1. Overview of wooden houses

Currently, the use of wood materials in home interior design is very popular. Moreover, the interior of a wooden house can give the impression of being warm and comfortable in the house. Not to mention, these natural materials have their own charm that makes the house look beautiful and aesthetic. So it’s not surprising that many people dream of a house with mini-style material as their dream residence.

As long as you choose the right quality materials, your home will not only look beautiful but also last a long time. In addition, there are many other advantages that you can get by using wood as the interior of your home. The design choices are quite diverse. For that, let’s look at the ideas and designs of attractive wooden houses.

2. Idea and design

Today, various home ideas and designs are increasingly diverse and have more attractive interiors. One of them is the interior design of a wooden house. Wooden houses, which are usually a model for residential areas in rural areas, are now in great demand by people in urban areas.

Besides having a beautiful design, wooden houses also have a more economical construction cost. Even today, there are more and more wooden houses on the market, and are loved because they have a natural impression but are still beautiful and special. If you are interested in building a wooden house, it is better to think carefully about the design of the wooden house’s interior. In this review, we will review wooden house inspiration that you can emulate as below.

3. The reasons for choosing the wooden interior 

Many people choose the interior of a wooden house because of its beautiful and aesthetic model. Then the design looks sturdy and pleasing to the eye. The design of wood will be more economical compared to other materials and the shape is easy to make a profile. For this reason, we provide a review of several reasons for choosing a wooden interior below.

High aesthetic value

Even though it seems plain, the use of wood as a building material or interior design has its own characteristics. Moreover, each wood has a different style, color, and design. When put together into a wooden house, the house will look beautiful, and unique, and has high aesthetics.

Sturdy and strong

Wood is also known as a natural material that is sturdy and strong. What’s more, you choose the best quality, so its durability will be even longer and it will be no less than concrete materials such as concrete. In fact, houses made of wood do not require much maintenance and do not need to be repaired too often. It is not surprising that some homes choose high-quality logs to support their homes. Not a few also make wood materials as walls and floors of the house.

Environmentally friendly

It’s no secret that homes with natural materials are clearly more environmentally friendly. Wood materials tend not to leave a lot of construction waste that is difficult to decompose. In addition, the wooden structure can basically help absorb carbon dioxide in the environment around the wooden house.

More economical

As we know, wood prices tend to be more expensive, especially if you choose the best quality wood. Even so, the total cost that must be spent to build a wooden house is arguably the same or even less than a house using concrete materials.

The reason is that making a house made of stone or concrete takes a long time, from planning, construction, and arrangement, to painting. Therefore, the operational costs for the daily price of laborers and the purchase of other materials are also quite significant and could swell from the initial budget. It’s different from wooden houses which tend to be easier and faster to assemble.

4. The inspiration that you can emulate

In this review, we will explain the use of wood materials in the interior design of a house that can create warmth and comfort. The beauty of this natural material is the main attraction. Moreover, the interior design of the house that uses this material is termite-resistant. If you choose the right material, the durability of the material will be very much maintained when you use it as an interior element and the foundation of the house. If you are interested in having a wooden interior design, let’s look at some wooden house interior inspirations that you can emulate below. Welcome to our review!

Modern wooden house design

The design of a wooden house is not always synonymous with concrete walls. There are many other alternatives that are no less attractive for your dream home, one of which is a modern wooden design. Wooden house materials are of good quality if built with the proper planning using quality materials.

If you are currently planning to build a wooden design model, the design above can be the right reference to make it happen. Then, before you determine the design of a wooden house as needed, it’s a good idea to consider the following characteristics, design models, and tips on caring for it.

Combination of Wood and White Interior

Modern and classic nuances will be present in a wooden house whose interior is dominated by white. Apart from giving a modern impression, the combination of wood and white interiors also makes the house seem more spacious. Home designs with this unique style will not seem out of date because they always look attractive and elegant.

There are glass windows and chandeliers

The existence of glass elements on the windows and a unique chandelier on the ceiling will also make a wooden house seem more artistic. You can design large windows or room dividers made of glass as a variation on the interior of a wooden house. Besides that, the addition of a chandelier as an interior decoration for the living room also makes the house look luxurious and magnificent.

