrangement, the interior design of your home design will look artistic and unique.

Garden design in the living room with glass walls

The garden design in this one house looks unique. Ornamental plants are attached to the living room wall. In this place, there is no space to plant flowers. But for your living room to look beautiful, try applying this method.

Then, to look like a garden, install artificial grass on the walls like in the example above. That way, your home will look fresh without having to sacrifice space. To make it look sweeter, add a beautiful flower or leaf accent in the corner as a variation. Then, to look more attractive appearance, add a sofa set, sofa cushions motif, spotlights, hanging decorative lights, floor rugs, dining tables, and chairs. That way, your living room design will look luxurious and fun.

Garden in the middle of the house with sunshine

This garden design has made in the middle of the house. The roof of the garden looks transparent. So that sunlight enters the house interior. Therefore, if you want to create a garden in your home, you can design it appropriately. With a garden design like this, you can save electricity consumption. To make it look more beautiful, you can plant some ornamental plants. Then add a sofa set so you can relax while looking at your artificial garden.

Small plants in the dining room

A comfortable dining room is everyone’s dream. Therefore, decorate the dining room in your home with green plants to make it look more natural. In this dining room hanging flowers and palm plants are attractive choices. Then, use a pot to make maintenance easier. You can also use the empty area on the window frame to put flower pots.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can design a wall with exposed brick and place a dining table, chairs, and some ornamental plant pots. That way, the design of the dining room will feel more comfortable.

Garden for a family gathering

A happy family will be created if the atmosphere at home feels comfortable and peaceful. To create it, you can make the right design. Combining the family room with the garden is not a bad thing. The concept of this outdoor lounge makes the garden look unique and can bring families together.

To make the family garden more attractive, place a sofa on each side of the room to accommodate many family members. Then, Add sofa cushions, a small table, and a nail plant on the wall. This design makes the atmosphere of the garden more comfortable and fresh.

5. Conclusion

The garden in the house has always been everyone’s dream because the home garden has a considerable influence on the beauty of the room’s interior. For that, if you want to give an aesthetic, luxurious, comfortable, and attractive impression to your home, choose a garden design that fits the interior of your home. That way, your dream of having a beautiful and comfortable garden can come true. But you have to adjust it to the room’s interior size and your budget. Hopefully, this article can be used for you. Happy decorating!


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