1. Overview of minimalist window

Everyone wants their house to look modern and aesthetic. Having a home with a modern design and aesthetic can make you feel comfortable and at home living in it. Therefore, you can see a trendy home design from various aspects, one of which is the window.

We know that choosing a window design is not easy. Therefore, you need to consider several things, such as the size of the house, the model to the materials needed. In addition to beautifying the home, windows can function to facilitate the entry and exit of air in the house. Therefore, a beautiful and cool window design from an architectural point of view must be able to act as an air vent. So, what are the window design ideas for today’s homes? For that, let’s follow the review of the design below.

2. Window models

Whether we realize it or not, it turns out that the selection of window models in a house can affect the overall appearance. Therefore, if you like the European style, choose a window with carvings that gives a beautiful impression. On the other hand, if your house has a modern minimalist style, you must select a minimalist-style window model to make it look beautiful and harmonious. Therefore, if your home is in a modern minimalist design and you are looking for a beautiful and unique window model reference to install, you can see some examples of window models below.

3. Some examples of modern minimalist windows

In this article, we would like to provide some examples of modern minimalist window models for your reference. This window model must be installed according to its function. So it looks harmonious. We hope that the example we provide can be an idea and inspiration for your home and make your home look beautiful and aesthetic. Therefore, let’s discuss one by one the window model as below. Welcome to our review.

Stationary window

A window with a stationary window design is usually suitable for a minimalist-style house. Apart from not being able to be opened, this window concept can still beautify because of its simple but contemporary style design. However, you have to consider the air ventilation of the house because this type of window cannot be opened. For air circulation in the room, you can install an exhaust fan or Airconditioning. Then, design a window with clear glass so that sunlight enters the room. Then, this window model is suitable to be installed in the bathroom or bedroom. Hopefully, this model can be your idea and inspiration.

Awning window

This awning window model has been made so that rainwater slides. Usually, this type of window has a bottom that can be opened. So the water droplets can be seen from inside. Therefore, window installations may install in garages, cabins, or other places where ventilation privacy is more important than aesthetics. However, this awning model window is more typical for today’s home styles. Then, to look cool, the window frame should be made with white aluminum so that the minimalist impression is very attached. Then the glass is made transparent so that sunlight enters the room.

Picture window

This one window model is the same but not the same. This type of window has a wider size, than a stationary window and cannot be opened or closed. Installing this type of window will make the house look spacious and beautiful, especially if there is a nice view outside.

However, this type of window is more suitable to be installed on the second floor. So the activities we do are not seen by people outside the house. The advantage you get from this design window is lighting from natural light, namely the sun, and then you can save electricity consumption.

Double-hung window

A double-hung window is a window design that can open vertically. Then, you too can open the bottom or top easily. So that air exchange will be easier. Then, this window is suitable for those of you who want to have good air ventilation and a traditional feel. Therefore, some people say this window design is unique and then is suitable for small rooms.

Then, to make your minimalist home look aesthetic, you can put a sofa set, a round table, wall paintings, decorative lights, and ornamental plants. With a design like this, the atmosphere in the room will feel more alive and fun. Therefore, make this design an addition to your ideas and inspiration.

Accent window

An accent window is a type of window design that cannot be opened. Therefore, these windows cannot have air vents. We should not underestimate the air ventilation in the house because the role of ventilation can use for health in the room. However, you can design this window into any shape, such as a quarter circle or other rare shapes. That way, the house will look unique with this type of window design.

Then, to make it look minimalist, design a window frame with white aluminum to make it look beautiful and charming. This window model is perfect for a workspace. Then, for air ventilation, you can use an exhaust fan or air conditioning. In this way, the room will feel healthier because sunlight enters from the glass window. Hopefully, this design can be useful and be an idea and inspiration for you.

Sliding window

Sliding windows are always the preferred choice because of their ease of mobility and space-saving. For a window model like this, you don’t need to push and pull the window because it can be shifted horizontally, so it doesn’t take up space when opened. Then, the sliding window design can also make the house more classy because it is different from other types of windows in general. Then, to look more attractive, you can use black or white aluminum to make it look harmonious with the interior design of the house. If you are happy with this design, you can apply it to a minimalist size house. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Jalousie window

The jalousie window model or louvered window is made of several layers of glass. Then this window is usually installed in a room facing a terrace with a bright feel or overlooking a beautiful garden. This type of window is practically practical and has an efficient closing mechanism. The advantage of this window is that you will get maximum air ventilation so that the air in the room is not hot. Then, you can open the window according to your needs. If you like a simple design, this window model can be your idea and inspiration.

