1. Swimming pool overview

Having a swimming pool in the area of ​​the house is really fun because you don’t have to look for sports entertainment to swim out of the house. In addition, your home design house also looks beautiful and charming. Therefore, if you and your family like swimming, there’s nothing wrong with having a swimming pool in a minimalist home to gather with your family.
By having a swimming pool at home, you can easily teach swimming to children. In addition, children can swim more confidently in a private pool. But you may hesitate to build a swimming pool in a minimalist home or on limited land. Before building a pool at home, you must pay attention to comfort and safety when swimming. Therefore, we provide an interesting swimming pool design review below.

2. Attractive design

One of the most popular types of water sports is swimming. Besides making the body healthier, swimming is also a fun activity for children and adults. Swimming is usually done in a swimming pool but can also be done outdoors, for example on a beach or river.

Talking about swimming pools, there are two types of swimming pools namely public swimming pools and private swimming pools. The public swimming pool is a shared facility that is used for paid. Meanwhile, private swimming pools are owned by individuals and are in areas of the house such as on the side, back, or front of the house.

Not all houses have a swimming pool because making and maintaining it is considered expensive. However, a minimalist swimming pool design can add to the house’s aesthetic value. If you are interested in having a private swimming pool, here are some super cool minimalist swimming pool designs for your dream home.

3. Some examples of attractive home swimming pools

If you have a dream to have a modern swimming pool at home, you can make it in your home area. Having a private pool is great. However, there are several things that you should consider before making it, including the area, location of the house, and the needs of its users. This will determine the design that is suitable for you or your family. Therefore, we want to share ideas with you to create a swimming pool in your home area. We hope that our review below suits your taste and can make you and your family happier. For that, let’s follow the review below. Welcome to our review!

Minimalist design among house buildings

You and your family will definitely like the private swimming pool because it is more flexible for doing swimming activities at home. Therefore, you can also insert a swimming pool in the middle of your house. With this swimming pool design, you no longer need to be afraid of people peeking at your swimming activities with your family because it is covered with a high wall.

To make it look more attractive, you can equip the house building which is limited by glass doors on the side facing the swimming pool with a sofa or patio chairs for you and your family to relax while watching your children swim. A design like this will be very suitable if the two are combined. Then, add a beach chair to lie down while enjoying the free air and looking at the sky. In order not to be exposed to heat add an umbrella. With this arrangement, your swimming pool design will look more attractive.

Minimalist design with a garden-side pool concept

For those of you who like gardening and swimming hobbies, you can combine the two in the empty back area of ​​your house. The concept that you can stretch is the garden-side pool. This minimalist swimming pool design makes your home feel cooler because there are lots of trees planted around the pool. Apart from planting lots of trees, you can also add natural stones as decorations around the pool to prevent people from slipping when they finish swimming.

By carrying out this concept, you can enjoy views of the garden while soaking in the swimming pool. To make you feel more relaxed, don’t forget to provide a relaxing area, such as a seat around the garden. So that you or your family members can relax for a while and unwind after a tiring day’s work. With this arrangement, the exterior design of your home will look aesthetically pleasing.

Indoor swimming pool with window glass

There’s nothing wrong with placing a minimalist swimming pool in the house. A luxurious minimalist swimming pool is one of many people’s favorite designs because it can swim in any weather. Because indoor minimalist swimming pools tend not to have greenery, you can put decorative plant pots to add to the beauty around the swimming pool.

An indoor swimming pool as shown in the picture above can provide more privacy when compared to an outdoor swimming pool. This modern minimalist swimming pool is also believed to save on the use of chemicals in its maintenance. This is because the location of this swimming pool is not exposed to direct sunlight so the chemicals in the swimming pool water do not evaporate quickly. In order to appear more attractive, you can decorate the walls with natural stone and glass. Add a sofa by the pool for you to relax. With this arrangement, your swimming pool design will look luxurious.

