Do you own a small balcony? Are you fond of gardening and dream to have a beautiful garden in your balcony that thrives year round? In this blog, you will find some garden balcony ideas which can turn your micro space in to a little retreat.

  • Balconies connect your home interior with nature and also encourage you to spend
    more time outdoors. Here are some inspiring ideas which can transform your small
    balcony or patio into a wonderful and welcoming oasis:
  • A bistro set with small chairs and comfortable bench having decorative pillows, some
    colourful decorative pots with blooming seasonal plants and outdoor lanterns are a
    great way to make outstanding and comfortable small balconies.
  • A strategically positioned outdoor floor rug and a comfortable wood furniture can
    define your outdoor seating area in a practical yet attractive way.
  • Balcony hanging pots from the ceiling and screens for climbing plants can add shade
    to your balcony and help keep your interiors comfortable in summer. You may keep
    a base of evergreen plants. However, some seasonal additions can be done for
  • Simple outdoor lighting can boost the functionality of any outdoor living space.
    Modern outdoor lighting fixtures can add a modern flair to small outdoor areas.
    Vintage lighting lamps in retro styles can blend originality with their classic designs,
    creating stunning outdoor seating areas.
  • Wind chimes can be a perfect addition to the décor. They bring a natural feel into
    any space while creating a tranquil environment. Outdoor water fountains look very
    eye catching with green plants and flowers.
  • Small garden decorations are available on many online stores which can beautifully
    accentuate your small outdoor spaces. Hanging crafts can personalize patios,
    porches and balcony designs and work wonderfully with colourful flowers and green
  • Top dressings such as pebbles, wood bark chips, slate pieces or agricultural grit can
    add a good finishing touch to the garden pots while also unifying them aesthetically.
    The soil in the pots dries out quickly, and top dressing prevents water from
    evaporating quickly.

Fresh air is essential for your body, and being surrounded by plants will boost your health,
connect you with nature and elevate your mood. All these ideas will help in adding charm to your home decor and turn your outdoor living spaces into peaceful and rejuvenating

Best Plants for Balcony Garden


In warm climatic conditions, Marigold is a good flowering plant to grow as it needs very low maintenance.


This plant has beautiful flowers and can even grow in small pots. However, it will need good soil and proper care.


It is one of the best garden plants you can grow in small pot or a wooden box to enhance
the aesthetics of your house. It has a unique fragrance and is available in multiple colours.


It is available in different colours like purple, blue and white, and looks truly beautiful in a
balcony garden due to its bulbous size.

Snake plant

It is an effective air purifier and requires very low maintenance. It can sustain even low availability of sunlight.

Aloe Vera

This plant has thick and serrated edges which are best suited for indoor growth. They are
resistant to insects.


This hardy and showy plant is resistant to both pests and diseases. It comes in pink, red,
orange and white colour. It is regarded as one of the best quality plants in terms of
aesthetics due to its attractive colour.

Money plant

This attractive plant has round and flat leaves. It requires very little maintenance. It also
removes gaseous pollutants from the air.


This balcony plant is ideal for Indian climatic conditions. It can also be used as a table top

Spider plant

The slender long leaves of spider plant can add wow factor to your small balcony. The leaves of the plant have a beautiful white streak either in the centre or on the edges.


This plant has great cultural as well as religious significance. It is a good mosquito repellent
and has medicinal properties. It is also used as a culinary herb in many Southeast Asian and Italian cuisines.

Jade plant

This low maintenance plant can be easily grown in the balcony. It is thought to bring good
luck to the house where it is grown. It is ideal for small balconies due to its small size, low
maintenance, and convenient installation.

Dragon tree

This plant has a very tough root system and can survive anywhere. With a colourful foliage,
it looks very attractive. It can grow up to 6 feet in height and acts as a natural air purifier.


For a newly made balcony garden, palm is certainly the best choice. Being a succulent plant, it can store water in its trunk. It is very convenient to maintain this plant and it will easily grow in your balcony.


It is a perfect balcony plant and is loved for its small yet gorgeous red or pink flowers. Due to their small size, people mainly prefer to keep a set of adenium plants in their home.

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