Japanese Style Design

This wooden house trend is also suitable to be combined with Japanese-style interiors. A minimalist and warm Japanese interior will enhance the natural impression of the interior of the living room of a wooden house. So for those of you who like a minimalist lifestyle, you will definitely feel at home if you have a Japanese-style wooden house.

Natural stone design

As we know, natural stone can be the right design to perfect a wooden house with a modern style. The use of natural stone as an accent will give a cool and natural impression. Therefore, choose a unique natural stone motif so that the feel of your home seems more exclusive than other wooden houses.

Minimalist living room interior

Recently, houses with wooden designs are very popular with people. This is because the use of wood material as a home interior can make the interior design of the house look beautiful and charming. Moreover, the interior of a wooden house can give a warm and comfortable impression inside the house. Apart from that, these natural materials have their own charm which makes the house look beautiful and aesthetic. It is not surprising that many people dream of a house with miniature materials as their dream residence.

As long as you choose the right quality materials, the house will not only look beautiful but also be able to last for a long time. In addition, there are many other advantages that you can get by using wood as the interior of your home. But you have to plan the design properly so that the results are satisfying and according to your wishes.

Luxurious living room

A house with wooden accents is indeed interesting to look at. The warmth of a wooden house can make you feel comfortable and like a vacation at home. Moreover, combined with a minimalist concept that makes the house look simple but elegant.
A minimalist wooden house is not only stylish with wooden accents like an ordinary wooden house so that you look more relaxed, but you can also add a long sofa, a glass table to place drinks, patterned sofa cushions, and ornamental plants that are beneficial for your health. That way, your living room design will look elegant and luxurious.

Modern minimalist living room design

The design of a wooden house is a model of a house that has become a common sight when we are traveling to the countryside. But now the trend of wooden houses is becoming an option in building houses in cities. Wood materials are increasingly loved lately because of the natural impression one gets when visiting a house with wood materials.

In several countries such as the United States, Canada, and Finland, wooden houses are very popular houses. Some of the designs have even been adapted to contemporary style, so even wooden houses that are not too big in size still look beautiful and not boring. Therefore, role of decoration is needed so that the interior of the house looks elegant. To make it look more attractive, you need to add sofa sets, wooden tables, sheep wool floor rugs, decorative lights, wall paintings, and beautiful ceilings. With decorations like this, your living room looks beautiful and elegant.

Open living room design

Having a beautiful minimalist home design is everyone’s dream. So to make your minimalist home look more attractive, you can install large windows to make your home more open. In addition to good air circulation, sunlight can illuminate the entire room, thereby saving electricity consumption. You can also provide a relaxing space in a minimalist home open space. A beautiful atmosphere and place can support the view of your home.

A minimalist house with an open space concept is very suitable in current pandemic conditions. Moreover, occupancy with an open space concept has good air ventilation. If you are looking for housing, it’s better to look for a house with an open-space concept. To make you feel more relaxed, complete the room with a sofa set, table, patterned sofa cushions, and patio chairs. That way, your living room design looks aesthetic.

Villa-style wooden house terrace

If you like to travel, you can stay in a villa where the air feels fresher. In addition, villa-style housing is always attractive when applied to your dream home. Not only comfortable but you will also feel the holiday atmosphere and warmth in your own home. If you combine this residence with a wooden house, the villa-style concept will be perfect for you. With a design like the one above, you can relax and gather with your family to fill your vacation.

Beautiful and artistic design

There are many interior designs for wooden houses. One of them is a beautiful and artistic room design. So for those of you who want to have a room with a wooden feel, you can imitate the picture above. The room above is suitable for those of you who want to have a room with a wooden feel. With this design, you will feel comfortable and calm. Then, you sleep more soundly.

To make it look more attractive. adjust the furniture with the model and area of ​​the room. Then, the design ensures that you get a room with a minimalist and rustic wooden feel. Apart from that, you can also add a transparent sliding door so that the room gets enough sunlight. Decorate your minimalist bed neatly and beautifully. Add a bedside lamp and a corner table to make it look beautiful and artistic.

