The house is a place to live that becomes a necessity for humans. Everyone would want a comfortable living and design that suits what they want. Not only the interior, the exterior design should also be created for a beautiful impression when others see a comfortable home.

House design

A design is in need to create comfort, especially now a design into something that must have because of the development of the era that led to many designs that can be used either for exterior or interior home so you can easily determine the design and mimic many designs has been provided. You can even create a new design idea by getting a lot of design information that is easy to find.

Exterior Design

Exterior design is a branch of design science from home design that discusses the design of science things that are outside the home like a garden, happy pool, terrace, and more. An exterior design is in need, this will make the first impression for people who will visit home and feel comfortable before entering the house.

Beautiful Terrace Design

To support a comfortable home design, the design of the terraces becomes very important for the outdoors. A comfortable patio design can have a lot of functions that can be used, even with a comfortable design you can make the terrace as a pleasant living room with everything more fun as you can feel the atmosphere of the wind that blows when the guests or a member of the family when talking – talk.

Really fun is not it? Are you interested in having a comfortable terrace? We will set you up with some examples of comfortable patio designs for you to imitate, or maybe you can get some interesting design ideas after you see some of the designs below.

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Adding a fireplace to your exterior terrace will make the terrace even more comfortable. The fireplace is a very important item, especially in winter. With a fireplace on the terrace, you can feel comfortable gathering with your family and friends.

There are two types of fireplaces that you can use:

  1. Electric fireplace,
  2. Wood fireplace.

These two fireplaces certainly have different advantages. So, here are the advantages of electric vs wood fireplace:

Electric Fireplace:

  • Cheaper price
  • Easy to install
  • Fit to place everywhere
  • Easy to move because electric fireplace usually portable

Wood Fireplace:

  • A woodsy aroma that will make the terrace feel comfortable
  • Can choose the desired wood scent
  • Can be used when the power goes out, making it suitable for lighting the room.

The Benefits of Having a Comfort Terrace

With the development of design science, there are many things you can get when it has a terrace with an attractive design. With a comfortable terrace, you can find other advantages such as:

  • Made to relax
  • The solution for those of you who do not have a living room in the house
  • An appropriate place to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere
  • With the right design, you can do your hobby like maintaining the plants that will add beautiful exterior of the house.


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