As we often say and many people argue that a comfortable home is a house that has a comfortable and attractive design in accordance with the wishes of homeowners either interior or interior design. As always NextHomeGenerator will give you an interesting design idea, and this time we will give you an interesting home design idea, design this one put the coolness in the house or can say with the cool house.

Cool House

Surely you want a home that is comfortable to live in, while the opinions of everyone has a different opinion of the comfortable home. Munkin has the same opinion with us that a comfortable house is a cool house, where the air coming into the house can flow comfortably and provide freshness.

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There are many ways and designs to create a cool house such as designing a room to have a window that is enough for air into the room can flow and make the atmosphere of the room to be cool and comfortable, or you can take advantage of plants by placing it in the house as decoration as well as freshener room .

Living Room

Surely every home has a living room that has many functions and becomes a place where all members of the family together to just chat and even do other family activities. Cool design can be used for this room and of course with a beautiful design can make this room more enjoyed by the family. Like some of the designs below that put the coolness in the living room.

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With a design or concept like this will certainly make the living room will be more comfortable in use for the whole family, especially for those of you who like the plants you can put some plants that you like in every corner of the house that will exquisite the atmosphere of your home.

Dining Room

If you can design your dining room in a simple way or use a simple design, you can add a few accessories that will make the dining room cooler, or you can create a large window for air and light from outside the house easier to enter and make the room cool.

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Like the design drawings above, this idea is quite interesting, you can imagine how convenient if you have a dining room as above. There is nothing wrong if you imitate this design in your home !.


You need to know that the bathroom must also have a design that is as real, because of course with cool design can make you comfortable when in the room. Easy enough to design your bathroom can put some plants like the picture below then you will have a comfortable bathroom. Of course, the placement of some plants or plants right will be the key to the creation of a comfortable bathroom.

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