1. Overview of minimalist terrace

The terrace is the very front of a house. This place is usually used as a relaxing place and accept guest. Therefore, you must design the terrace beautiful and comfortable. Then, we know that the terrace design has several designs, such as minimalist, Scandinavian, vintage, and traditional. But most people choose a minimalist design for their house because this design looks simple, bright, and doesn’t use much furniture. For that, let’s review a minimalist design as below.

2. Desain minimalis

Minimalist home terrace design is an interior concept that is much sought after by people in the country. In addition, this design is suitable for a limited land area, and house type. The minimalist design is also more accessible to the Indonesian people from the lower to the middle class. This is because this design is very simple and easy. This design does not play with a lot of striking colors. This design displays more bright colors so that the house looks spacious. For that, let’s review some examples of this terrace design.

3. Some examples of terrace designs

In this article, we share ideas to provide some examples of terrace designs that can make you and your family happy. The question is why?. We know that the terrace is generally used by families to gather and chat. In addition, the terrace can indeed be used to welcome guests in front of the house. Then, it can also be used to chat with guests but you can’t talk about private things. Therefore, let’s discuss one by one the example of a minimalist terrace below. Welcome to our review.

Terrace design with ornamental plants

Looks, like this house terrace design, has dominated by ornamental plants on the front. This arrangement makes the terrace look cool and more beautiful. In addition, this terrace is also pleasing to the eye for a long time. Then, to look simple, the selection of furniture on it is simple, and there are two chairs and a small table that can use to relax. The choice of white coral as a decoration for the terrace and the terrace floor with wood motifs makes it look natural. We hope this design can use as your inspiration for those of you who want to renovate your terrace.

Home terrace design with pebbles

As we know, not only ornamental plants can make a house look beautiful. You can also decorate the terrace of the house with the addition of natural pebbles. In this way, it makes the terrace look more natural and fresh.

Then, to add a more attractive terrace, this terrace is equipped with two small chairs with an industrial concept. Then, to look green nuance, please decorated with some ornamental plants, and then the walls are designed with marble motif ceramics and unique wall lamps. With an arrangement like this, the terrace will look cool and pleasant. Hopefully, this design can add to your inspiration.

Hanging plant house terrace design

If you have narrow land in front of the house. Then, you feel the terrace is no longer enough to put plants. You can find another solution by presenting hanging plants in front of the house. This design can use for those of you who have a type 36 house terrace design with limited land.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add patio chairs, some ornamental plants in the home, and wall decorations. However, don’t forget to decorate your terrace floor with blue or black ceramics to make it look harmonious with the terrace area.

Reading garden terrace design

If you have sufficient land and love to read knowledge. You can design your terrace to be a reading garden. Therefore, take advantage of your terrace to become an attractive and fun reading garden.

Then, to make it look more comfortable, you can add yellow length, artificial grass, wall hangings, and some ornamental plants. Then don’t forget to add coral to your garden decoration. Then, complete it with a bookshelf on the side of the terrace. That way, reading activities must be more attractive and fun.

Vinyl floor house terrace design

You can see a cool terrace design for a house that uses a brown vinyl floor. This type of floor has the advantage of being easy to maintain and not slippery. Then, another advantage is the floor looks bright with sunlight and lamps.

Then, to make it look more festive, you can decorate this terrace with ornamental plants, minimalist patio chairs, and a small table. As for wall decoration, you can install decorative wall lights on the terrace poles. Then, don’t forget to design the terrace walls with bright ceramics and motifs so that they look harmonious with the floor. In this place, you can gather with your family. We hope you can add this design to your ideas.

Small type 36 house terrace design

Having a beautiful home and tiny terrace is everyone’s desire. If you want to design like that, you can apply this terrace design to the front of your house. Then, to look more beautiful, add green grass, minimalist patio chairs and tables, ornamental plants in flower pots, hanging flower pots, and wall decorations. In addition, the color combination played is also very beautiful, such as pink, gray, and white. If you have a type 36 house, this terrace design is suitable for your home.