Design in front of the house

A minimalist swimming pool design that you can apply in front of your house is a triangular swimming pool design. This swimming pool design can be built in one corner of your front yard. Make sure your fence model has more privacy so that swimming activities become more comfortable. Apart from that, you can also design this swimming pool with walkways made of ceramic wood motifs so that people can pass this pool when they are about to enter the main building. to make you feel more relaxed, you can equip the poolside with terrace chairs, cafe tables, and flower pots. With this arrangement, you will feel comfortable talking with your family or friends.

Minimalist swimming pool design

The minimalist home design makes homeowners tend to avoid the construction of home facilities that are considered not important. As you know, entertainment and health facilities are important to add comfort to your home. The swimming pool is one of them. Therefore, you can make an attractive minimalist swimming pool. While the model can be adjusted to the character of your home.
Minimalist design swimming pools generally do not have a lot of ornaments and colors. The main ingredients for making a pool are adjusted to the appearance of the house, its size, and the needs of its inhabitants. Generally, the basic color of the pool is made of neutral colors such as white, cream, or gray. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can design the edge of the swimming pool with ceramics, natural stone, and coral. That way, you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere by the pool.

Design with limited land

Having a swimming pool is the dream of many people. Private pools can be a means of relaxing and exercising in privacy. However, the land is often limited and costs become a barrier when starting to plan. Now with increasingly advanced pool-building technology, pools can be built using increasingly diverse technologies and design ideas.

Before building a swimming pool, make sure it is the right size and scale between the plot and the pool. Next, make sure the pool is a part that complements the land or yard, not the dominant part of the house so it looks cramped. The material used can be fiberglass. So you don’t need solid materials like cement and ceramics. Even though we know, solid materials are easier to shape and adapt to the land of the house. Therefore, you should also consult the design ideas and conditions of the building experts. for you to know, ponds are better built according to the boundaries of the land edge to facilitate development.

In addition, security is also a factor that needs attention, such as making a barrier or handrail on a pole or steps on one side of the pool with a minimum height of 1.2 m. Then, the size of the pond can also affect water needs. Even though the land is narrow, you need to pay attention to water and air quality because it affects your comfort when swimming. With this arrangement, you will feel comfortable swimming.

Modern and beautiful swimming pool

The minimalist swimming pool design has a modern impression without compromising comfort. Usually, the size of the swimming pool is not too big and becomes a complementary part of the backyard or side. The minimalist pool adjusts the appearance of the house building by not using flashy ceramic colors. Usually, the shape is the basic shape of a rectangular pool. to make you more relaxed, you can add beach chairs to the area to sit around while enjoying the free air. Then, it appears green, complete with ornamental plants and green grass. That way, your swimming pool design will look beautiful.

Minimalist swimming pool in the garden area

This minimalist swimming pool design has an area of ​​3 x 7 meters. This swimming pool is suitable for narrow, elongated areas. To keep it looking wide, leave some of the sides to mark boundaries on the land. With a simple shape without complex ornaments, this swimming pool still looks fun. To make it look beautiful, you can add beautiful garden chairs, beach chairs for you to relax while looking at the sky, and ceramic designs on the edge of the pool. In addition, this pool model is suitable for large family gatherings. In this place, you can hold events that you like. With this arrangement, you will be more confident to hold family events and events with your friends.

Swimming pool on the back porch of the house

Minimalist swimming pool design behind this house with limited area. But This swimming pool can be applied to limited land. The shape is a rectangle with a border of concrete material. It’s good for you to leave a little land for planting Japanese grass and trees on the edge of the pond so it doesn’t get monotonous. then, complete with a wooden stage terrace, beach chairs for you to lie down on, and a table to put drinks on.

The designed of the swimming pool on the back terrace of the house is adjacent to the living room which is equipped with sofa sets, tables, and attractive knick-knacks. As you can see, the swimming pool and the living room are limited by glass doors and windows. With this arrangement, the exterior design of your home feels comfortable. Then, you and your family will feel more at home.

