– For having a comfortable place you do not need a large space. Especially, for those of you who live in a small apartment or dorm. You can utilize the unused room such as a balcony as a comfortable place.

It would be very fun to spend the leisure time in the comfortable balcony by seeing the city view from above. You can invite your friends to your beautiful balcony and chit-chat with them while enjoying the tea.

For you who want to turn your small balcony into a beautiful and comfortable balcony, we have summarized The Best Ideas to Have A Beautiful Small Apartment Balconies in The City

Add Some Plant to The Balcony

The first idea of The Best Ideas to Have A Beautiful Small Apartment Balconies in The City is adding some plants to the balcony. The color produced by plants will make your small balcony look attractive and beautiful. Besides, the plants will make the air in your balcony fresh. In this way, you will feel comfortable to linger here.

Using Colorful Items

For those of you who want to have a beautiful balcony, you can use colorful items. In this way, your balcony will not only look beautiful but also look fun and attractive. You can use some colorful pillows and put in on the chair. Arrange neatly until look like a couch.

Using The Wall Displays

If you want to have a beautiful balcony, you should not miss decorating the balcony wall. You can use the wall displays and hang it on the empty wall. Try to choose the display that matches with your balcony design.

Make A Balcony As A Dinner Place

Make a balcony as a romantic place is not a bad idea. Spend your time with the beloved one and enjoy the food by seeing the city view from above is really nice. You just have to decorate the balcony with Tumblr lamp, some plants, table and chairs of course, and to make it more attractive you can add small carpet. To make the atmosphere more romantic, you can add some candles and arrange it neatly.

Hanging Swing Chair

By using the hanging swing chair, your balcony will look more beautiful. Besides, it will make you feel comfortable there. You can sit and enjoy the city view while playing your smartphone or reading the book. A comfortable place will be the main destination for you to relax.

Small Sofa

Because the narrow room does not allow you to use a large sofa. However, don’t worry, you can use a small sofa and make it as comfortable as possible. In this way, you can still have a beautiful balcony in your apartment.

Small Hanging Table

Using a table will take place for your small balcony. However, that does not mean you cannot use a table on the balcony. You can use the small hanging table that you can find easily. In this way, you can still put your glass there. To make your balcony look more beautiful, you can also place a small plant there.


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