1. Overview of the kitchen

It is undeniable, every home definitely needs a kitchen. This is because the kitchen is one part of the house that also requires extra attention so that it always looks beautiful and charming. However, many also think that this area of ​​the house is difficult to decorate as beautifully as possible because of its function as a place to process food.

You can imagine, the activities of processing red meat, cooking seafood, and peeling spices, of course, make the kitchen vulnerable to dirt and smell so that it doesn’t look pretty anymore. Because of this, many people are currently creating two kitchens with different functions, namely wet and dry kitchens.

2. The difference between wet and dry kitchens

A wet comfortable kitchen design is an area for processing raw food such as red meat, seafood, vegetables, and others. The ‘actual’ cooking activities take place in this kitchen, and usually, the dishes that are made are also classified as heavy dishes.

While the dry kitchen is a kitchen area that is usually intended for preparing fast food dishes, its activities are more concise and can be a place for family gatherings. For that, let’s follow an interesting dry kitchen design review.

Appropriate work area placement

To make it easier for you to prepare food, the arrangement of a minimalist dry kitchen is not as complicated as a wet kitchen. However, you still have to pay attention to the layout of the appropriate area, such as the placement of the refrigerator or cabinet for cooking ingredients, cooking utensils, storage for plates and glasses, to the table for eating dishes, you need to pay attention to the layout. So that it not only makes your activities more comfortable and concise but still makes the minimalist dry kitchen look charming and neat. For that, let’s look at the dry kitchen reviews below. Welcome to our review!

Selection of furniture

Even if you have an aesthetic kitchen design, don’t forget to choose furniture that suits your taste and your kitchen. This is important in arranging a minimalist dry kitchen. Then pay attention, to the size, amount of furniture, materials, and other technical matters to consider in order to maximize the appearance of the kitchen. A minimalist impression can also be obtained from the selection of furniture and colors. You can be as creative as you wish, but don’t go out of the way with a minimalist design. To make it look beautiful and natural, you can combine it with white exposed brick, decorative plants, and wooden shelves. That way your kitchen design will look more attractive.

Replace the dining table with a mini ​​bar

One of the functions of a dry kitchen is as a family gathering place. Therefore, a dining table is needed to accommodate family members when eating together. However, presence of a dining table is usually available in a separate dining room, because it is more official.

So if your minimalist dry kitchen is not that wide, then a kitchen design with a mini bar can be an option. A kitchen with a minibar is a more compact and simple substitute for a dining table. Besides that, a minibar is also very suitable when combined with a minimalist design concept. So you don’t need a big space. The presence of a mini bar is enough to become a casual gathering area for family and relatives. Not only is it a gathering place, but a mini bar can also change the appearance of a minimalist dry kitchen to be more aesthetic and beautiful. That way, guests who come to the house will also be fascinated by the look of your dry kitchen.

Choose the right decorative elements

The role of decoration in a minimalist dry kitchen is no less important. Choose decorations that support the overall kitchen concept. It doesn’t need to be too stiff, as long as you can combine it correctly from the type of material, color, texture, and so on.

If the dry kitchen is dominated by neutral colors like white, you can use decorations with colors that are a bit striking but not too far from the dominant color tone. But if you are confused, then clear green ornamental plants can be a safe option. The presence of ornamental plants can make a minimalist dry kitchen livelier and fresher.

Beautiful design

If you have a dry kitchen, you don’t need to do maintenance every day. You only need to wipe it occasionally because cooking activities tend to be in a wet kitchen. For you to know, the function of this kitchen is as a gathering place and is often made together with the dining room or family room. Therefore, the selection of furniture, such as dining tables, chairs, storage drawers, kitchen sets, and antique lamps mounted on the ceiling is a top priority. To look beautiful and harmonious in your dry kitchen design.

Kitchen position

Besides placing beautiful kitchen furniture, another thing you need to think about with a dry kitchen is its position in the room. The dry kitchen has a location close to the family room. The goal is to make it easier to prepare food for serving. In addition, also adds to the beauty of the interior of the room.

A dry kitchen should also have simple cutlery and cooking utensils. However, not for cooking from scratch. Its function is indeed to make simple and easy meals to serve, such as making cereal, coffee, and tea before breakfast. So, you don’t have to bother going to the wet kitchen. In this way, your kitchen design will look simple.

