1. Overview of minimalist terrace

Residents with limited land have to be extra creative to outsmart the lack of space. The most common way is to make one room have two functions at once. One room that is often put together, for example, is the living room and family room. This is of course the right solution, it’s just that there is privacy that must be sacrificed. For introverts, privacy issues may be a big issue. If the visitor is a close relative, it doesn’t matter, but if you just know each other? Because he has visited, like it or not, the owner of the house has to accept him inside, right? Turning the front porch of the house into an outdoor living room is the solution!

2. Ideas and inspiration

Ideas and inspiration for making a terrace an open living room are the right solutions to add to the room. In this way, you can have extra room to accept guests. The most important thing is to make an attractive terrace design so you are more confident to welcome them. Therefore, in this review, we provide some beautiful and enchanting terrace design ideas and inspiration. We hope that the reviews below can be a guide for you to organize the room in your house. For that, let’s follow our review below. Hopefully useful for you and your family. Welcome to our review!

Long terrace model

The first design is a terrace with an elongated shape. This is one of the terrace designs that can be applied to a minimalist home. You can decorate your terrace with various ornamental plants, such as hanging plants, grasses, and so on.

This design has lots of space on the front of the terrace that can be used for hanging plants. In addition to beautifying the terrace, plants will also make the house design more beautiful and cool. So that the occupants of the house are more comfortable lingering on the terrace. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can equip it with a sofa, a table for placing drinks, a ceiling fan to reduce heat, and spotlights on the ceiling.

Luxurious minimalist terrace design

The next terrace design is a minimalist concept terrace with a luxurious floor. This design is widely used by elite housing because the shape of the terrace looks very elegant when choosing the right floor.

They use terrace colors floor that can be applied, namely brown and white. The design of the terrace floor of this house gives a simple and elegant impression. Then, the terrace of this house is very appropriate for homes that have large enough land. Then, to make it look beautiful, this terrace is equipped with patio chairs and tables, beautiful ornamental plants, and some wooden furniture. That way, it looks luxurious and modern.

Simple terrace model

This terrace design uses the concept of a simple terrace house. The design is perfect for homes that are not too big. Therefore, you can make the terrace of this house with the right color selection, such as adding small ornaments to decorate it.

The terrace concept of this house is perfect for a type 36 house. Apart from not taking up space, the terrace concept for this house is also very contemporary, suitable for subside homes. To make it look more attractive, you can complement the terrace with patio chairs and ornamental plants. That way, you can sit back and enjoy the free air.

Asymmetrical terrace model

The next house terrace design is asymmetrical. The concept of this one terrace is very contemporary and also blends with the style of the past. You can put ornamental plants around the terrace of the house. Then put other ornaments as a complement to give a cool and natural impression. Many modern homes have implemented an asymmetrical terrace design because it is more elegant. You guys can try this home terrace design for your first home. But don’t forget you have to choose furniture that fits the model of the room.

Minimalist front porch design

Minimalist house terrace design with a ceramic motif design that is decorated with a number of ornamental plants can be your inspiration. To make the terrace more attractive, you can choose the right and trendy exterior paint, such as gray or white.

The minimalist home design will definitely make the terrace more aesthetic. Even more so if you use natural stone. You can add a small garden in front of the terrace so that it can give a natural and natural impression on the terrace of your house.

2-story minimalist terrace house

If you have a 2-level house, a minimalist 2-story terrace design can also be an inspiration for those of you who have a terraced house. You can use this terrace to make it look elegant and luxurious. Usually, this terrace is not used for 2-story houses that have a rooftop on the top.

The design of the terrace of this house is currently booming, because it looks luxurious by using natural stones around the walls. Using a terraced terrace design can emphasize the house, especially if your house is in a very strategic location. With this arrangement, the exterior of your home design will look aesthetically pleasing.

Tropical modern house terrace

The next design that is no less good is the tropical modern terrace design. This terrace design uses plants as a natural garden. Designs like this are indeed very effective in making the terrace of the house aesthetic and also look natural.

In addition, this terrace design will create a beautiful and pleasant impression when viewed from the outside. A solid pyramid roof can be used to protect the terrace room inside. This is one of the most popular and widely used home terrace designs. With this arrangement, your terrace design will look more attractive.

Futuristic house terrace model

The next house terrace design is a futuristic design. The design used is actually simple and does not require a large room or area to make it. With the concept of a box on the terrace, it can also make your home get a modern impression. This design is perfect for a modern and minimalist 1-story house. You can combine some furniture, such as patio chairs, tables for placing drinks, and potted plants on the front porch of the house to make it look aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

Air ventilation design through the glass window

One of the most widely used designs in Indonesian homes is the ventilation terrace model. The presence of ventilation such as glass windows that can be opened and closed provides many benefits, which can provide fresh air to enter the room, thus making the house cooler and healthier.

In addition, ventilation can provide better lighting for your home. Lots of people use the terrace of the house with open ventilation because more air enters and looks cooler from the inside to the outside.

Natural terrace model

Beautiful garden designs are very popular with homeowners. Therefore, you can apply the natural concept to a minimalist home terrace. In addition, you can apply this terrace to a 2-story house because it resembles a rooftop. You can also use a wooden or natural rock to give a natural impression to the contents of the house.

The design of the terrace of the house with a natural concept is indeed a lot of people like because it can be a place for children to play for family gatherings. Then, you can apply this home terrace design with additional furniture in the form of pillows, sofas, tables, and other ornaments. With a concept like the picture above, your home terrace design will feel comfortable.

