1. Overview of industrial design

Industrial is one of the interior designs that are currently popular. This interior design style takes inspiration from the industrial revolution and the early 20th century. At that time they brought various mechanical equipment that looked like it came from the future.

In addition, this interior design is now known for using various recycled materials to produce that nostalgia of the past. For the house design to look unique and attract everyone’s attention, choose this interior style. You will always find designs like this in a coffee shop or cafe. For that, let’s review the industrial interior design inspiration below.

2. Industrial interior design inspiration

If you are happy with the past designs, there is nothing wrong with choosing industrial designs for your home. Many people like it because this industrial style is mostly made in restaurants and coffee shops. But you can also apply it to the interior of your home. Then, if you want to give a touch of industrial interior design to your room, you can look for attractive inspiration to realize your plans. Therefore, we want to share ideas to provide some examples of industrial designs. For that, please follow the review below. Hopefully, you can find inspiration that fits your home design.

3. Some examples of industrial home interior design

This article has provided some examples of industrial-style home interior design images. We give this example because the industrial design is one of the unique designs and attracts the attention of everyone who sees it. In addition, industrial designs make more use of old furniture to be recycled and displayed for house interior. That’s why we want to give examples of unique and admired designs by everyone who sees them. Let’s discuss one-by-one industrial design as examples below. Welcome to our review.

Reclaimed Wood

One of the most important in reconstructing an idea for an industrial house is the use of reclaimed wood. This wood is used to make the table, so the model looks old-fashioned. Although most industrial interior designs look modern and mechanical, many people design these for a natural setting.

In addition, historically, reclaimed wood was commonly used in factories and warehouses during the industrial revolution. Therefore, to bring this atmosphere back, a mixture of natural and mechanical is needed. Then, to look more attractive, add floor rugs and wooden benches, and accessories to the wooden table area. With a design like this, the interior of your room will look unique and artistic.

Unique chandelier

The interior design of this industrial house looks unique. The retro impression radiates when you apply this to an industrial design house. Then, besides being unique and attractive. This chandelier looks cool and makes guests who come amazed and fascinated to see it. Then, to look more pleasant, you can add a rustic impression to the room that you give this lamp model, especially if the lamp frame has made of classic dark steel.

Then, you don’t have to worry about finding it difficult to find this type of lamp. With the rapidly increasing popularity of industrial interiors, many manufacturers are competing to meet market needs with this lamp decoration model.

Industrial glass design

Your industrial home design will look harmonious with a glass design like the picture above. That way, you need enough space to arrange the glass design perfectly. However, don’t worry because there are other easier and simpler options, for example, reclaimed wood frames for mirrors can be made in round, square, or rectangular models. It all depends on your taste and the size of the room.

You can also combine panels on a square mirror or round glass shaped like gears for a steampunk-style mechanical combination. That way, your industrial home glass design will look unique.

Exposed brick design

Building a bond with the family does not have to be done outside the home, warm interactions with them can also be done inside the house. One of the rooms or areas in the house that is often used as a shared area or commonly referred to as a communal area is the family room. As the name implies, the family room is a room where the family gathers to carry out activities or activities together.

Then, design a comfortable family room that is unique and attractive. Certainly gives birth and provides warmth when used together. For that, please design your industrial living room with exposed brick. We know that exposed brick is one of the hallmarks of industrial design. If you are designing like this, your room will look unique. So it can make a comfortable and attractive for your family. Then, make your family happy and cheerful.

Industrial ideas with used wood

Designing a comfortable living room, which is unique and attractive, will give birth and provide warmth. Then, to make that, you can choose the right industrial design for your living room. We know that industrial design is a design that uses used materials to make something unique because this is the hallmark of industrial design. By designing like this, your room will look beautiful.

To get a different touch to the living room, it never hurts to try an interior design style that is unique and different from other designs. Therefore, utilizing used materials is one of the right ways to save costs. That way, you will be able to save your expenses. Well, this is the advantage of industrial design.

Hanging kitchen design

Industrial design always displays something unique and different from other designs. For that, you can design your kitchen with this unique design. Get inspired by an industrial-style kitchen that can cheer up the family. It feels like a house is incomplete without industrial interior design. Well, for this part of the kitchen, you can make a kitchen with an industrial design style with a hanging kitchen model. But not all of them hang! For this reason, the placement of important items in the kitchen is placed hanging. Make sure to stick it firmly so it doesn’t fall apart.

Choose the right floor design

A beautiful house is a complete house with a dining area. Then to arrange it, you need inspiration so that the results are satisfactory. Therefore, the industrial design in the dining room above looks clean and complete with unique accessories. What you need to pay attention to is, when arranging a room, the first thing you might notice is wall decoration or furniture. But you may forget about this one thing, namely the floor.