Pink house terrace design

Making a terrace design is not only with furniture and gardens. Therefore, you can design a terrace by combining white and pink beautifully. The combination of these colors can make the terrace look unique. We know the pink color can gives a strong feminine impression and the white color emphasizes a clean and minimalist impression.

Then, to look cooler, you can add pink patio chairs and tables, shelves for flower pots, ornamental plants, and wall accessories that match the pink and white colors. In addition, designing your terrace floor in white can make it look bright. By designing like this, your terrace will feel comfortable and cheerful. But if you like bright nuance, you can add this design for your inspiration.

Beautiful minimalist terrace

We always want our house to look beautiful from a distance. The beauty of the house that stands out the most from the outside is the terrace and garden. These two elements are the first to be seen by your guests and passers-by in front of your house. Therefore, we want to share ideas for designing your front porch to make it look more attractive. You don’t need to be confused if you have a limited terrace area at home. You can arrange it like this one picture.

Then, to look cool, you can add a long minimalist sofa set and sofa cushions, a guest table, and decorative wall lamps. So the front of the house looks more cool and stunning. Then, don’t forget to add hanging ornamental plants and ornamental plants in pots. So that the green nuance is visible. One of the highlights of this terrace is the use of PVC wall panels because it can make the residence look unique.

Attractive minimalist terrace

In this picture, you can see a beautiful and charming minimalist terrace. This terrace has perfect decor. But if you can’t arrange this terrace, it can make your terrace cramped. Therefore, you must choose furniture that is not too big. In this way, you will feel comfortable and have fun.

Then, to make it look more attractive, add patio chairs and sofa cushions, a table that matches the terrace concept, wall lamps, and flower plants in pots. Then design the terrace wall with natural stone in beige color. With a design like this, your home will look more attractive.

Sweet terrace with accessories

If you have a garden area at home that is not used, you can use it as an additional area on the terrace of the house. So the terrace of the house becomes sweeter and warmer. Then, to look attractive, you can make the floor with bright color ceramics so that the minimalist terrace design looks even thicker.

Then, to make it look cooler, add patio benches and tables, round floor rugs, and attractive wall accessories. Don’t forget to add some ornamental plants to the pot so that the green nuance is visible. With a bright design like this, the terrace looks more aesthetic. If you have more land in front of the house, this design is suitable for you to imitate. Happy decorating!

Terrace with natural design

Nature can make us want to always be close to it. The open atmosphere with a gentle breeze makes us lulled and complacent. Therefore, on this occasion, we would like to display a terrace with a natural design filled with hanging ornamental plants, ornamental plants in pots, and exposed brick. These two elements stand out so prominently on this terrace that a touch of nature can be felt with us.

Then, to look complete, you can add wooden guest chairs, wooden tables, and leaf motif sofa cushions that can add to the perfection of the house terrace. In addition, the placement of hanging ornamental plants and flower pots on the floor must be placed in the right place so that it doesn’t look messy. Therefore, if you are happy with a natural design, you can try to design your terrace like this picture. Good luck!

Simple terrace

For those of you who have a minimalist house design, we know that you will always have problems with limited garden land. Therefore, we want to give some ideas for designing a simple terrace. For the things like this you don’t have to worry about the garden land you have. You can get inspiration for a minimalist type 36 terrace model for a simple design. Even so, the terrace is still beautiful and charming.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add wooden chairs, ornamental plants, and green grass. With a design like this, your simple terrace will look pleasant. But If you have very limited land, this design can be an inspiration for you.

4. Conclusion

If you want to design an aesthetically minimalist terrace. We provide some examples of attractive terrace designs. Then, to look elegant, beautiful, attractive, aesthetic, and pleasing, you should look for some inspiration to make your patio design feel comfortable.

In this article, we provide some examples of patio drawings. We hope this design can suit your taste and add to your ideas and inspiration. Hopefully, this article can be useful for you. Happy decorating


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