Artistic square swimming pool

Box-shaped swimming pools are often found in minimalist homes. To give a different touch, you can combine the shape of the edges with curved and faceted ones on all four sides of the pool. Pond designs with curved and square edges can be equipped with a barrier in the middle. That way, you and your family will have one pool with a minimum depth and maximum depth to meet the needs of both children and adults.

Then, to make it look more artistic, you can design the edge of the pool with a ladder model and a relaxing seat. Then, on top of it, you can decorate it with trees and ornamental plants. To make it look more natural, you can design walls with exposed bricks. With this arrangement, the atmosphere of the family gathering will be more enjoyable.

Circle swimming pool

Even though the backyard is not very large, you can still have a private swimming pool. The circular pond design can be an option because it will save space in the backyard. Maintenance of this pool is also easy and does not cost much. To make it look attractive, use paving blocks around a circular pool to give it an artistic and natural impression. As for the poolside, you can decorate it with natural stone and put some ornamental plants to make it look like a garden. With this arrangement, the exterior design of your home will look beautiful.

Pleasant elongated swimming pool

A swimming pool design that is not too wide but elongated will look simple and fun. This swimming pool is suitable for those of you who want to combine natural and modern impressions in a minimalist home. To make it look elegant, use a wooden floor around the pool to give it a natural and warm feel. The use of wooden floors is also more comfortable to sit back while cooling your feet in the pool on a hot day. Then, for you to relax on the terrace area, complete it with patio chairs and a round table to place drinks. That way, you can control your children swimming while enjoying warm coffee.

Above-ground swimming pool

Kolam renang di atas tanah bisa menjadi pilihan untuk berhemat. (Foto: The Spruce)

Above-ground swimming pools are preferred because they are economical and portable. This swimming pool has been designed using treated wood. Then to look beautiful, it is decorated with stairs to make it easier to get to the swimming pool. The advantage of this swimming pool is, if you move house, you can bring this swimming pool to your new home.

In addition, this swimming pool is also suitable for all types of soil in rocky areas. In order to make you feel more relaxed, you can equip the poolside with wooden benches, and wooden tables, and decorate it with beautiful flower plants. Then, design the floor with a wood pattern to make it look elegant. With this arrangement, you will feel comfortable and pleasant.

Beautiful indoor swimming pool

Not all swimming pools can be made outside the house. For those of you who don’t have a backyard pool in the house can be a solution. In addition, this type of indoor pool allows you to be protected from rain and heat while swimming. Then, the area around the pool can be used to put gym and fitness equipment. However, indoor pool maintenance requires special attention. Furthermore, the water flow during construction must be made in detail. So it does not seep and is obstructed during maintenance. To make you feel relaxed, you can equip it with a beach chair for lying down. That way, the atmosphere in your home will be more pleasant.

Lap Pool

The lap pool is a pool that is designed elongated with the main function to be a training facility or long swimming sport. Usually, this type of pool is used to improve health. The shape of this pool is suitable for swimming sports enthusiasts. Elongated narrow land can accommodate this pond shape.

Then, to make it look more attractive, combine it with a poolside garden with coral decorations. Then, plant it with ornamental plants to make it look like a garden. Meanwhile, the area adjacent to the terrace is equipped with long wooden benches, tables for placing drinks, and decorative lights. With this arrangement, the exterior design of your home will look elegant.

Plunge pool

A plunge pool is a pool design that is deliberately made smaller than a pool in general. The main function of this pool tends to be used for bathing and relaxation. The plunge pool is suitable for use in a small yard. The advantages of this pool can be a decoration on a narrow yard. To make it look beautiful, complete it with a wooden sofa set covered with soft foam, colorful motif sofa cushions, ornamental plants, and green grass. To look elegant, you can design a terrace floor with wood motifs. With this arrangement, the exterior design of your home looks comfortable and pleasant.

Natural swimming pool

If you like swimming in natural pools, a natural swimming pool like in the picture is the right choice for you to apply. A swimming pool like this emphasizes environmental aspects around the pond. Accents of rocks and plants can be applied to give a natural impression. This pond design is suitable for use in areas with good water quality. Thus, the pool water used can be free of chemicals. Several types of bacteria are usually used for water treatment.

