1. Overview of exposed bricks

Houses with exposed brick walls look beautiful and artistic. This design is increasingly popular among young families because of its warm and unique impression. The color of an exposed brick wall is made of various colors. So it’s not always brick red, it can be white, or black, and can be adapted to each home style such as rustic, Scandinavian, or even modern.

As we know, exposed brick is a material commonly used to build a house. Bricks are often used to make the walls of the house. Usually, the bricks will be coated again with cement and then after the wall is dry, the wall is plastered and painted. However, this certainly requires more time and effort.

If you want something simpler, you can make exposed bricks that have been finely treated. So there is no need for cement to coat the bricks or paint. Exposed brick walls look more aesthetically pleasing and add an attractive value to the room. Exposed brick walls can also be used as an alternative for those of you who want a home interior with a fresh and soothing natural impression. Here we provide a review of interesting ideas and designs.

2. Exposure brick design inspiration

Exposed brick interiors usually give off an antique or rustic feel, but you don’t need to stick with these two styles when decorating your home. Home inspiration with contemporary designs offers many variations to create attractive interiors with brick walls in various models. If you have a house with exposed brick and want to give it a fresh look, use this method as inspiration. But you still have to adjust to your taste so that the results don’t disappoint you. Then, adjust to the area of ​​the room you have. For that, follow the review of living room ideas and designs with exposed brick for you to make as your inspiration.

3. Idea and design

Industrial design is considered one of the interior styles that represent millennial tastes. Even though it adopts an old industrial factory-style interior that sounds complicated, the unique and eccentric industrial impression is quite simple and uses exposed brick. So that the aesthetics of a dwelling is increasingly visible.

If you are interested in adopting a design with exposed brick, we provide several design examples that you can emulate. However, to make it according to the model of the room you have. So as not to create a tacky impression. Hopefully, the reviews below can make your home interior design look beautiful and charming. Then, make you more confident to receive guests who come.

White exposed brick design in the family room

All homeowners want their houses to have a special room for family gatherings. We know that the family room is a space that is often used to gather with family or those closest to us. This factor makes many people design their living rooms with a homey concept.

One way to design a homey room is to apply the exposed brick concept to the family room. It doesn’t need to be all over, but you can incorporate exposed brick accents on just one section of the wall. For color, you can adjust it to the interior color in your living room, whether it’s natural, white, or even black. , unique hanging decorative lamps, floor carpets, interesting knick-knacks, and wall paintings. With this arrangement, your living room looks aesthetic.

Clean room with industrial design

A room design dominated by white can give a spacious and clean impression. Without eliminating the industrial impression that you want to highlight, you can coat the exposed brick walls with white paint so that the room seems cleaner and more spacious.

Regarding furniture that is suitable for exposed brick walls, you can choose furniture that applies industrial design principles. The combination of white with wood and iron materials presents a natural industrial element in an open space. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can complete the room with an elongated sofa set, decorative plants, iron wall shelves, a round table, a television for entertainment, decorative lights placed in the corner of the living room, floor rugs, and beautiful wall paintings. With an arrangement like this, your industrial living room design will look aesthetic.

The exposed brick design without plaster

Many people think the application of exposed bricks gives a shabby and dirty impression to the room. To work around this, you can apply Exposure brick only on one side of the wall of the house. Or you can paint the exposed brick your favorite color. Then, decorate with a makeup mirror or painting frames.

In the inspiration above, this family room adopts exposed brick on one of the walls, while the other side of the wall is left plain white. Apart from eliminating the impression of monotony, this combination also makes the family room appear dynamic to provide maximum comfort to all house residents. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can complete it with wooden patterned floors, model sofas, tables for placing drinks, decorative lights, patterned floor rugs, and interesting knick-knacks. Then, to make it pleasing to the eye, add a flower pot to the corner table. With this arrangement, your living room will look attractive.

The combination of industrial and rustic styles

Despite its tiny size, this one room looks very charming through a combination of industrial and rustic styles. On one of the walls of this room, the use of exposed brick gives a warm, industrial-style impression, while the use of a contrasting rough wood material gives a rustic impression.

Interestingly, this room still seems simple thanks to the use of simple furniture, plus the presence of large openings so that the room looks more legal. But to look more attractive, you can complement it with round tables, sofa sets, unique chandeliers, makeup mirrors, sofa cushions, floor rugs, and other interesting knick-knacks. Then, add ornamental plants to make it look beautiful. That way, your living room design will look beautiful and artistic.

Vintage design

Vintage room interior design is one of the designs that are currently popular. Then, using exposed brick walls is an easy way to create a room with that style. The options are also not limited to bricks in real colors. You can paint a brick wall white for a light and airy impression without losing the vintage charm you expect.

In choosing between bricks with the original color or white, consider the size of the room. For a narrow room, choose white or use bricks in the original color only as accents. Then, for furniture and tables, choose a minimalist size to match your living room model. Add antique chandeliers, floor rugs, and ornamental plants to sweeten the room. That way, your living room design will feel spacious and comfortable.

Scandinavian style wall

Scandinavian style design is not a new design. This design has been popular since the Middle Ages, but it is not impossible to use modern elements as a complement. To make it look more artistic, use exposed white brick walls to blend a classic but modern impression.

In addition, the brick wall that best matches this design is exposed white brick. The Wanra will bring out a clean and minimalist feeling. Another plus is, white brick can create a broad impression in a small room because there is a bright and airy atmosphere that instantly creates. Then, even the white color is characteristic of Scandinavian design, so there is no need to doubt its appearance. To make it look more attractive, complete it with white sofas, wooden tables and chairs, dark floor rugs, antique chandeliers mounted on the ceiling, wooden shelves, and attractive wall paintings. That way, your living room design will look beautiful and charming.

