Scaffolding is a temporary platform, often used in construction and some home improvement project to safely elevate and support any workers working at height. A scaffolding structure will also support any materials and tools used during the construction project.

Ensuring the safety of any workers is important, so you need to ensure the right structure is erected. Therefore it’s imperative to look for a company who will provide equipment and services alongside the highest possible quality of service.

With so many scaffolding companies to choose from, it can almost seem nerve-wracking to choose a company to work with. Continue reading to take a look at a few factors you should consider when looking for a scaffolding company.

The Right Experience and Lots of It

Before you purchase anything, of course, you want to do some research and make sure it’s worth your money. You should always make sure that you use the same criteria when choosing a scaffolding contractor. Check out reviews and ask to see some examples of their past work to make sure they’re the company you want to work with and trust with your project.

If your building has any particularly unique features or will be hard to access, make sure to ask the company how they would go about working on the project and if they’ve worked on any jobs similar to your situation.


In the unfortunate event of something going wrong or someone getting hurt, when your chosen company is either putting up or taking down the scaffolding you’ve hired, make sure the company has the right insurance. Working with scaffolding is incredibly high risk, so every company should be fully insured and covered to protect them in the case of an accident.

Unfortunately, there are a variety of problems that could potentially affect scaffolders at work. These include theft or material, workers falling from height or workers dropping tools and equipment and putting both those on and underneath the structure in danger.

In the UK, it is a legal requirement that any company with employees has employer’s liability insurance. As the person responsible for employing the scaffolding contractors, you are responsible for ensuring that the company you choose has the appropriate insurance.

Employer liability insurance will ensure that in the unfortunate event that any damage is done to property or people, they are fully insured and fully covered.

Good Testimonials and Reviews

A scaffolding company with lots of positive testimonials and customer reviews won’t necessarily need to advertise themselves and their services too much, and for a very good reason! The best way to find a scaffolding contractor you want to work with is through recommendations. Ask your friends and family if they’ve previously worked with any companies that have provided a good service and they would happily recommend for your project. That way, you know you can trust your friends and the contractors you hire.

Is The Scaffolding Within Your Budget?

This almost goes without saying, but you will want to make sure that you can afford the services your chosen company provides. Make sure to have a good budget in mind that you can afford, then put aside some time to ring each company and get a quote. Using these quotes you receive, you can compare prices and filter out any that seem way too expensive.

On the other hand, it’s not the best idea to opt for the cheapest service either. If you have been given a low quote from one company, this could be a bad sign. They may not have the same level of experience than others or may not provide the quality of service you expect, which could end up costing you more money in the future. Never cut any corners on quality or safety.

Ensuring that you choose the right scaffolding contractor for your project is vital. Make sure that you consider all the points above, do lots of research and make sure that no corners are cut in terms of both safety and quality.

Be sure to contact local companies such as ASC Edinburgh Ltd, leading Scaffolding Erectors Glasgow. They will more than likely be able to provide you with any advice you need on scaffolding and make sure that you are receiving the expert service you need.


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