Aesthetic bedroom interior

The one wooden house room design looks very aesthetically pleasing. Arrangement of furniture, such as beds made with multifunction. Then decorated with decorative lights that are placed on the corner table to the left and right of the bed. The design of an antique chandelier on the wall adds to the warmer atmosphere. Moreover, coupled with a chandelier on the edge of the room. The more it makes the interior of the bedroom more rustic. So the presence of string lights in the bedroom can add to the aesthetic value of the room. With a design like this, the atmosphere of your bedroom will be warmer and homier.

Use teak

Currently, many people choose the wrong type of wood in the application of interior design, considering that there are many types of wood materials, both solid wood and processed wood, which cannot be used in areas that are susceptible to water, weather, or chemical substances.

Therefore, the application of the design must also be in accordance with the character of the wood material used. Do not let you place furniture with wood materials that rot easily in areas that are prone to water. For durability and water resistance, you should use teak wood. That way you won’t worry if your furniture is exposed to water. In addition, your furniture looks magnificent and attracts the attention of those who see it.

Mirror for a broad impression

Decorative objects that can emphasize your character do not always depend on the choice of furniture and colors on the walls. Mirrors can also be used as a focal points. The minimalist mirror design, besides being able to beautify, can also be a focal point that makes the room look spacious.

When choosing a mirror as a room decoration, you must consider the harmony factor with the objects around it. Color selection is the key to the arrangement of your wooden house. Mirror frames in natural colors such as black, brown, or silver are a safe choice for almost any interior design. To make it look more harmonious, choose the mirror frame design in black. Then, the floor with a wood motif. That way, the interior of your kitchen will look luxurious.

Luxurious kitchen

A large room in a wooden house usually requires lots of lights to make it look beautiful. In some cases, a standard lamp may be a good solution. However, if you want to achieve a more beautiful room glow, consider using pendant lights neatly around the room.

The chandelier in the picture above is also very prominent and catches the eye with its distinctive carvings and elegant motifs. Then, it is suitable for those of you who want a natural wooden house with a modern accent. To look cool, design furniture with solid wood, such as dining tables, chairs, island tables, kitchen sets, and cupboards for the kitchen. To make it look elegant, design a floor with a wood motif in a color that matches the furniture. With this arrangement, your kitchen design will feel comfortable and pleasant.

Rustic design

For your kitchen to look artistic and unique, you can use wooden walls to create a rustic atmosphere. In addition, you can also choose a black kitchen cabinet for a more elegant impression. Then, don’t forget to coat the cabinet wood to make it resistant to water.

For a unique and attractive appearance, choose a combination of wood colors with matching colors, such as green and black. Add a small floor rug so it doesn’t look monotonous. Do not place too much wood furniture against the wall. Use sober like a wooden shelf to put kitchen utensils. In this way, your kitchen looks simple but beautiful.

Attractive wall decoration

As the final design, we provide an attractive wall decoration reference. You will be happy if you see a beautiful wall decoration in your house and become the center of attention of your guests. Therefore, to make it happen, provide decoration on your walls so they don’t look empty. For that, you can add wall paintings or knick-knacks such as diffuser candles or your favorite displays.

Apart from decorating items in the form of paintings, using a gallery wall is an ideal way to show the personality of the occupants of the house. In addition, a gallery wall will give a modern touch to the living room, especially if you choose to use frames, such as making a photo frame collage at home. Then, add a wooden model sofa, wooden table, and wall shelves. With an arrangement like this, your guests will smile with pleasure at your design. Then, you are also considered a creative person in creating unique and artistic designs.

5. Conclusion

Those are some wooden house interior inspirations that you can emulate. To make it, you can decorate the house with wood as in the article above. But if you want to be different, you can order the interior design at home decor. So, the results are satisfying and according to your taste. Hopefully, our review above can make your wooden house interior design look aesthetically pleasing, attractive, beautiful, and comfortable. Then, make you and your family more cheerful. Happy decorating!


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