Rustic style wall

Everything that smells colonial will create grandeur and a classic impression. The high ceiling design with red brick walls can be used as an icon in the living room. But this time, this exposed light brick wall took the stage. Then, to maximize the appearance of the living room, choose decorative elements and furniture that give off a classic feel.

With brick walls arranged neatly, the design looks harmonious like a traditional country house style house. To complete it, match it with wood furniture without further processing so that a natural touch can be felt. Arrange furniture appropriately to create an interesting impression in the room. With this arrangement, your living room design will look classic and unique.

Natural industrial design

Many people think that using brick walls requires courage because the character is very simple, so it will make the atmosphere of the room more stiff and cold. But you need to know that this material is one of the typical industrial styles.

However, to make the interior atmosphere of the room more homey and warm, you can try combining it with natural wood materials, such as the wooden floor above, or other room elements such as the ceiling. To make it look more attractive, complete this living room with a bright color sofa set to make it look more harmonious. Then, tables, decorative lamps, and wall paintings. With this arrangement, your living room design will look natural.

Monochrome indoor white brick look

Having a beautiful and aesthetic living room is everyone’s dream. Therefore, you must be good at designing it to make you and your family comfortable. As you can see, the brick wall in the picture above is identical to the white and reddish colors which are typical of brick materials. However, if you want to create a room interior design with a contemporary impression, there’s nothing wrong with changing the color of the walls by using paint, like on the white brick wall above.

To make the monochrome impression more pronounced, mix it with black or white furniture and decorations. Then, complete your living room with a sofa set in a color that matches the living room walls, add a table for placing drinks, unique hanging lamps, wooden shelves on the wall, floor rugs, interesting paintings, interesting knick-knacks, and antique accessories, like an old fashioned motorcycle. With this arrangement, your living room will look artistic and pleasing to the eye.

Elegant black brick wall

Industrial-style designs can also look elegant by using brick walls. One of them is by coating black wall paint color on bricks and combining it with various furniture. The combination of dark colors with wood colors will never fail to bring an elegant and classy impression to the room. This color combination is one of the hallmarks of industrial style. Moreover, added some accessories made of iron.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can complement this living room with a sofa with a color that matches the interior of the room. Add a table for placing drinks, standing decorative lamps, and antique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, the interior of your living room looks unique and artistic.

The brick wall is a statement wall

Its strong character on walls makes brick walls one of the right ways to present a statement wall in a room. Simply by applying exposed brick on one side of the wall, you can already attract attention and provide an attractive focal point to the interior of the room. To make it look harmonious, mix it with a wooden chair with a color almost the same as the exposed brick. Add a table as a complement to place drinks, wooden flower pots, and ornamental plants to create a green atmosphere. With this arrangement, your simple living room design looks more attractive.

Brick-walled family reading room

The design of this reading room looks beautiful and luxurious. With a design like this, your interest in reading will increase. Then, you will feel at home in this place. So for those of you who like to read, it looks like you need a special room to make it your reading room. Or maybe you want to combine a workspace with a mini library so it looks like a multifunctional room. In addition, you can take advantage of exposed brick walls to create trendy interiors. Then, choose a modern bookshelf that doesn’t have a back panel, so your brick wall can also serve as a backdrop for your collection of books.

To complete it, add a comfortable sofa set, colorfully patterned cushions, stacked wooden shelves attached to the wall to place reading books, and a beautiful floor rug. Then, hang some framed literature quotes at strategic points on the walls of the room. With this arrangement, your living room design will feel comfortable.

Brick wall for a modern gallery

Having a living room design that is just like that always makes us bored. Therefore, you can turn your house into a mini gallery by using brick walls as a base for various works of art. You can install abstract paintings, black-and-white art photography, and colorful modern art on your brick walls. Then, mix it with a small chandelier or wall with soft light.

To make the gallery-like impression even stronger, you can use a bit of furniture, such as a single wooden guest chair with a foam cover, patterned sofa cushions, floor rugs, wooden tables, interesting knick-knacks, and antique wooden accessories. Don’t forget to use minimalist-style core furniture for the living room. So that the works of art on the walls are unrivaled. With this arrangement, the atmosphere of your gallery room will look pleasant.

Exposed brick design with an artsy touch

The exposed brick texture in the living room interior always steals the show. Exposed brick walls that are always identified with industrial style almost always give a distinct impression. The unique material and texture give off a warm impression and an artsy touch to the room.

By arranging the bricks in such a way, you can get a unique and attractive exposed brick wall. As a decoration element, the bricks used should preferably be exposed bricks. This type of brick has a neater texture with very good quality. In addition, it is also believed that using exposed brick as a wall can save you a budget, making it more economical. Its application is also relatively fast with a fairly easy level of maintenance.

Using exposed brick walls is an appropriate, economical, and fast decoration choice. To make it look more attractive, you can complement this living room with a sofa set, colorful sofa cushions, a wooden table for placing drinks, and a wooden table in green. With this arrangement, your living room design looks more attractive.

4. Conclusion

Those are some views of the living room with an exposed brick design that we can use as a reference. If you are interested in making it you can follow our review above. However, if this design is not to your taste, order from a home decor company that can design a living room with exposed brick. Hopefully, this design can make the interior of your home design look aesthetically pleasing and attractive. Then, make your family happy. Happy decorating!


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