Overview of wooden floors

The floor of the house is an important component in the room of your house. Apart from being a foothold, a good selection and styling style will provide an attractive appearance for the interior design of your home.

Interior design by combining parquet wood floors and other ornaments such as wall hangings, wooden cabinets, and wooden chairs can create a natural impression in your home. As you know, the installation of parquet wood floors can complement your tastes who prefer a natural atmosphere. Generally, conventional houses in Indonesia use wood motif ceramic as the floor. However, this is only an alternative because wood is expensive. Their consideration is the wooden floor.

Wooden floors have several advantages over ceramics, namely, they are not easy to crack or break and are safe for children. Then, it can give a unique impression of the whole concept of the house. But if you want to build a house with a natural concept, you can choose wooden floors. For that, let’s look at the ideas and inspiration.

Ideas and Inspiration

There are various models of wooden floors that are unique and also aesthetic. For that, let’s take a peek at the best inspiration to beautify the interior of your home. Currently, not a few people glance at the models and motifs of wooden floors because of their uniqueness and luxurious appearance. For example, the wooden house in the village is equipped with a cooking area that uses a lot of wood elements.

To make your home design look aesthetically pleasing and attractive, you can consider adopting a wooden floor design concept like the house in your favorite village. Therefore, to have a beautiful home design with wooden floors is not only limited to modern or classic styles. You can make various designs according to your taste. For that, let’s look at the best wooden floor models.

Wooden floor model

Parquet floors are usually geometric in shape. The secret lies in the colors, patterns, and wood fibers that are created naturally. Then, to add a modern impression, you need to add a swirl pattern on it. So it can be adapted to the surrounding furniture. Even if you use a swirl pattern on it, don’t worry because the natural wood pattern will not be lost with this pattern. The swirl pattern is used only to harmonize with the surrounding space. So it doesn’t have too much contrast. But it all depends on your taste as a homeowner.

The color of wood floors, in general, is brown. But we can choose wood floors with other colors such as a combination of black from rosewood wood combined with wooden floors whose color is slightly white so that they form a black and white color and it doesn’t look monotonous if you install more than one color. For more details. let’s look at some examples of wood floors below.

Some examples of wood floors

Of the many interior elements in the house, the floor is the part that should not be forgotten. We know that the right flooring can protect you and your family. However, if you choose the wrong flooring material for the interior of your room, you or your child could slip and fall. Therefore, you must be considered safe and able to prevent this is wood flooring.

Wooden floors can not only avoid friction on the floor and prevent slipping because it is slippery. However, wood flooring is also a favorite of many people because of its aesthetic properties that can beautify the house, easy to maintain, and is not easy to break and crack. Therefore, let’s discuss the pictures of some examples of wood floors below. Welcome to our review!

Wooden floors are more durable and give a good impression

The wood floor has solid wood material with an attractive motif. So it gives an aesthetic and good impression. In addition, the natural nuance of this wooden floor can make you feel at home in the house. Especially, for those of you who like the natural atmosphere.

The various motifs of wooden floors can make it free to choose the best motif for the design of the house. In addition, wooden floors are also more durable and easy to maintain. The advantages of wooden floors can last up to 20 years. One way of the best care is by re-coating or repainting every three months.

Wooden floors make the room warmer

The nature of wood can store heat during the day and can warm the air at night. Then, it can make the temperature in the room feel comfortable. So you don’t have to worry about feeling too cold or too hot with wooden floors.

However, to look more attractive, you can equip antique chairs with white round tables, lounge chairs, floor rugs, short cabinets, and televisions, then design the walls with natural brick color. With this design, your living room design will look beautiful and elegant. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Easier wood floor maintenance

Cleaning the surface of the wooden floor is not as difficult as you think. You need to use a vacuum cleaner or soft bristles. Then, you can clean the dirt or crumbs. To clean stains or liquids, use a cloth to clean them. Do this treatment every two days so your floor always looks beautiful and clean.

Wooden floors have a good effect on health

Wooden floors are believed to reduce the influence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in your room. VOC is an organic compound that has a very high vapor pressure. Then, easily evaporates at room temperature and pressure.

One of the compounds methane and non-methane can be harmful to health because it has carcinogenic properties. By making a wooden floor design that can adjust the room temperature, it can make the occupants of the house free from the negative effects of VOCs. Hopefully, this review can be useful for you and your family.

