Overview of a beautiful fence

In building a beautiful house design, the fence is a fairly important component. Even though at this time, most houses, especially minimalist-style houses, do not have fences, that does not mean that the placement of fences is considered out of date. If in the past, the material for making house fences was limited to wooden fences, today many fences are made with different raw materials, such as fences made of iron, stone, cement, and even marble.

In addition to the different types of manufacturing materials, fence designs are also increasingly diverse. This is due to the development of more and more house designs so the design of the fence is adjusted to the area of ​​the house. For those of you who are building a house and want to add a fence as a complementary component to your home, we review some beautiful and sturdy fence ideas and designs that you can emulate.

Beautiful fence ideas and designs

Beautifying the appearance of your home can be done in many ways. One of them is by adding gates and fences. With an attractive and stunning design, you can make the exterior of the house look luxurious and elegant.

The choice of the form of the fence is not only a beautiful design but also provides maximum protection for the occupants. In this article, we review some modern fence design inspirations that will make your home even more stunning. Hopefully according to your taste. Welcome to our review!

The iron fence that is difficult to climb

The fence design above looks simple and very common. This design of the fence is only made of high iron poles with pointed ends. However, a fence design like this will be safer because the model is tall and has sharp edges. So it is not easy for people to climb. Then, to make it look more attractive and sturdy, you should design it in black. That way, the exterior of your house design will look magnificent and attractive.

Soaring wall fence design

Fences made of towering walls will provide extra protection. Especially when the top is fitted with wire and other objects that can withstand crime. To look beautiful, you can combine it with natural stone and a wooden gate. Then, add black iron decorations to make it look cuter. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, you can add a flower pot to the front of the fence. With this arrangement, the exterior of your house will be pleasing to the eye.

High picket fence

Wooden fences also can be installed to provide good protection. As you see in the picture above. With a combination of brick and wood walls, the fence will provide extra protection for homeowners. Then, the most ideal materials to use for a fence design like this are iron, steel, and walls. The use of organic materials such as bamboo and wood can be done, but both must be really strong and not easily damaged.

Although this fence is designed with the main goal is to protection it does not mean the fence can not look beautiful. With the right design and beautiful paint colors, the façade of the house can still maintain its beauty and not seem scary.

Beautiful fence design

Not all areas are that are prone to crime. In rural areas, housing, and others, the level of regional security is generally very good. Thus, the fence that is installed can be chosen to highlight its aesthetic aspects. There are so many types of fences like this. Fences that are designed by prioritizing compatibility with the aesthetics of the façade make the exterior of the house look beautiful and magnificent. The combination of iron, wood, and concrete looks very harmonious. To not look monotonous, this fence is decorated with ornamental plants and bright motif ceramic floors. That way, the exterior design of the house will look more attractive.

Simple wooden fence

Not everyone likes high and expensive fence designs. For those who have a limited budget, you can make a simple fence design. However, maybe it’s because of the simplicity that many people crave, like the fence design in the picture above. This spacious house is surrounded by a white wooden fence. For those of you who like to travel out of town, you will always see a fence like this. Therefore, for those of you who have a limited budget, do not confuse because you can make this fence image inspiration for the exterior of your home.

Fence design for vines

This one fence design looks beautiful with flower plants. As you know, fences can also be used for plant propagation. So if you are a gardener, consider installing a fence like this. Besides being used as a vine, a fence like this can also be used to hang beautiful orchid pots. To make it look more attractive, design a fence with a model like this. As for the color, you should give it white so it looks bright. With this arrangement, the exterior of your house will look beautiful.

Beautiful natural stone fence

Besides natural stone can be used for the walls of the house, natural stone also can make beautify your home page. If you have a house with a contemporary, classic, and the like, just choose a natural stone fence like this for your fence design.

As you can see, a fence like this doesn’t have to be tall. The top doesn’t need to be wired, and it doesn’t even need to be hard to climb. Fences can even be made with short pieces of wood very simply. To beautify the fence, we can add some beautiful flowering plants, and a pond around it, to plant green grass. However, because it is placed in an outdoor location, a fence like this is vulnerable to looking ugly. But you still care for it because weathering, sticking dirt, and so on can make the fence ugly.

Unique bamboo fence

For those of you who like themes from the land of Sakura, we highly recommend this type of fence. With a combination of bamboo connected to wood, then a garden shelf for bonsai, the results must be very attractive. By making a design like this, everyone who sees it will be interested. To make it look more beautiful, you can combine it with wooden shelves and ornamental plants in pots. Then, give it an interesting color like, blue, or red. That way, the exterior of your house will look aesthetic and fun.

