1. The origin of the Victorian house

If we are talking about the origin of this Victorian-style house. Of course, we can already guess where this design came from. As you know, this design was built in 1830 to coincide with the reign of Queen Victoria. That means this design developed during the reign of Queen Victoria and is commonly known as the Victorian era. That time, Victorian architecture became one of the most popular in the 19th century until the early decades of the 20th century. Therefore, the UK is a country that has succeeded in developing this design.

2. Victorian-style house design

The Victorian house design has a characteristic that combines contemporary-modern design styles and traditional designs. Of course, it can make this Victorian-style house survive to this day. But if you are curious about this one design, in this article, we want to introduce in detail what a Victorian design is. This style emerged due to the influence of technological developments. Iron and steel are new components which incorporated into building construction. Then, exposed brick was the main building material because of its mass production and relatively low price.

But if you want to know this house style more closely, we will explain some of the characteristics of Victorian design. This Victorian-style design was born after the Gothic design trend ruled the architectural world in the past. The Victorian design itself has inspired by Gothic design which is closely related to a beautiful and majestic impression and has a high aesthetic value. Therefore, when we talk about a Victorian-style house, you will remember an elegant dollhouse. But this design is now widely developed in Indonesia because the home developers trust that this design has a lot of demand even though the price is quite expensive.

3. Some examples of Victorian houses

Although the development of these designs has become more diverse, this Victorian design is never boring and always has a special place in the hearts of many people. This traditional English house is not only owned by their nation. Then, now many examples of this style of house are made in Indonesia. But we know that this typical residence is not typical of Indonesia.

If you want to know, actually English houses are more famous with Tudor design. However, if we talk about uniqueness, we know that traditional Indonesian house designs are no less unique than Victorian designs. But the advantages of this house are always decorated with beautiful grass and flower gardens. Therefore, let’s review a little about the Victorian garden below.

4. Victorian luxurious garden

Having a Victorian-style home garden is indeed a pleasure for people who like European-style houses. Besides being luxurious and majestic, the garden of this house also gives the impression of living in the Blue Continent area. The number of plants and green grass is the hallmark of a Victorian-style garden design. Therefore, if you are looking for inspiration for this home’s design and the garden, you can already reference it. For that, let’s look at the design of a Victorian-style luxury home or garden below. Hopefully, you are interested in using the design concept.

British royal decoration

Houses in the Victorian style are usually more synonymous with decorations that have characteristics from the British royal era. Then, usually houses with this style have beautiful gardens, wooden fences, and magnificent buildings like the British Empire.

Then, the exterior generally, Victorian-style houses have a Cupola on the top of the house. This is part of the house and almost similar to a tower. The majority of the Victorian style always used wood for the exterior of the building. With this design, the house will look majestic and dignified.

Magnificent shape

Victorian architecture is synonymous with the increasing population of the upper-middle class who have a taste for luxury and elegance. Therefore, the houses built were relatively large, multi-story, and majestic and then added with a large front and back yard. This design also did not have a car park because there were not many cars. Therefore, this design does not feature a car park. The parking car design has made after the car are widely used during the industrial revolution.

Then, to make it look more grand and luxurious, this house has designed many glass windows. So it gives the impression of a large room. In addition, the color of the house has been designed with red exposed brick and painted earth brown to make it look more natural. However, now this house design is widely made in Indonesia.

Bright colorful design

Before the emergence of the Victorian style, almost all houses only had one color such as white or cream. In the Victorian era, bright colors such as orange, mustard, and yellow were very popular because they were similar to the color of red bricks.

In addition, many colors are applied to Victorian homes colors that tend to be classic and luxurious, like maroon, lavender, brown, purple, burgundy, gold, dark green, and mahogany brown. In this way, the house looks like a landlord’s house. If you have enough land area, you can design like this picture.

Use a lot of decorative elements

A house with a Victorian-style also has decorative elements that can be considered quite classy compared to other building designs. The use of carvings, patterns, and color play is also often used in typical Victorian-era designs.

