1. Overview Beach house design

The beach house design looks more beautiful if you are good at decorating it. The sea is a place of endless entertainment. Wherever you go if you meet land, you will definitely find a beach. Therefore, the term beach children is often dedicated to those who like to explore various beaches. Apparently, this habit of exploring the beach reflects a person’s personality.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Research in Personality, the beach is synonymous with people who have extroverted traits. In general, studies describe extroverts as people who tend to be social. This is in line with the choice of places that are recreational in nature and seen by many people, one of which is the beach.

Then, for those of you who are beach kids, it feels like this hobby is not complete if you devote it to traveling alone. The house as a place to live also needs to be given an element of the beach so that your passion is even more attached. Here we review how to decorate a beach-themed house.

2. Attractive idea and design

So far, many people design ordinary beach houses, but to create the characteristics of a beach house, you need interesting ideas and designs. So that the results are in accordance with the criteria for a beach house. Maybe you are familiar with various types of home interior styles such as minimalist, Japanese, industrial, or shabby chic styles.

Among these styles, there is one style that you can consider applying at home, namely the style of coastal which is synonymous with a beach atmosphere. So, you can bring an outdoor atmosphere into your home with this style. Therefore, we want to share ideas for reviewing the coastal force. For that, let’s look at our review below. Welcome to our review!

Beautiful living room

In the interior of the living room, the dominance of natural elements is the main point that needs to be designed as much as possible. And this method can be created through characteristic furnishings. Starting from hemp rugs, and tables made of wood, to rattan chairs.

Coastal style does not only have to be with the application of sea blue wall paint. Plain white throughout the room seems to be able to make the coastal atmosphere feel warm. To make the vibe even more real, you can present sea blue nuances with sofa cushions that have a floral pattern. In order to appear more complete, add a table to place flower decorations and drinks. Don’t forget to put attractive knick-knacks. So it doesn’t look monotonous. With this arrangement, your living room design looks aesthetic.

Coastal-style family room

In short, the coastal style is an interior style inspired by views of the beach and sea. This beach and sea element is realized through the use of sea and beach colors, natural lighting, and natural materials. In addition, this style also can be raised through the use of items and motifs related to the beach and sea. So, the beachy impression of the room is increasingly felt. to appear more attractive you can complete the family room such as:

Marine color palette. This design it is inspired by views of the beach and sea, of course, you need to use sea and beach colors such as blue, green, and light brown. Then, you can use white or beige as a base color, blue or green as a secondary color, and warm colors like yellow or orange as accents.

Natural texture. In order to feel more natural at home, you can use items with natural textures. For example, you can use wood furniture, cotton and linen fabrics, and rattan and jute decorations.

Simple and neat impression. To give a relaxed impression like a beach vacation, you need to make sure your home interior looks calm and tidy. Also, use clean-looking colors, and sheer curtains to let in natural light. Then, tidy up the scattered items.

Natural elements. To strengthen the impression of the beach and sea, you can use decorations related to these two things, such as using seashells, imitation starfish, coral, and even beach sand that is put in a bottle.

Typical sea and beach motifs. Next, you can add sea and beach motifs to the room decorations and knick-knacks, such as using fish-patterned blankets, pillows with seahorses on them, or hanging beach and sea paintings on the walls.

With this arrangement, the interior design of your living room will look very attractive and aesthetic. Then, you and your family will be more comfortable and feel at home on vacation at the beach.

Stunning beach house terrace

Bali is known as the island of the gods and has a variety of charming recreational spots, including refreshing offshore beaches. Therefore, this island is famous throughout the world and is a tourist center for the world’s population. Beaches with white sand and beautiful mountain views make many people curious to come to this island. In this place, we find many beautiful and comfortable beach house designs.

However, a house without a beautiful terrace is incomplete. As you can see in the picture above, the comfortable terrace design with beautiful furniture, swimming pool, and beach chairs make the residents look very attractive. With the facilities in various areas of this house, your vacation is sure to be very enjoyable with your family. Good luck!

Simple kitchen

Setting up a beach house for you just for a vacation doesn’t need to be too fancy. The most important thing is the arrangement of colors and the room must be neat. As you can see, the kitchen corner design in the picture above evokes the breezy beach and tropical sea. Meanwhile, the wallpaper with soft colors and figures seems to be the sky. Then, place furniture made of wood to make it look complete.

Furthermore, as a barrier between rooms, the use of beach-style curtains with matching colors can add excitement to the home interior. For inspiration, you can add some sea attributes like seashells to the curtains. That way, your simple kitchen design feels comfortable.

Simple dining room

Then we move on to the dining room. As you can see the window openings are more prominent to provide a warm temperature that seems to carry the scent of the beach. Then, don’t forget, give a touch of sea blue on the window frames and flower vases. Then, put the beach sand grains into a large glass to liven up the atmosphere. To make it look more attractive, complete the dining room with rattan chairs and a round table. Add a sideboard for storing food and wall hangings. That way, your dining room design will look

Outdoor dining area

As we know that an outdoor dining room design can make the gathering atmosphere warmer. This is because the outdoor-style dining room is open and more relaxed. However, there are also many homeowners who actually use the space on the terrace of the house and also the garden to be used as an open-air dining room.

As you can see in the picture above, an outdoor beach dining room is indeed a lot of fun for a beach house. Especially if it is designed in detail, this dining room will look beautiful and natural so that the atmosphere of family gatherings during the holidays feels even more intimate. Therefore. You must have an outdoor beach dining room design even if you have limited land. By having an outdoor beach dining area, the dining atmosphere will increase. Then, your family will look more cheerful. Happy decorating!

Comfortable bed

As you can see, the bedroom design above looks simple but feels comfortable. This bedroom equipment does not use luxury furniture. All furniture uses a simple model but the arrangement looks neat and precise. Therefore, you can imitate the style of the room like this. In general, this bedroom like this has equipped with a bed cover, a night lamp with a shade of beach sand, a makeup mirror for preening, and a wardrobe for storing accessories, hats, and beach dresses that can be hung as room attributes. With this arrangement, the appearance of your bedroom will look complete and comfortable.

Shell and pillow design with the coconut tree image

The room is a private space for you and your child. Sometimes children don’t want to be disturbed when they are playing. Therefore, to bring a beach feel into your bedroom, you can use wall hangings made of shells. Then mix it up by placing decorative pillows with pictures of coconut trees or other pictures that reflect the beach. Use pastel blue for your bed sheet, so that the bedroom looks more comfortable and calm.

Then, around the bedside table, you can add decorations in the form of bottles of beach sand. To strengthen the feel of the beach in the bedroom. So that the atmosphere does not feel hot during the day, this room is installed with a ceiling fan. With this arrangement, your bedroom design will look aesthetic.

Simple bathroom

In the last review, we explained a simple bathroom. As you can see, the touch of the beach can be felt through the dry grass that covers the sink pipe. Then model a towel that has a blue-and-white stripe pattern to strengthen the nautical element (oceanic style). With a tassel decoration that is displayed in the bathroom, it makes the bathroom interior look unique. Then, to make it look more attractive, this bathroom is equipped with decorative wall lights and rattan towel racks. With this arrangement, this simple bathroom looks simple and comfortable.

3. Conclusion

Those are some of the interior appearances of beach houses that we can recommend. We hope this review can be an inspiration for you and your family. then, make your beach house interior design look aesthetic, attractive, comfortable, and fun. However, if our review is not to your taste, you can see our other reviews in this article, or order your beach house design from a home decor company. Happy decorating!


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