To make it look beautiful, you can decorate the edge of the swimming pool with colorful flower plants. Then make a path between the wall and the flower garden. If you want to make a beautiful area, complete with beach chairs for you to relax and beach umbrellas, With this arrangement, the exterior design of your home will look beautiful and charming.

Beautiful swimming pool design

Having a swimming pool in front of the house can actually add to the beautiful appearance of the terrace of the house. It’s just that with the size of the minimalist swimming pool design, it still gets quite big changes. So that the front of the house will take into account the theme of several swimming pool displays. But for several possibilities, the process of making a minimalist swimming pool at the front of the house is usually adding a few plants for shade. Then, complete it with beautiful furniture and beautiful flower plants. With this arrangement, the exterior of your home will impress people.

Garden-side pool

Tanaman di dinding garden-side pool menambah kesan hijau. (Sumber: Pinterest.com)
If you have a garden in your yard, it never hurts to combine it with a swimming pool. Vines or hanging plants on the walls around the pond can give a green impression. So it feels cooler. To make you relax, don’t forget to provide relaxing areas to sit around your garden. For that, you can design a relaxing seat on the floor by the pool. In this way, you can play with your feet in the water. Then, to add to the impression of greenery, you can plant grass in the swimming pool area. That way, your swimming pool design will look natural.

Aesthetic swimming pool design

Kolam melbourne backyard memadukan desain klasik dan modern. (Sumber: Pinterest.au)
This pond design can be applied to the backyard of the house. Its appearance is a mix of classic and modern designs. To make the atmosphere in the swimming pool more lively, add horizontal showers and a few green plants to beautify the pool. Then, to make you relax, complete the swimming pool with lounge chairs for you to lie down on after swimming. With this arrangement, your swimming pool will look aesthetic and comfortable.

The swimming pool is simple but attractive

Having a minimalist home doesn’t mean you can’t design it completely. You can make a simple house design like the picture above for a swimming pool with a simple theme. This simple form of a swimming pool has been used to make the swimming pool look more attractive. However, this simple swimming pool model still lacks ornamentation or the addition of several models of shade trees. So that during the day, it feels hot.

This is because the availability of funds to make a swimming pool has limited. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can decorate the edge of the swimming pool with palm trees and flower plants. Then, complete the terrace which is beside the swimming pool with chairs and tables. In this way, you will feel comfortable and feel at home.

Artistic design making save cost

This swimming pool design looks artistic. Then, this swimming pool has equipped with a wooden gazebo. Then the selection of the shape of the swimming pool also adjusts to the land area. There are circles, rectangles, or even squares. From this minimalist form of swimming pool, you can consider the costs to be incurred. It is not surprising that changes and additions to trinkets actually provide important benefits to the final result of the swimming pool. Then, can make costs increase. Therefore, you must plan carefully, so that there are no changes to the initial design. In this way, you can save on the cost of making a swimming pool.

Cottage style swimming pool

This swimming pool design looks like a cottage style. The design of the swimming pool which is not too big but still attractive is located in the middle of a natural building. As you can see, this minimalist home swimming pool measures 2×7. With a concept like this, you can enjoy swimming with your family. Although this design is simple but looks luxurious. To make the appearance prettier, you can complement the pool with beach chairs to lie down while looking at the sky. Then, decorate it with an umbrella so it doesn’t feel hot during the day. That way, the atmosphere in the pool will feel comfortable and enjoyable.

4. Conclusion

Those are some swimming pool designs that we can recommend. If you want to make a swimming pool at your home, we hope that our review above can be a reference for you. However, if the design mentioned above does not suit your taste, you can order it from a home decor company. So that the results are satisfying and according to your taste. Hopefully, our review above can make the exterior design of your home look aesthetically pleasing, attractive, comfortable, and pleasant. Then, you and your family will feel more at home. Happy decorating!


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