Artistic bamboo fence

If previously the fence was connected to a stone fence, of course, it doesn’t matter if the fence is combined with wood as a support. In addition, just make sure the color of the wood and the color of the bamboo match each other so that the combination looks more attractive. Make the height and pieces of bamboo the same size so they look harmonious. Then, to make it look beautiful, mix it with a colorful flower garden. With this arrangement, the exterior design of your home will look more attractive.

Luxuriously wrought iron fence

You will always see this one fence model. This fence design is usually installed in modern minimalist luxury homes. This design is very typically used by large houses with large areas. This design uses a luxurious threaded iron fence combined with dark wrought iron.

With threaded iron material arranged horizontally complete with ornamental arches, this luxurious fence looks sturdy but still flexible and sweet. Supported by the use of natural stone on both sides, this luxurious fence blends with the main building. Then, behind it using the same material as one of the elements. With this design, the exterior of your house will look luxurious.

Gray iron fence

Luxurious houses are synonymous with rather tight and high fences. For that, you can copy the fence of a modern minimalist luxury house like the picture above. As you know, iron is one of the most widely used materials for luxury homes, In addition resistant to heat and rain, iron can also be painted in any color you want. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can paint this iron fence gray. Then, mix it with white walls. That way, the exterior of your house will look beautiful.

Classic fence design

Classic fence design does not mean outdated. In fact, many fence designs like this picture are made in luxury homes. Until now, we have encountered many classic-style luxury houses designed with fences like this. With this fence, the design of the house which is synonymous with this aristocratic style stands majestically and firmly.

As you can see, the towering main pillars and distinctive ornaments on the roof give off a distinct scent of luxury. This luxurious classic railing has made of wrought iron with a beautiful ornament with a pattern similar to the luxury balcony railing. Then, on both sides added to the beauty and splendor of this residence. Therefore, a fence like this is more appropriate to be installed in luxury homes.

Luxury house fence with gate

The fences of luxury homes are not all plain. As you can see the fence of this luxury house. This gate has been designed like a temple in Bali. Almost all of the stone sides are carved to make it look artistic. At first glance, the fence of this modern house does look normal, but the door looks like a rhombus which makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Another thing that makes the fence of this luxury house even more amazing is the gate. The material for the gate on the fence of this luxury house is made using carved concrete. The design is like a box with a perforated pattern on the left, right, and top. With this arrangement, the appearance of the exterior design of this house looks more luxurious.

Wooden and iron fence

This modern minimalist luxury fence design is suitable for those of you who are concerned with the aesthetics of the facade of the house. This fence design looks simple but looks aesthetic. The combination of wood and iron makes the appearance of the fence look beautiful and enchanting. If you have a minimalist home model, this fence is still suitable to be installed in your home. To make it look more natural, this fence is combined with natural stone. So that the design looks magnificent. This combination of materials is harmonious combination because they both have a dark color that is dramatic and rich.

The artist’s fence

The next modern minimalist luxury fence design is known as the fence artist. How not, you can see the luxury on the fence is often seen in the homes of Indonesian celebrities. This fence has made of steel that soars high with a distinctive decoration in the form of stalks and flowers made of iron.

The artist’s fence is usually built with a concrete or cement edge that is sturdy to withstand the weight of the iron. For colors, you can choose a palette that matches the exterior design of the house. If you want a more modern look, choose neutral colors like black, dark brown, or white. However, if you want a glamorous exterior, you can add gold or silver to the fence. That way, your home’s exterior design will look luxurious and aesthetic.

Luxury house fence with lion decoration

The lion head decoration symbolizes strength and power. Therefore, this modern minimalist luxury fence model is complemented by a lion’s head decoration. The basic color of the fence of this luxury house is black, while the lion’s head decoration and other accents use a luxurious gold color. To make the composition of this luxury house fence design balanced and not excessive, you only need to use two lion head decorations on the right and the fence. With a design like this, your fence design will look majestic and aesthetic. Don’t forget, to choose a 3D shape for a more prominent and lively impression.

Contemporary-style house fence

If you have a large yard, you can make a luxury fence that looks unique without additional decorations. Therefore, this fence design is suitable for your home. The appearance of this luxury house fence is contemporary in style and the material uses iron boards.

The uniqueness of this luxury house fence lies in the abstract perforated pattern, where this aesthetically pleasing hole is created with a laser-cutting technique. If you don’t want other people peeking into the house, make an iron plate, but don’t forget, also add lights to design the fence model according to the area of ​​your house. That way, the exterior of your house will look cooler.


Those are some fence designs that we can recommend. We hope this design suits your taste. Then, it can make the exterior of your home look aesthetic, beautiful, attractive, and elegant. But if our review doesn’t suit your taste, you can see our previous article, or you can order a fence design from a home decor company. That way, the result is according to your taste. Hopefully, our review above is useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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