Then, to look more beautiful, you can add carvings on the walls and fences to give a more graceful impression. On the other hand the more rigid Tudor designs. However, Victorian homes tend to be more creative and aesthetic. In addition, you can decorate the front homes with ornamental plants and green grass. We hope you are interested in using the Victorian-style house design concept for your dream home design.

The most unique and famous Victorian house designs

Carson Mansion is an example of the most famous and spectacular Victorian house located in Eureka Old Town, California. This house was built by architects Samuel and Josep Cather Newsom in 1886. Initially, this house was built for an American businessman but is now used as the private clubhouse of the Ingomar Club and this club that has bought this house from its owner. Unfortunately, this house is not open to the public. However, you can still see its beauty from the outside.

Besides Carson Mansion, Postcard Row or Painted Ladies is the most famous row of Victorian-style houses, and there are more than 40,000 Victorian-style houses built in San Francisco from the mid-19th to the 20th century. Unfortunately, this row of houses with beautiful colors has been destroyed by the earthquake in 1906. In this place, there are several characteristics of this Victorian-style house that you can incorporate into your private residence, right.

Minimalist home garden design

After we talk about the design of a Victorian house and the next we are talking about a minimalist Victorian-style luxury home garden design. In this place, You can see a small fence and large house plants. Then, the road access to the house, choose the stone and ceramic materials. so that they are more attractive.

Then, to make it look more harmonious, the fence has made of iron and painted black, and then the terrace of the house has been decorated with ornamental plants and placed in pots, so it looks beautiful. Then to design it, you can add terrace chairs and tables. In this way, the home garden will look more attractive.

Roadside house garden design

You will always see home gardens made on the side of the road. This is usually in front of the house there is no more land. You can see in this picture, the garden is on the side of the road. We often encounter designs like this in westernized houses.

This design is different from the previous design which looks beautiful and neat. While this park does not have a fence. This design can be dangerous because it can pose a risk of criminality.

Home garden design full of flowers

For those of you who like to decorate your home garden with colorful flowers, you can see the design in this picture. In this garden, many flowers are planted in the yard. Ranging from yellow, and pink to orange. In addition to flowers, small green plants are still present in his yard. With a design like this, the house will look green and fresh.

Simple small garden design

Next, there is a small home garden design. You can place a little green grass in front of the yard and small plants and flowers. This design is perfect for those of you who have a house with a limited land area. Then, for the exterior of the house to look beautiful and charming, please design the color of the house in green and brown. In this way, the house will look beautiful and elegant.

Royal house garden design

Next, we look at the design of the royal Victorian-style home garden. This design feels like in the kingdom. You can see from the design of the fence and plants placed in the garden of the house. Then, the grass that grows is shaped in such a way to keep it beautiful and aesthetic. In addition, the exterior of the house itself uses elegant white paint. With this arrangement, your home will look elegant and charming.

Classic home garden design

In the next design, we will discuss the typical classic style luxury home garden. Just look at the plants that grow around the park look very dense and quite scary. The dark classic house color adds to the eerie atmosphere in the front yard. Then, to access the terrace of this house, visitors have to pass several stairs because the position of the house is slightly higher than the position of the land around the house. But if you like a classic atmosphere, this design is suitable for you.

Leafy home garden design

For the last time, we will discuss the design of a shady Victorian-style luxury home garden. In this place, there is a large tree that covers the front yard of the house. So it feels cooler and more beautiful.

In addition, there is also green grass that grows around the yard to beautify the design of the front house. Then, to make it look more harmonious with the green atmosphere, the walls of the house are designed in white. In this way, the house will look elegant and aesthetic. If you like bright shades, this design is suitable for the exterior of your home.

5. Conclusion

You can use the Victorian-style luxury home and garden design as a reference. From the design examples above, you can choose which design you like. If you are interested in one of the designs, you can make the design in your home. But choose a design that suits your home type and taste.

In this article, we hope that you can make your home design look beautiful, elegant, aesthetic, attractive, and fun. Hopefully, this article above can give you insights into the design and of course provide ideas for being creative with a variety of residential models. Good luck!


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