1. Overview of the beautiful grass and flower garden

A beautiful and pleasant house design is a house that has a flower garden and green grass in front of it. Then to make it, you can create a garden like this on small or large land, and it all depends on how much land is available in front of your house.

For this reason, in this article, we will focus more on designing homes that require garden inspiration so that they can provide you with a breakthrough in natural beauty. We explain this because there are houses that do not have gardens. Even do not have any area for plants at all. Therefore, if your home doesn’t have a garden, you shouldn’t be sad because there are some inspirations for your front garden that we can present to you. Next, let’s look at the following inspiration!

2. Designing a beautiful garden

After you decide to start making a garden in front of your house. Next, you must plan the design that you want to make. Therefore, you can consult with a garden expert and see the home magazine.

By designing the best according to your taste, you can start it. Then, you start arranging the beautiful flowers and green grass as your plan. The best place is to plant it directly in the ground. But to look more attractive, you can range your flowers on a pot rack or wall of the house or hang them on the terrace. Of course, the arrangement must follow the type of flower you will plant. Then for green grass plants, you have to plant them in the ground so that they thrive and make your home garden look green and make cozy.

3. How to take care of the garden

Currently, many people have turned their hobbies into farming. Moreover, in the current pandemic situation, we spend a lot of time at home. As we know, that Caring for plants is never boring if we love them. For that, we provide a guide on how to take care of the garden so that the garden in front of your house looks beautiful. Let’s see below.

Watering plants regularly

Caring for plants is the same as caring for other living things that need water and food. Unfortunately, your busy daily life makes you often forget to give your plants water regularly. For that, do it before you run your routine activities.

In addition, not all plants use the same watering technique. If you don’t know how to take care of plants, it’s more important to know the type and method of watering your plants. Make sure you understand the amount of water needed by plants. Don’t just guess or even carelessly water it because plants have their own water needs according to their type.

Give Sunshine

The next thing that needs to be considered to care for plants properly is to provide plants with sufficient sunlight because plants need sunlight to help them carry out photosynthesis. By doing photosynthesis, plants will cook their food. In addition, sunlight will make plant leaves green and not wilt.

Generally, ornamental plants need sunlight for 3-4 hours a day. However, some plants need less or no sunlight at all. Some plants that only need sunlight for a short time are cacti in 2 hours per day.

If you have plants that require 4-6 hours of light per day, try to put these plants in a place that has exposed to direct sunlight for 4-6 hours a day. But if you have plants that only need 1-2 hours of sun exposure per day, place these plants in a shady place but can still get sun exposure.

Give Fertilizer Regularly

In addition, if you want to know how to care for plants is to provide fertilizers with high nutrients. Fertilizer can be a food ingredient with high nutrition that makes plants thrive and beautiful. For that, you can buy it at an ornamental plant store. The type of fertilizer also varies according to the content and the type of plant. Then, you can use fertilizer according to the guidelines given by the plant fertilizer seller.

Giving itself can be done by spraying fertilizer or spreading it on the soil surface in the plant area. Spread the fertilizer evenly on the soil surface so that the plants are healthy and can thrive.

Clean dust on the plants

Caring for plants is the same as caring for your home. For those of you who still don’t understand how to take care of plants, the next step you can take is to clean the dust on the plants regularly. Usually, a lot of dust is attached to the surface of the leaves or stems of plants. This is due to dust carried by the wind. This adhering dust must clean because it can clog the leaf pores and damage the plant. Therefore, you can clean the surface of the leaves and stems that are covered with dust with a damp cloth or spray the pest medication on the dust-affected area. Be careful not to damage the leaves or stems of the plant.

Cut dried stems or leaves

Over time, the plant will regenerate. Usually, there are leaves or stems that dry and die. Therefore, don’t ignore this condition because the dried stems and leaves must be cut immediately. It could be that the stalks or dry leaves die from the disease. Therefore, you must cut it. So as not to spread to other stalks. Then you do the control regularly.

Prevent pests and diseases

The next step you need to take care of plants is to prevent pests and diseases that can attack your plants. Therefore, you have to spray pest medicine on the stems and leave. Then, you must remove the pests from the plant area. Then maintain the quality of the soil by providing natural fertilizers. Then, providing sufficient sunlight, rotating plants routinely. In this way, we hope that the disease in the plant will disappear.

Green grass care.

Green grass care is almost the same as ornamental plants. The most important thing you have to fertilize regularly for the grass to thrive. Then plant the grass on soil that is exposed to sunlight so that the grass does not die. Then, do regular grass pruning so that it grows lush and green. Then, the garden in front of your house looks beautiful and fun. For that, let’s look at some examples of beautiful plants in front of the house.