All white design

This outdoor living room has a size of 4 x 7 meters. With an area like that, finally, the homeowner renovated the roof of the front porch of the house, so it looked more attractive. Then for the roof, the homeowner uses mild steel as a frame and transparent fiberglass as a cover. To make it look more attractive, this terrace is equipped with white terrace chairs and tables for placing drinks. To make it look more harmonious, the floors, fences, and pergolas are also painted white. But do not look monotonous, in the corner of the room are given ornamental plants. With this arrangement, your white terrace looks more attractive.

Industrial design

There are various ways for homeowners to add space to their homes in order to meet their needs. As you can see in the picture above. This one outdoor living room has an industrial concept. The floor design is decorated with black and white ceramic motifs, making this room thicker with an industrial style.

Then, to make it look more attractive, the owner of this house complimented the terrace benches with wood covered with black foam. Then, it is decorated with flower pots of ornamental plants made of rattan and wicker. Meanwhile, the table for placing drinks is made of white plastic woven. With this arrangement, the exterior of your home will look artistic and aesthetic.

The open living room chairs and table are made of wood

This terrace design looks natural. Tables for eating and drinking which are made of logs add to the impression of being outdoors. With limited house space, the owner of this house added a floor to the terrace of his house between the floor and the garden. Now he is taking advantage of the additional area for an open-air lounge. Wooden chairs are the right choice for outdoor areas. It’s just that, make sure the selected wooden living room chair is wood that is strong in all weather such as teak. To add a more natural atmosphere, the walls are designed with exposed brick without plaster. With this arrangement, the exterior of your home will look aesthetically pleasing.

Tiny minimalist house terrace

If you have limited land in front of your house, don’t bother. Limited land can be used as functional space. You can simply add a wooden chair and a coffee table that are combined into one design. In addition, this super tiny room can be transformed into an open living room for you to sit back and relax with your family. To make it look cooler, you can add patterned carpets and ornamental plants to the iron rack that is placed on the side. In addition, you can put decorative plant pots in the corner of the room to make it feel more comfortable. With an arrangement like this, you will be happy to enjoy the free air while sitting and drinking coffee.

Balcony for open living room

Limited land for the house should not be an obstacle for you to be creative in designing a house. You definitely need an additional room to relax with your family. Apart from that, you also want to breathe open air in the morning and evening. So for those of you who have spare space on the balcony of your house, you can turn it into an open living room. To make it look more attractive, design the fence with glass, then the terrace floor with beautiful wood motifs. Meanwhile, guest chairs and tables can be placed on the covered terrace. That way, your terrace will look beautiful.

Green terrace

As there is a saying from the eye to the heart, so is the case with the house. The front porch model of the house can actually give a special first impression. As you can see in the picture above, this terrace has decorated in all green colors, such as a beautiful sofa set, and ornamental plants that are on the fence, and hanging from the ceiling of the terrace.

Moreover, at this time the design of the terrace of the house is increasingly diverse, not only in the form of courtyards and plain floors but all decorative elements are placed on the terrace to make it look more attractive. This is because many people use the terrace as a place to relax and just do hobbies, such as gardening or raising ornamental fish. Therefore, for those of you who like the atmosphere of open nature and free air, you can use this image as your inspiration.

Terrace all wood material

Terrace designs are made with a variety of models. As you can see in the picture above, terraces that use wood material are very attractive and can give a calming natural impression to the homeowner. Besides being beautiful, the use of wood material on the terrace can also make the house feel cool.

However, because they are always exposed to sunlight and rain, use mahogany, and teak wood, which are durable and not easily damaged. To make the atmosphere feel more relaxed, you can complete the terrace with chairs and a coffee table, colorfully patterned sofa cushions, and some ornamental plants that are beneficial for health. That way, you will feel at home and happy to be in this place while enjoying warm coffee.

Artistic terrace

This last terrace design looks full of colors and decorations. By cultivating vacant land to become a terrace you will get additional space. Then you can complete it with wooden benches, beautiful floor tiles, ornamental plants in every corner of the room and hang them from the ceiling, and interesting knick-knacks. To make it look natural, the owner of this house didn’t put on a chair but designed a wooden bench. Then affixed to the wall. With this arrangement, the exterior of your home is pleasing to the eye. Happy decorating!

Terrace with flower decoration

As we know, almost everyone likes colorful flowers. Flowers can give someone a romantic look. Therefore, flowers are symbolized by someone’s declaration of love. If you collect beautiful flowers, you can make them as terrace decorations. However, make sure you arrange the flower pots neatly so they don’t fall apart. To make you relax and enjoy your favorite flower. complete with long benches and tables to put drinks. That way, your front porch garden design will look more aesthetic.

Terrace with rustic design

The rustic concept is synonymous with the use of wood in furniture. Generally, terraces like this also use cement laminated floors. This is what will create a more comfortable impression. To decorate the room, you can use unused furniture, such as an old cupboard, which you can use as a coffee table. As for the living room, you can equip an old-fashioned guest chair as you can see in this picture. To make the atmosphere feel fresher, you can decorate this living room with decorative plant pots. That way the interior of your living room will be pleasing to the eye.

Classical European-style terrace

Next, the model of the front porch of a classic European-style house. The classic look gives a comfortable and homey impression with a touch of natural colors, such as light blue, green, and white. In addition, in general, classic European-style terraces use wood materials, from the floor to the walls of the house. This is what makes the terrace look more attractive. To create a relaxed atmosphere, they decorated the terrace with decorative plant pots, patio chairs, and a table for placing drinks. Usually, a terrace like this has designed to face a green grass garden. That way, the green atmosphere is increasingly attached to this open living room.

3. Conclusion

Those are some outdoor living room designs that we can recommend. We hope that our review above will suit your taste. Then, make the exterior of your house look aesthetically pleasing, attractive, beautiful, and pleasing to the eye. But if our reviews are not to your taste, feel free to book with a home decor company. That way, you can direct with the design you want. Hopefully, our review above can be useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!




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