1. Overview of the balcony

In addition to the above understanding, a balcony or terrace also has another meaning. Another meaning of the balcony is the upper porch. The usual balcony on the top floor has used for relaxing, sunbathing, and gathering with family.

In addition, building a balcony can make the house healthy because it can breathe fresh air while enjoying the view below. Having a balcony in the apartment, you can reduce your stress during a full day’s work. By green designing it to be a place to relieve your stress, you will avoid stress diseases that cause a stroke. But if you can use the balcony for your fitness can make you healthier and more enthusiastic in carrying out daily activities. In this article, we will share ideas to make you comfortable and make you healthy. Let’s follow the review below.

2. Designing the right balcony

Making an apartment balcony look beautiful and charming, of course, requires the best design. Many design models depict balconies with accents, such as minimalist, Scandinavian, vintage, and traditional. Therefore, you can determine the best model that suits your apartment model.

Now, many homeowners are designing their balconies with minimalist and Scandinavian designs because this design is simple, brighter, and doesn’t involve a lot of furniture. However, some people also design vintage and traditional. Of course, it is adjusting to the natural conditions and your tastes. But if you want to enjoy the scenery, such as mountains and cities, you can design a traditional living room, an open living room, and a coffee shop. But what you need to pay attention to is don’t make a balcony that doesn’t match the area of ​​your apartment because it will cause the place to be cramped and make it difficult for you to move.

3. Balcony function

We know that the presence of a balcony can make you more comfortable and divorced. With a balcony, the appearance of the house, especially the exterior design, has a plus. The house appears with a high aesthetic value and to be a coveted place for families. For the optimal front of the apartment, don’t forget to design the balcony according to your house model. In this way, the house becomes more stylish, beautiful, and not plain.

In addition, the balcony function can also use as a place to dry clothes because this area can make clothes dry quickly. In addition, the balcony you can use for channeling the hobby of gardening. So that plants will thrive because they can be easily exposed to sunlight and outside air. Then, in this place, you can put your favorite types of plants and take care of them on this balcony area.

4. Furniture used.

As far as we know, decorating the balcony can make stunning guests. Then, you can make more attractive decorations, such as adding a sofa set, coffee shop chairs and tables, lounge chairs that you can use for sunbathing, beautiful ornamental plants and flowers, and attractive wall accessories. However, all arrangements must be adjusted to the model of your balcony so that it does not become narrow.

Then, to avoid being exposed to rain and heat, you can cover your balcony with a pergola made of iron or wood. Meanwhile, to be more comfortable, make a balcony roof with transparent fiberglass so that sunlight enters your balcony area. But for those of you who are not comfortable with the hot sun, you can cover your balcony with a tarp or dark fiberglass. Make sure your balcony cover can make you comfortable under it. So it doesn’t interfere with your meeting with your guests or your rest.

5. Some examples of apartment balconies

In this article, we share ideas to provide some examples of attractive balconies for your apartment. The balcony designs range from simple to luxurious. Then, the model has adjusted to the location. We hope that one of the examples of this design can be your idea and inspiration. For that, let’s discuss one by one the images below. Welcome to the review.

Modern Natural Balcony

Modern balconies with natural designs don’t always have to be surrounded by brown wood, and you can create a natural feel by placing artificial grass on the balcony floor. Then, to look more attractive, you can mix and match with a bright-colored wall or fence such as white and put benches to relax in this area and add ornamental plants to look green.

Design with a wood feel

A comfortable balcony can design with the best wood. Then, wood materials are always used for the balcony floor. But if you like various types of plants, you can make them with it. That way, the wood design, and greenery will blend perfectly. Of course, It can see when you are relaxing, and it looks cool and more beautiful.

Then, to look cool, you can add a rattan chair with white foam and sofa cushions complete with a table. Don’t forget to add ornamental plants and flowers to the pot to feel the green atmosphere. You can also add accessories to make your balcony look unique and aesthetic.

