1. Overview of living room cabinet

Making fresh interior home room design can make you more comfortable and excited to organize the interior of your home. You can make a fresh home design if you make and arrange it properly. For example, the layout of furniture that makes many people happy, such as living room cabinets, antique accessories, and ornamental plants. But you have to pay attention to the model and area of ​​the interior of your room to match the furniture you buy.

We know the living room cupboard is one of the most sacred decorations, especially for the people of Indonesia. Then, the cabinet is like a mirror for the occupants and is a place to store home appliances and accessories. Therefore, the living room needs this, especially in arranging the living room. In addition, the living room cabinet is also part of the interior design that makes the living room feel cozy.

Choosing the best models

Many models of cabinets are displayed in furniture stores. But not all can make you interested in buying it. Therefore, the cabinet model is very influential in your living room. But if you have prepared a plan to buy an antique and artistic wooden cabinet. Next, you have to arrange the right closet so that your living room is not cluttered and cramped. In the example image below, we provide some examples of the best cabinets model that you can place in large and small living rooms. The model and color, of course, must be according to your taste. For that, let’s discuss one by one example of living room cabinets below. Welcome to our article review!

Semi-circle cabinet

This cabinet model looks attractive. The use of unique furniture in the house can make the interior look different. Such as the use of a semicircular type of decorative cabinet above. The living room seems to be the favorite place you visit the most.

Then, to make it look more harmonious, add decorative lights to the left and right of the wardrobe, a sofa set with a table, television, accessories, and attractive wall decorations. With the right arrangement, this wardrobe will look alive and awesome. If you like luxury designs. This wardrobe model can be your idea and inspiration.

Contemporary design cabinet

The use of contemporary design does refer to the selection of materials classified, and the design sometimes collides. But still, look harmonious and aesthetic. Then, decorative cabinets with a contemporary look can also be an option for your living room.

Then, to make the arrangement look cooler, add a sofa set and table, round floor carpet, decorative lights, and television. This design looks modern and minimalist. If you want your living room to look elegant, you can arrange your living room equipment like in this picture. We hope you can make a design like this in your living room.

Multifunctional cabinet design

You can also make a decorative cupboard in the living room multifunctional. One example is a shoe rack. Then, You can put on shoes to make it easier when you want to wear them. Even so, the design can still be attractive, such as teak wood or other types of wood. Then, to look multifunctional, add some little accessories, small flower pots, and an alarm clock. Try this cupboard placed in the corner of the room. So as not to interfere with the view of guests when visiting.

Living room decorative cabinet with partition model

This cabinet is not only used as an aesthetic enhancer in the living room. However, the cabinet can also be used as a partition in the living room. Then you can use it to disguise the privacy in it. Therefore, you can use the type of cabinet with many cavities or the closed model cabinet. Then, to not look empty in the cupboard cavity, you can add accessories, small photo frames, and reading books. With a model like this, you no longer need to create a fixed partition. The advantage of this model is you can move this cupboard to your liking.

Aesthetic low cabinet models

If you like the use of a beautiful bohemian design. You can use a low type of decorative cabinet in the living room. These cabinets will match perfectly with the macrame décor that makes icons in this place. Try to use natural colors in the wardrobe so that they can make your heart at ease.

Then, to look more stunning, add wall hangings from fabric, decorative lights, flower pots, some room accessories, and wall decorations. Arrangements like this can make this low model cabinet look aesthetic in the room. If you want to save four in the living room, you can use this cupboard for displays and others.

Middle century decorative cabinet design

Now we turn to middle-century designs and tend to play with a simple model. But still have characteristics. Decorative cabinets can be made in two colors with a low type. The model is just a sweetener but can’t store a lot of stuff. Then, to look more harmonious with the living room, you can add accessories above the cupboard and flower pots next to the cabinet. This design looks very simple, but its appearance remains minimalist. For those of you who have a small house, this wardrobe can be an idea and inspiration for your living room.

Double material living room cabinet design

If you are bored with monotonous materials, you can use double material in the design of decorative cabinets placed in the living room, such as the use of cabinets made of wood and cover made of iron and glass. The result is definitely different from the others and interesting.

Then, to look more fashionable, this wardrobe is designed in black, with sliding doors. In order not to appear empty, put some accessories in the closet. With an arrangement like this, the wardrobe will look elegant and charming. But if you have a small living room, you can also decorate with this wardrobe.

Minimalist open cabinet design

The next cabinet model is an open type with a terraced model. These cabinets are usually located in minimalist homes and are always used for simple furniture designs. Then, you can use the cube design as above vertically as well.

Then, to look more artistic, you can place some books, accessories, and small flower pots. Then, add a sofa set, decorative lamps with standing models, and flower pots complete with shelves and wall hangings. By arranging it like this, your living room will look artistic and unique. If you have a small living room, this design is suitable for your living room.

Modern minimalist look

If you like a modern look that looks luxurious, the use of a wardrobe set in the living room can be an option. Not only to receive guests, but you and your friends can also chat comfortably in this place. Then, use monochrome colors and make sure you arrange the items in the closet neatly.

Then, to feel more comfortable, add a sofa set and sofa cushions, a guest table, floor carpet, antique decorative lamps, television, and books that are placed in the cupboard. Arrangements like this will add to the atmosphere to be comfortable. Then, you can have a pleasant conversation in this place.

Unique Tropical cabinet display

Tropical designs are not only suitable for modern cafes. Your home can also be made attractive with it. Although decorations like this are widely applied. In this way, you can display a simple decorative cabinet design that tends to be low like in this picture.

Then, to make this wardrobe more attractive, you can add flower pots, ornamental plant pots, accessories, and wall paintings. Arrangements like this will make the living room look attractive to guests. However, this decorative cabinet model is only suitable for a large living room model because this cabinet has a design wide model.

3. Conclusion

If you want to design your living room to look elegant and aesthetic. You can decorate with the best furniture. For that, we present some attractive living room, and cabinet models. We hope this model can make your living room look beautiful, elegant, pleasant, and aesthetic.

In this article, we share ideas to provide input on several models of living room cabinets that you can use as interior decorations for your living room. To have it, of course, you have to spend money. We hope that the model we present can use for you. Happy decorating!



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