4. Some examples of the ornamental plants and green grass

Therefore, we share some examples of ornamental plants in front of your house to be complete with green grass. By following the guidelines above, your plants will look fertile and thrive. For that, let’s look at some examples of ornamental plants as shown below. Welcome to our review!

Ornamental plants with green grass

The garden in front of the house has decorated with green grass, ornamental plants, and stones that are used as paths. Ornamental plants and green grass looks lush because they get sunlight and are watered regularly. With this arrangement, you can feel the green atmosphere and make your eyes happy to see it. If you have a large area in front of your house, you can make this garden an idea and inspiration for your garden.

Beautiful flower garden with green grass

Having a beautiful flower garden can relieve your stress. By looking at the colorful flowers, your tension will disappear. This park looks more enchanting with green grass. Of course, this beautiful garden has been maintained regularly so that the plants look lush. Then, to make it look more attractive, add chairs and decorative lights in this place. With an arrangement like this, you can make you feel at home in the garden.

Grass garden for playground

Having a grass garden for playing with your family is certainly fun. You can see that this grass garden looks clean and tidy. This grass plant is certainly well cared for so that it looks green and thrives. Then, to not be too stiff, the edge of the grass garden is decorated with ornamental plants and flowers. With an arrangement like this, you and your family can feel more comfortable at home.

Flower garden with fish pond

In general, the gardens can make the house look beautiful and a place to unwind after a day’s work. Many peoples say that a beautiful garden can relieve your stress and make you healthier. Especially, like the garden in this picture. This flower garden has decorated with flowers, ornamental plants, fish ponds, and fountains. This arrangement makes the garden atmosphere feel comfortable, calm, and cheerful. Then’ to make it look cool, this park has decorated with frog and grass statues accessories. That way, the garden looks more stunning to you. Of course, if you have enough land, this design can add to your ideas and inspiration.

Colorful flower garden and green grass

If you have a hobby of gardening flowers, you can design the land in front of your house as a garden. Then, to look more elegant, you can plant a variety of flowers in your garden, and like in this picture, this garden of flowers and green grass looks so lush. Of course, all this is done with regular maintenance. Besides that, the flower gardens and green grass get enough sunlight, fertilizer, and sufficient water. Therefore, you must be able to carry out regular maintenance so that your garden looks amazing and attracts people’s attention. We hope this arrangement can add to your inspiration.

Hanging flower garden in front of the house

Sometimes we get tired of arranging ornamental plants on the ground. That’s because many people have done it. Then, the way of treatment also requires you to play on the land. Then, make your hands and feet dirty.

But if you want the front of the house to look different, you can design a flower garden with hanging flower pots. This arrangement does not make you dirty when caring for it. Then, maintenance is also easier because you simply lower the flower pot and flush with enough water, and then put it in the sun. But don’t forget to add green grass to the garden area. So that the greenery is more attached. Hopefully, this design can make you happy and be an inspiration for your garden.

Hanging flower garden

Not all plants can be planted on the land. But there are some flowers that are very appropriate to hang on hangers made of wood. Flowers like this are usually always decorated so that the atmosphere where you sit looks romantic. Therefore, this design has been decorated with a garden bench and an antique round table.

By arranging a garden like this, you can design your garden floor with ceramics and make your garden floor dry. But don’t forget to take care of it by pouring enough water, giving fertilizer, and placing it in the sun so that the plants don’t wither and die. If you don’t want your floor to be dirty with soil, you can make this design an idea and inspiration for your dry garden.

Flower garden attached to the wall and green grass

There are many ways for people to decorate their homes to soo their souls. In this picture, you can see the front wall of this house has decorated with red, white, and green flowers, and the ground in front of the house has planted with various flowers and ornamental plants.

Then, in front of the garden planted with lush green grass. Of course, this beauty is because ornamental plants, flowers, and green grass are treated regularly, given fertilizer, and get sunlight. But if you are happy with the colorful flowers in front of the house and the green atmosphere. You can make this design in front of your homes. Happy decorating!

5. Conclusion

If you want to create a dream garden of flowers and green grass in front of your house, we present the best design. To create a beautiful garden, you should understand how to plant and care for it so that your home is more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and aesthetic.

This article has explained several ways to grow and care for plants in your garden. Then to arrange it, of course, you have to take care of it regularly and spend money to buy plants and fertilizer. Hopefully, you can make something like this picture.


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