Minimalist balcony design

A simple and elegant design is the hallmark of a minimalist design. You can apply this design to your apartment balcony. Minimalist balconies are usually surrounded by glass to limit the space in the apartment. Minimalism is synonymous with neutral or monochrome colors such as white, gray, and black.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add luxurious guest chairs and ornamental plants. Do not forget to install a fence so as not to endanger your family. With an arrangement like this, your apartment balcony will feel fun and make you more excited to work.

Classic style balcony

The classic-style balcony turns out to have many fans. Of course, you always see the classic balcony with a simple railing. That is one of the characteristics of a balcony with this style. Then, to add a beautiful impression, you can put furniture such as rattan chairs with white foam seat covers and tables that also have classic designs. You can also add ornamental plants and flowers to beautify your balcony area. With this arrangement, your balcony design will feel more comfortable.

Balcony with modern design

Modern balconies are usually simple than other types. You cans see this balcony has decorated in a simple but luxurious look. Then, to make the residents more comfortable, you can install a large white umbrella above the guest chairs and tables so that it doesn’t feel hot during the day. Then, decorate the balcony wall with decorative lights to make it bright and beautiful at night. In addition, you are more confident to invite your business friends to talk in this place. We hope this arrangement can be your idea and inspiration.

Balcony with garden design

For those of you who live in apartments in the city and you don’t have land for gardening. But you don’t need to worry because you can decorate your balcony to become a flower garden and ornamental plants. Therefore, you can design it according to your taste. So it looks beautiful, and you can channel your hobby.

Then, to make it look more attractive, design the balcony floor with a wooden floor, then place a wooden garden bench complete with sofa cushions, decorative lights, and some accessories. With this arrangement, you will feel at home on the balcony while enjoying your favorite flowers.

Balcony with design in the mountains

If you have an apartment in a mountainous area, you want a balcony design that will amaze your guests. The position of your apartment facing the mountains can make you want to enjoy the view of the mountains when you are not active. For that, you can arrange your apartment balcony using wood material. We know wood material can reduce cold air.

Then, to make it look more fun, you can add wooden chairs and a table where you can sit gazing at the mountains and enjoying the fresh air. In this place, you can also add ornamental plants and wall lights. With a design like this, you can use your balcony as a meeting place with your business friends.

Luxury balcony design

Having an apartment in the city is everyone’s dream. Moreover, your apartment faces the center of the crowd in the city. But to make you cheerful, of course, you want a beautiful and luxurious balcony apartment design. Therefore, this balcony design is very suitable for apartments in the city.

Then, to make you and your family cheerful, you can add luxurious armchairs, wooden tables, accessories, and decorative lights to illuminate your balcony. With a design like this, you can bring your business partners to talk while enjoying the view of the city. I hope you are more excited!

Simple but comfortable balcony

You don’t need to worry about having a simple apartment balcony in the city because not all balconies have a design with luxurious. Therefore, you must be smart to arrange your balcony to make it more comfortable. By decorating your balcony with simple chairs complete with a table, then adding ornamental plants and flowers, the atmosphere on your balcony will be more comfortable. Then, the front view of your apartment will be more elegant and charming.

Beautiful balcony with flowers

The balcony is a place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere in the morning and evening. We know the balcony is not only in the house, but the apartment also has it. Therefore, if you want to decorate it to look like there is greenery, of course, you can put plants that have the power to change the room to be warmer. Then, the plants you use on the balcony depend on the available space and the amount of sunlight. In this way, the plant will live and thrive.

Then, to make it look more fun, add a beautiful garden chair, an artistic wooden table, and a beautiful flower pot. That way, it can make you relax while enjoying the fresh air in the morning sun without the need to leave the apartment.

6. Conclusion

If you want to design a comfortable apartment balcony with a green atmosphere. We give some examples of attractive balcony designs. Then, to look elegant, beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing, you should look for some inspiration to make your patio design feel comfortable.

In this article, we provide some inspiration for apartment balcony pictures. We hope this design can suit your taste and add to your ideas and inspiration. Hopefully, this article can use for you. Happy decorating!


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