– Christmas is one of the big days that people waiting for. Gathering and enjoying the Christmas vibe with families on this day.

Usually, in welcoming the Christmas day people will decorate their house with Christmas stuff before the days of Christmas. There are so many stores that sell the Christmas stuff. So, you can find it easily.

To make your house look attractive, you need to figure out the design first. There are so many designs that you can choose before decorating your house with Christmas decorations.

For those of you who are a simple person, applying Scandinavian Christmas design is the right idea. In this design, your house will still look simple but will get the Christmas vibe for your house.

For you who are interested to apply Scandinavian Christmas design, here we have provided Tips for Applying Scandinavian Christmas Design That Will Make Your House Look Attractive. So, let’s check it out!

Choose Minimalist Christmas Tree


Christmas tree is the main item that you must have on Christmas day. Usually, people will use the big or medium Christmas tree in their houses. But, for you who want to make it simple and modern, you can choose the minimalist Christmas tree.

Using the minimalist Christmas tree does not mean you could not decorate it like the big tree. You can add the Christmas balls there. You can also add the string light there. The light produced by the string light will make the Christmas tree look more attractive especially in the afternoon.

White Candle Holder

Diy decorating scandinavian christmas 07

One of the characteristics of Scandinavian is using white as a base color. On Christmas Day, the candle is one of the items that will make the atmosphere of your house warm and comfortable. So, do not miss this one.

The candle also can be used as a display and will make the interior of your house look beautiful. You just need to decorate it as good as possible. Pinecone is one of the items that you can use by putting it into the candle holder.

Hang Simple Leaf Wreath

35+ The Most Alluring Scandinavian Christmas Decoration Ideas

There are so many types of a wreath that you can use to decorate your house in welcoming a Christmas Day. Usually, this item will be used to decorate the door entrance. Because Scandinavian prefers to use simple things, you can choose the simple leaf wreath. Hang it on the door, wall, stairs, or figures.

Simple Firebox Decoration

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Christmas Day always followed by winter. So, the firebox will be used to make your room feel warm. In addition, the firebox is an important spot that will affect your interior room. For you who want to make your room look attractive, you have to decorate it as simple as good. Try to use one or two natural colors in decorating this.


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