Wooden floor designs can make house prices go up

As we know, wood flooring is also referred to as a long-term investment because it can increase the high selling value. By installing wooden floors, the house price will definitely differ greatly from the first you bought the house. Therefore, many peoples design their homes with wooden floors to make them look luxurious and elegant.

To look more attractive, developers usually add interior decoration to the room with beautiful sofa sets, wooden shelves, and beautiful room accessories. So it looks more attractive. If you want to make your home pleasing to the eye, wooden floor room designs are the right choice. Happy decorated!

Need a special way so that the wooden floor is not easily porous

Wooden floors that do not receive special treatment when installed can become a nest for termites and become porous when the wooden floor starts to get damp. Humidity will usually make wood floors easily porous. And rotten and cause unpleasant odors. Therefore, you must control it during installation.

In addition, if you have a pet, try to cut the nails of your pet diligently to avoid scratching the surface of the wooden floor. Then, it also can apply when you intend to move items or furniture, try not to push it, but lift it. In this way, your wooden floor will be durable and not damaged.

Hardwood floors are not resistant to high humidity

We know that the basic material of this wooden floor has made of wood. Therefore, this type of floor will easily rot if exposed to water. Then, this is what makes cleaning by mopping less recommended. For that, you can clean using a vacuum cleaner. However, if you have to use a dry cloth to prevent water from sticking to the wood. Then treat it with wood polish regularly so that it always looks shiny

Wooden floors are a bit difficult to clean when there are liquid stains

Hardwood floors are very susceptible to paint or ink stains. If exposed to these stains, the wooden floor is difficult to clean because the liquid directly seeps into the wood. To maintain durability, avoid using excessive water on wooden floors.

Caring for wooden floors needs to be done with care. When cleaning wooden floors, use a soft broom made of bristles to avoid scratching the wood surface. To maintain durability, avoid using excessive water on wooden floors. Then, use a dry cloth to prevent water from seeping into the wood pores. In this way, your wooden floor will last a long time.

Straight pattern installation

Floor design with this pattern is the most common type of wood floor pattern and is always used. This pattern is often used in rooms with modern and contemporary concepts because of its simple and flexible design for all types of interior design.

The price of wooden floors with this pattern is also called the cheapest because of its easy installation. But so that this living room looks more beautiful, you can equip it with guest chairs, tables, decorative lights, short cabinets, and wall shelves. With this design, your living room will look elegant.

Random pattern installation

The type of wood floor with a random pattern in the living room gives a beautiful and unique impression to the room. Especially, if you want to carry a hippie or bohemian concept. Random wooden floor patterns are perfect for those of you who are creative and have an artistic soul.

To look more aesthetic, you can sweeten your room with quality furniture, unique wall hangings, ornamental plants, and hanging decorative lights according to the concept of the living room you have. That way, the design of your living room will feel comfortable and pleasant.

Installation with a diagonal pattern

One thing if you want to make the living room look more luxurious, you can design the floor by replacing only one element. The solution is to use a wooden floor design with a diagonal pattern. This design has an unusual pattern and tends to be aesthetic. So pleasing to the eye.

The diagonal pattern on the wooden floor has been considered to maximize the appearance of a minimalist room, especially a small living room, such as in a minimalist apartment design. Then to make it look more attractive, adjust your furniture with a color that matches the wooden floor. That way, the interior of your living room will look aesthetic and elegant.

Installation with parquet pattern

The design of the living room floor with a pattern like this is often shown as a decorative element. The parquet wood floor does have a geometric mosaic motif with its impression. It’s no wonder that parquet-patterned wood floors are popularly used in core rooms such as the living room or family room. This design is made as beautiful as possible because it is for gathering with family.

Then, to look more fun, complete the living and family rooms with beautiful sofa sets and tables, floor rugs, wall shelves, and televisions for family entertainment. In addition, you can design the living room window with a glass model. So that sunlight can easily enter the room. Then, make the living room brighter and healthier.


After you know the pluses and minuses of wooden floors, you will be interested in designing them in your home. But don’t forget to equip your home with a variety of furniture that matches the color and model of the wooden floor so that the interior of your home looks aesthetic, attractive, elegant, and comfortable.

Therefore, we share ideas with you to make your home design look aesthetic and charming. We hope that some of the sample images above can be an inspiration for your home interior design. Hopefully, this review can use for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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