– Decorating ideas on a budget certainly will help us to have beautiful home decorations. Moreover, if it has a beautiful impression and doesn’t look monotonous at the same time. A cozy bohemian living room might make us feel comfortable and confident because of having a different home impression with a suitable atmosphere. Choosing suitable furniture and rugs is the best thing that we can add to complete our concept and makes our interior house looks perfect. The design has a warm impression that is also easy to be applied because we don’t need complicated things to create a stunning look.

Generally, there are many designs, shapes, colors of furniture, and decorations that we can choose as long as it is related to the concept. However, sometimes we will feel comfortable if we get some recommendations. That’s why today we will give you suitable bohemian furniture and rugs which are certainly suitable for your bohemian home. If you apply some ideas from us, we will guarantee you can save your money because we adjust them special for you who are on a budget.

How To Decorate My Living Room On A Budget?

Are you looking for decorating ideas on a budget? Do you feel confused about how to decorate your living room on a limited budget? Don’t worry about it because we will give you some ways that might help you to beautify our room.

  1. Don’t buy many things. Before buying new things, we have to think about all of the things that we have and still can be used. It is effective to prevent making you buy anything in large quantity even though we don’t need it.
  2. Utilizing your old things. Are we need new furniture? If we are, we have to pay attention to our old furniture that still can be used. For example, we can utilize our bedroom furniture and move it to the living room. It will make us save our budget and have a beautiful room at the same time.
  3. Decorating your walls. Applying wallpaper, color paintings, pictures, or unique decorations on our walls can create a stunning impression. We can use our unique fabrics to beautify them. It can make our living room look beautiful without buying many things.
  4. Adding plants. If we feel our living room is monotonous or doesn’t have a fresh atmosphere, it means we have to add some plants. Green colors can create a stunning impression and also makes our home doesn’t feel crowded.
  5. Choosing beautiful rugs pattern. Choosing beautiful patterns is a must if we want to add rugs to our home. It should have a unique accent with bright or neutral colors to create an attractive concept. If we feel one rug doesn’t enough so we have to add two layers but in a small size.

Cozy Bohemian Living Room Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Cozy bohemian living room ideas on a budget impression are suitable for people who want to have a comfortable accent to stay all the time. A cozy bohemian living room theme should be applied because it is easy and doesn’t need complicated things that are also preferred for you who are on a budget. This time, we will give you some decorating ideas that might help you while applying the design.

Simple Cozy Bohemian Living Room

Simple cozy bohemian living room
Simple style is always suitable if we have a limited budget

A simple style is always preferred if we have a limited budget but still want to decorate our living room. Applying and combine it with a cozy bohemian living room concept will create a stunning impression. Adding an orange fluffy carpet and a round wooden table can make it feel comfortable. We can complete it with a beige sofa because of having soft materials and is preferred to the design. Hanging some plants as decorations to make our atmosphere feel fresh and also beautifying our living room.

A Big Picture Change The Atmosphere

Brown sofa in the bohemian room
Adding a dark brown sofa to our room

Still simple but have a different atmosphere because of having a big picture on the wall. We can apply this concept if our budget is limited. Don’t forget to add a green and light brown carpet as a pedestal under the table. If you want to make it look large, we recommend adding a white rectangle table with a brown sofa. Whitewall is suitable for you who want to have a room that will be beautiful to add all furniture styles. Decorating ideas on a budget for a cozy bohemian living room from us is the best choice to be chosen.

Plants Decorations

Green accent in the cozy bohemian living room
Adding some plants to the room

Applying wooden flooring tiles and combine them with plant recommendations can create a natural impression of our home. A dark brown carpet can be added to the floor if we want to make it have a strong bohemian design accent. A light grey sofa with many little pillows will make it feel cozy and give a plus value. If we want to make it have warm and bright lighting, we have to install string light bulbs on the wall. We recommend adding some pictures to the wall because it will create an attractive accent.

Beige Cozy Bohemian Living Room Concept

beige cozy bohemian living room concept
Beige living room concept

A beige color concept gives us a warm atmosphere and also an aesthetic impression. It is suitable to be applied. To apply a cozy bohemian living room on a budget, the first thing that we have to do is add a round wooden table and rattan chair to create a natural accent. A white sofa with colorful pillows can be chosen to make it look harmonious in furniture selection. Adding a beige ornamental plant will make the living room have a fascinating decoration.

Metal Coffee Table With Beige Furniture

Aesthetic cozy bohemian living room
Simple furniture and a coffee table in the cozy bohemian living room

Rattan cushions are beautiful because of having natural light brown color that will look harmonious if we add them to the cozy bohemian living room ideas. Applying solid wooden tiles can make it have a natural concept and also prevent ruining the design which we have applied. It is a suitable concept for people who love simple but beautiful living room decorating ideas.

Choosing Furniture For Bohemian Living Room

Furniture is an important element that should be added to our home if we want to make perfect decorating design ideas. We have to pay attention to its materials, shape, and styles in order to make a mistake while choosing then buying it. This time, we will give you bohemian furniture for living room recommendations.

Dark Green Bohemian Dressing Table

Dark green dress table
A dressing table for bohemian living room

Do you want to add a dressing table in your living room? It doesn’t weird precisely give a unique impression. However, before adding it, we should choose suitable color and we recommend dark green because it will be suitable. It also can be combined with other furniture even we combine industrial and bohemian design.

Bohemian Drawer

Bohemian unique drawer patterns
Colorful color from the pattern creates a different look

Adding drawing to your living room will make you have space to add something that you need while spending time. We can also add some decorations like flowers or anything that can beautify the room on it. Bohemian living room furniture should have a unique pattern with bright colors like in the picture above.

Floral Pattern Single Sofa

Colorful floral pattern single sofa
A single sofa is suitable for a small living room

Besides we have to add decorations, we also should add a sofa to make us feel comfortable while spending time in our living room. If we have a small space, a single sofa with a beautiful floral pattern like in the picture above can be chosen.

Bohemian Rugs For Living Room

To create a warm atmosphere, we recommend adding bohemian living room rug decorating ideas instead of just having suitable colors. There are many patterns and colors that we can choose but this time we will give you some recommendations.

Turtle Bohemian Rug Patterns

Turtle bohemian rug patterns
Turtle patterns look unique with colorful concept

For people who want to have an animal pattern, we recommend choosing a turtle to create a unique accent. Bohemian rugs for a living room should have a colorful concept with white color, to make it look beautiful and simple at the same time.

Round Bohemian Rugs

Round floral pattern rugs
Adding a round shape can make the room feel wide

If you feel bored with square or rectangle shapes, we have to choose round rug ideas for the bohemian living room to create a different look. It doesn’t have many different functions and is still suitable to be added to the living room.


Bohemian decorating ideas on a budget for a living room from us are certainly easy to be applied. We just to pay attention to choose furniture and rugs for a living room. Hopefully, our recommendations and ideas might help you to apply the design.


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