Overview of wooden house

Along with the development of the era, many building developers began to look for house designs in different models and styles. Especially, for those who live in mountainous areas and villages. The wooden house is one of the houses that we always see and the choice of many people. This is because of the weather and natural factors that support it. Therefore, many house buildings take inspiration from wood.

Wood is a durable and versatile construction material. Therefore, many people prefer to build a house using wood rather than concrete because the workmanship of wooden houses is faster than concrete houses. For this reason, we provide some unique and aesthetically pleasing minimalist wooden home inspirations.

For those of you who want to make a house with a minimalist design but still look elegant and modern, then there is no harm in trying a wooden house design. We know that wooden buildings are one of the materials that are always used to build comfortable dwellings. The brown color brings the impression of nature, warmth, and serenity. For that, let’s look at the wooden house design references below.

Wooden house ideas inspiration

Wooden houses are not only synonymous with natural and warm nuances. A simple beautiful wooden house can also give the impression of luxury and expensiveness. In addition, wooden houses can also create a beautiful. So they are suitable for adoption in homes in tropical climates such as Indonesia.

Therefore, we want to share beautiful simple wooden house design inspirations that you can imitate. So, for those of you who are planning to build a wooden house, make sure to follow this article so that the results are to your liking. Below we provide references for beautiful and aesthetic wooden houses.

Wooden house design reference

Wood material, in addition to absorbing air so that the temperature inside remains stable, wooden houses are also referred to as environmentally friendly houses and have a more artistic appearance. Therefore, for those of you who are suitable for wooden houses for family housing, we provide some references below. Therefore, let’s look at some examples of wooden houses below it. Welcome to our review!

Cabin house design

The open air always makes everyone yearn to enjoy it. The swish of the wind, sunny weather, and cool make us complacent. Then, for those of you who miss the natural atmosphere, you can imitate the house model above. The cabin house model above reminds us of the houses in the mountains. But to build like it, you need sufficient land area. So the results are perfect and pleasant.

In addition, you can also add string lights as decorations and also a source of lighting. String lights can also add a warm atmosphere to a home. Then, for a more modern home, you can add a Jacuzzi like a picture above. In this place, you can soak while enjoying the beautiful scenery while talking with your family. Wow, it looks so beautiful. Hopefully, this home design can be an inspiration for you.

Elegant wooden house design

The appearance of a magnificent house can make you feel confident. Therefore, you can paint the appearance of your front house black. The black color gives the impression of a wooden house being elegant and luxurious. Then to make it look more attractive, add a terrace in front of the house so you can chat with guests in a relaxed atmosphere.

Then, to look perfect, match the color of the furniture with the color of your home, namely black, so the house’s appearance is more stunning for everyone who looks at it. But to make a house design like this, it is suitable outside the city because you can get a fresh natural atmosphere and spacious land. Make this house a place for you to rest while releasing your stress. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for those of you who like the outdoors.

Wooden house design with large glass windows

The glass design in a house can make the house look luxurious. Then, the glass material can design in light and dark. Then, to make the wooden house design look more attractive, you can install large glass windows. In addition, good air circulation and sunlight can illuminate the entire room. So it saves electricity consumption. Then, you too can enjoy the scenery freely.

So if you want to make a reading room at home, you can design the windows of your house like the picture above. In addition, a beautiful atmosphere and place can support your reading experience. Then increase your enthusiasm to complete your tasks. Do not forget to give him curtains, so that the interior of your house is not visible at night. Hopefully, this beautiful design can add to your home design inspiration. Happy decorating!

Simple wooden house

Having a simple wooden house, don’t be afraid if it’s not beautiful. You can decorate a wooden house with beautiful accessories, ornamental plant pots around the house, flower pots hanging next to the house, and white coral decorations in the house area. Therefore, if you are interested in a simple house model like this picture, you can imitate the house model above.

Although the design is simple, however, the design is reminiscent of the design of a country house abroad. The red and white colors also make the atmosphere of the house cheerful and playful. To make it look wider, you can add a terrace in front of the house to relax and chat with family and friends.

Unique wooden house design

The wooden house design above looks beautiful and unique. This design is similar to a goods container with an elongated model. Therefore. if you are bored with a box-shaped house, you can imitate it like the picture above. In addition, you can design a it with a shape like a ship’s container which usually contains factory goods. To make it look more attractive, you can add flower pots on the stairs in front of the house, patio chairs, and wall lamps. With a design like this, your home will look beautiful and elegant. Hopefully, this house design can be an inspiration for you.

Luxury wooden house design

We know that wood is not only used for small houses. Many large houses use wood materials as their home models like the picture above. Then, wood material can actually increase the house’s appearance to be artistic, to be warm, and homey.

Then, to make everyone who sees it happy, you can decorate the wooden house area with long garden benches, coffee chairs, a beautiful terrace, and decorative lights in the house area. However, don’t forget the ornamental plants that are green and cool in your home area. With a home design like the one above, you will be confident to welcome your guests. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Minimalist house design

To make your home look fresher and not boring, you can paint the wooden house in other colors such as white and black. This method can make your house stand out compared to other wooden houses. Then, decorate with yellow lights to illuminate the wood. That way, the appearance of your minimalist wooden house becomes luxurious and aesthetic.