Casement window

This window design has hinges attached to the side of the window, so it can be opened as wide as possible. With a window model like this, you can get the air you want so that the air in the room is not hot. Then, this window model is very simple and practical and easy to open and close.

Currently, this model is not only economical, the casement window has various functions such as wind resistance and a multipoint locking system. With this design, the sun will easily enter the room, and you will be healthy. Then, to make it look more attractive, make windows with aluminum material so that they are resistant to all weather and are not easily damaged. If you don’t want to be bothered and happy with free air, this window model can be an idea and inspiration for you.

Single-hung window

This one window model is almost the same as a double-hung window. Single-hung window also has a hinge in the middle and can be shifted horizontally. The difference is that only one side can be opened. But the air that enters the room can also be maximized. Then. This window is usually designed for the living room to make it look more beautiful. Single-hung windows are cheaper than double-hung versions, but are still distinctive and work well to improve air circulation in the house. If you don’t want to worry about opening and closing windows, this model can add ideas and inspiration to your home interior.

Hopper window

This window model is usually rarely opened and closed. The hopper window model places its hinge at the bottom, so when you open this window will face up. Although not suitable for living rooms, always use for basements, garages, and bathrooms. One disadvantage of this window, when it rains comes, the water can pool on the window. Therefore, you must be diligent in closing the window when it rains heavily. With this design, air will easily enter the room and make the room not stuffy and hot. If you don’t want to open the lid, this model can be your idea and inspiration.

Garden window

The garden window model or garden window is a type of indoor window that looks like a glass box with shelves for ornamental plants because of its small size, this type of window is suitable to be installed in the dining area, kitchen, or even bathroom to add a fresh feel.

Then, to look neat and resistant to water and sunlight, you can make a frame with white or black aluminum. So that it looks more harmonious with the interior of the room, and then install clear glass on the window so you can see the scenery outside the room and make sunlight easy enters the room. With a design like this, you will be more comfortable because you can see the view outside when washing dishes. We hope you can use this design as your inspiration for your favorite kitchen.

Transom window

The transom design window model is a design with a combination of several window designs. These windows can be rectangular, square, round, or elliptical. Transom windows are suitable to be installed in large room areas so that there is enough window space. This window is also usually located above the door to add lighting to the room. However, for installation, you must match the door model and can make the interior of the room looks beautiful and harmonious.

Then, to look cooler, you can use a window frame with white or black aluminum to make it look more beautiful and harmonious like this picture. Aluminum material will make the window more resistant to all weather and its appearance is more elegant. If you want to design a window for your dining room, this design is suitable for you. Then, you can make this transom design for your ideas and inspiration.

Bow window

Bow window dirancang untuk memberikan pandangan yang lebih luas dari taman atau jalan di luar. Biasanya, jendela ini menggabungkan empat atau lebih casement windows, yang berpadu untuk membentuk lengkungan.

Semua jendela berdesain bow window dirancang khusus agar sesuai dengan rumahmu.

Skylight window

The skylight window model is the best solution from an aesthetic aspect. This window is usually installed at the top of the house precisely on the house ceiling. This window model not only produces natural light but also offers a stunning view of the sky, especially at night, you can see the star and the month. You can design windows that are very suitable for your personal space or workplace.

This window model, in addition to offering a beautiful view, this model can save electricity during the day. That way, you will save expenses every month. However, if you want to install it, you must be done by an expert because if you put it wrong, rainwater will seep into the house. In addition, this model can also increase your enthusiasm for work and make you feel at home. In order not to feel hot, you can install a glass dispel to block out the sun. If you like a relaxed atmosphere, you can use this design for your inspiration.

Wall window

This window model, as the name implies, is a wall window. Models like this are made to replace walls and have usually made of concrete. In addition, wall windows can serve as internal space dividers or external ‘covers’ in various sizes, and unique shapes can offer a beautiful view of the outside. Many models like this have been installed in apartments. So they can see the outside.

Then, to be safer, the selection of glass quality is a determinant and is not suitable for installing the first floor because the activities inside the house will be visible from the outside. Therefore, this model is suitable to be installed on the upper floor. If you have an upstairs in your house, you can install it. We hope this window model can be an inspiration for your home.

4. Conclusion

Before designing a home window model, you should get inspiration for stunning window designs to make your home interior beautiful and healthy. But if you want to beautify the exterior and interior of your home. We present the best home window, models. Then, to make a beautiful house. You have to choose a beautiful house window model to make it look more attractive, luxurious, and aesthetically pleasing.

In this article, we describe the best pictures of window models. Then, to install it, of course, you have to spend money. But if you want to make a design according to the drawings we describe, you can give it to the home window maker. Hopefully, this article can help you to beautify the appearance of your home. Happy decorating!


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