Even though it’s only at the bottom, the color of the floor will greatly affect the overall appearance of your room. If you want to get the concept of an industrial house, you can choose floors that use stone floors, wooden floors, or use polished concrete. In this way, your floor will appear more dominant with an industrial design.

Simple carpet design

A beautiful and charming house is a house that is equipped with attractive accessories. Then, you can create home warmth with floor carpets. Therefore, if you like carpets with bright motifs and colors, you need to give up your intention to decorate the room in an industrial style. To get an industrial look, you should not use carpet at all.

However, if you still need a carpet, you can use a carpet that has minimal texture with a choice of colors that match the color of wood or iron. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the pattern of the carpet that you are going to buy so that it doesn’t come out of industrial design.

Highlight home furnishings

Having unique furniture in the house can make us happy and proud. Because we will get questions and compliments from guests. Therefore, several interior design styles will highlight the furniture and tools in your home to make it seem clean and unique.

But in an industrial-style house, you need to highlight things that are different from other designs. Therefore, make sure that the layout furniture for your home can make your guests happy. By highlighting the living room as above, your home will look unique and attractive. Happy decorating!

Neutral color options

Having a beautiful and charming home interior is everyone’s desire. But to make it, you have to look for design inspiration that makes people happy to see it. The color palette is an important thing to build a home atmosphere. Then, the color palette will be a guide for you when choosing paint, furniture, and even attractive wall decorations.

Then, we understand that interior design with an industrial theme uses a choice of neutral colors such as black, gray, cream, or brown. In addition, you can use colors that are derived from the colors mentioned above, but don’t let them get out of the color palette.

Plain and simple windows

The window is one of the designs that must exist in a house. The window is a means for sunlight to enter the house. Therefore, the appearance of an industrial house design will be maximized with a choice of simple plain windows. With this design, the room will look bright.

Then, To look more attractive, choose a window frame that is wide but simple. Industrial design emphasizes uniqueness and transparency. Therefore, windows in industrial design rooms will look better if you don’t use curtains. However, if you still need window coverings, you can use a simple roller shade as a cover.

Design with ornamental plants

The beauty of the room is inseparable from the presence of ornamental plants. We know that a room needs a green atmosphere that makes the room fresh and calm. We know that the color green can make our hearts calm. Then, to look more beautiful, you can add furniture, hanging decorative lights, and accessories. With this arrangement, the room will feel comfortable.

Design with unique items

Industrial bedroom designs can be made very personal, one of which is by using an industrial theme that is suitable for showing your unique and expressive personality. If you are happy with the design of recycled goods, designs like this can be your inspiration and ideas.

We know, industrial design is no longer something foreign. We often find it in the architecture of cafes, offices, galleries, and other commercial buildings. However, industrial design is currently still rarely applied as a theme or room design because it takes up a lot of space. Especially if you can’t organize it, the room will be messy. Then, to look more attractive and unique, you can add beds, antique bicycles, wall hangings, decorative lights, floor rugs, metal accessories racks, and safes. For those of you who are lovers of industrial design style, you can bring this style to the most personal room in the house or room. Happy decorating!

Motorbike design in the style of coffee shops and restaurants

This design theme is widely adopted by contemporary cafes and coffee shops. It is favored by the millennial generation because it is considered cool and masculine. This industrial design theme was then widely adopted in residential areas, especially for homeowners who have a motorcycle hobby.

As we know, the industrial design theme prioritizes the original or natural appearance of the materials used and can save when finishing work. Therefore, We will present a thicker industrial atmosphere. So your home looks unique.

Then, to look unique and artistic, you can decorate it with an antique motorbike, and you must neatly arrange it. Then, add the design uses colors such as black, silver, gray, gold, navy blue, and dark brown to display a more masculine atmosphere. Then, keep in mind that the choice of color in the decoration is more important. Then, to look attractive, please add a large hanging decorative light. With a design like this, your home will amaze.

Automotive scrap workspace

if you like automotive design, we present an attractive and unique workspace design. This design looks different from other designs. You only get this kind of design in industrial design. We all know that industrial design has unique characteristics. Therefore, this design uses a lot of used goods for room decoration. Then, to realize this unique design, you must be able to arrange it properly so that the room looks attractive and unique.

In this picture, you can see the design of the workspace has decorated with antique objects. Such as car tires, unique red seats, and buffalo horn decorations on walls, document shelves, and photo frames. Then, to look thicker with industrial designs, you can design walls with exposed bricks. By arranging it like this, your workspace looks beautiful and unique. Hopefully, you can add this design to your inspiration.

4. Conclusion

In this article, several examples of industrial designs have been discussed. If you want to make the interior of your home look beautiful, elegant, attractive, aesthetic, and fun, we provide some examples of beautiful designs.

However, if you want to make your home’s interior design look beautiful and charming, you have to provide the money for a home decoration company. But if you want to design your own, you can choose the picture we present. Hopefully, this design example can add to your ideas and inspiration. Happy decorating!


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