To look more attractive, make a fence on the edge of the house to make it more secure. Then create a back porch for you to relax and a place to dry clothes. This house design is perfect for those of you who live outside the city for your resting place. Hopefully, this design can add to your home design inspiration.

Rustic house design

The design of this house looks artistic and unique. You can use the rustic-style house design above for your inspiration. Even though it has a rustic style, the house still has an attractive and natural appearance. Then pleasing to the eye.

Then, to make the appearance more unique, you can design the house terrace with wood, then put wooden benches and tables. While beside the house you can make a living room and dining room. With this design, the appearance of your unique home will amaze many people. Well, for those of you who have a house in the countryside and outside the city as a resting place, this design can be an inspiration for you.

House with wood and stone elements

A home design combining wood and stone will add a rustic element to the home decor. The cold effect of stone and the warmth of wood can make comfortable in the house and make the house look more beautiful. Then, to look beautiful, you can design the corner of the house with glass. Then, make a balcony in front of the house and wooden stairs to go up to the house.

However, to look more majestic, you can design the bottom of the house with natural stone so that it has more resistance. In addition, plant ornamental plants and make the terrace design of the house with a lamp to make it look cool. With this design, your home will look aesthetic and luxurious. Hopefully, this inspiration can be an example for your country house.

Modern minimalist house

The modern minimalist home design ensures that the room in it gets fantastic lighting. Then, large windows with beautiful glass will let fresh air and sunlight enter throughout the day. In addition, windows are also a very good and aesthetic form of decoration.

To make it look more attractive, you can add plants in front and beside the house to give it a more beautiful and cool appearance. In addition, design the model of windows and doors according to the model of the house. That way, your home will look more harmonious. Well, hopefully, this design can be your inspiration.

House design with rounded corners

Home designs are always made unique and artistic in order to invite people’s views. If you are used to a rectangular box-shaped house like the picture above, you can try to imitate the design above. The shape of the house with rounded corners makes the house seem modern and futuristic.

To look cool, design a window with glass. So that sunlight can easily enter. Then, you can also buy simple furniture and hanging decorative lights to complete your minimalist home. That way, you will feel at home in it. We hope this unique house design can be an inspiration for your home outside the city.

Beautiful little house design

Although this house design has a size that is not too large, you can use the design as inspiration for your future home. In addition, to be designed with wood that has been processed with a glossy finish, this house includes black and white colors on the front view. With this design, the appearance of your home becomes minimalist and elegant. Then, the two color combinations form a harmonious look.

Then, so the home design area looks aesthetic and fun, you can design with coral stone, cast cement castings, arrange the stairs well, and plant some ornamental plants in the front and beside of the house. Then, put a wooden bench and table for you to relax. That way, the appearance of your home will look aesthetic and fun. This house is very suitable to be made outside the city as your resting place with your family. We hope this house design can inspire your tiny house design.

Attractive wooden house

The wooden house is not only a residence, but the yard can be used as a place for children to play, family gatherings, and a relaxing area. Therefore, the chosen design must provide space for you and your family.

As far as we know, the wooden house is designed like a minimalist plank house and has been combined with exposed bricks. This wooden house can use simple wood materials with lightweight roofing materials such as asbestos or zinc. Therefore, you must be able to adjust the roof to the model of the house to make it look magnificent. Then, to feel fresher, you can plant ornamental plants, flower plants, and green grass. That way, the exterior of the house will make your family happy.

Simple classic minimalist design

If you like classic house designs, then the following wooden house designs can be your dream home reference. The plan of the wooden house above depicts a wooden house with an area of ​​about 120 square meters with a not-too-complicated partition.

The house above also offers an elegant classic style with natural white wood, matching the interior design. This wooden house has equipped with a garden behind the house decorated with various plants and equipped with lighting so that it gives a warm impression when night comes.

This wooden house can be used as a gathering place with extended family or closest relatives. Then, the white nuance in the design of this wooden house gives the impression of a warm classic minimalist house. To appear with a green atmosphere, you can place pots of ornamental plants and flower plants in your home area. One thing, this model house is perfect for those of you who live in mountainous or forest areas. Well, hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Wooden house with open terrace

If you want to enjoy the outdoors and relax on the terrace on a narrow plot of land. You must design an open space in front of the house with wood-based materials from this Custom Container Living. This wooden house design will feature a container-style design with a small space model as a terrace.

So the atmosphere on the terrace feels more complete, you can equip with chairs and tables, lounge chairs, and a children’s play area. In addition, this terrace is also designed with a closed roof so that you and your family will not feel hot or rainy. Well, for those of you who want to enjoy the outdoors in your home, you can use this design as your inspiration.


Those are some wooden house inspirations that can be an inspiration for you. But to make a beautiful, aesthetic, attractive, and luxurious wooden house design, you have to spend money to hand over the construction of this wooden house to architects and house-building companies. But if you want to choose your wooden house design, you can see an example of the design we provided above and leave it to the builder. Then, you control it well. Hopefully, this review can be used for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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