Color design that matches the interior of the room

As you know, a dry kitchen also pays attention to the area layout that matches the area of ​​the room and the interior color. Therefore, you have to be smart to strategically place cabinets and refrigerators. That way, when doing activities here, you still feel comfortable and ergonomic. Even though the kitchen above is not wide, this design is enough to support your movement space. In this way, you will not run the risk of tripping over the furniture in this place. To make it look neat, make a color cabinet that matches the kitchen table to make it look harmonious. That way, you will feel happy looking at it.

Use a different floor

In accordance with the design goal of the room, it displays everything beautifully and pleasantly. Therefore, use different floor materials to provide boundaries between rooms and other areas. Use floor materials that are not slippery, such as wood motifs, so as to prevent the risk of falling while doing activities in the kitchen. Then, in an artificial garden, make it with synthetic grass to make it look green.

If you want to continue using the floor with the same material, then choose parquet wood, vinyl, rubber, or linoleum. These four materials are not easily slippery and soft when stepped on. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Design with a bar table

The kitchen like the picture above looks elegant. This dry kitchen uses a bar counter to prepare food. Then, to make it look more attractive, add a chair so that it can also function as a dining table. This bar table can be used as a gathering area with relatives and family while enjoying warm coffee.

To make it look beautiful, add spotlights on the ceiling to increase the aesthetic and intimate impression. In addition, the bar table can also use marble to make it look luxurious and elegant. For that, choose a material that is shiny and resistant to temperature, heat, and impact. With this arrangement, your dry kitchen design will look beautiful and charming.

Set with beautiful colors

The role of decoration is very important for dry kitchens. To melt the stiff atmosphere, combine colors, textures, and materials with the right color. Dry kitchens often use neutral colors that dominate. For example, white and other pastel colors. Sometimes there are also those who put ornamental plants so that the kitchen is more lively and fresh. Then design the floor with wood motifs, walls with exposed brick, and a kitchen table with minimalist colors. As for lighting, you can install a unique chandelier on the ceiling. Then, decorate the walls with interesting knick-knacks and wall clocks. With this arrangement, your dry kitchen will look aesthetic.

Dry kitchen without a kitchen set

In general, kitchens often use a kitchen set to store cooking utensils. But for a dry kitchen, this one is still beautiful even though the decor is minimal in furniture and without a kitchen set. Kitchen models like this picture are most suitable for limited land. Then, the selection of decorations tends to be small and uses an opening shelf so it doesn’t look cramped. To make it look more attractive, this kitchen is equipped with an island table and dining table set. As lighting using fluorescent lamps mounted on the ceiling. With this arrangement, your kitchen design looks simple but elegant.

Bar scene design

Kitchens with bar concepts are often used for contemporary modern styles. Most of the furniture uses marble for both the floor and the bar counter. In addition, the chair used is usually armless and tall. This type of design is suitable for dry kitchens that are large in size. To make it look more beautiful, design spotlights on the bar table to illuminate the table. Then, give a color that matches the color of the walls so that it looks beautiful and harmonious. In this way, you will feel comfortable in this place while talking with your partner.

Letter u dry kitchen

Having a beautiful and aesthetic kitchen is everyone’s dream. But to make it happen you need to spend a little extra money. As you can see, apart from being an L-shaped elegant kitchen, there is also a U-shaped design using a combination of parquet floors and matching colors. In this way, the room is more elegant with the sink that is integrated into the kitchen set. While the color of the kitchen set is made in line with the interior of the room. Then, combined with a dark wood floor. With this color combination, this dry kitchen design looks luxurious and elegant.

Kitchen with hanging lamp design

Lighting is very important when doing activities in the kitchen, especially at night. The kitchen is even more beautiful with a chandelier in the middle of the room. Moreover, the model of the chandelier is very diverse. Some are made of metal with an attractive white or yellow color. Then, a kitchen that blends with the dining room will be more practical. Then it looks even more beautiful. So families don’t need to spend more energy preparing food for the wet kitchen because the distance between the kitchen and the dining table is very close. If you, a person who is busy and happy with everything that is practical, you can make this image your inspiration.

Industrial dry kitchen

As we know, the industrial concept is popular among young people today. The design is clearly visible from the walls or floors that are left as the original material. Walls do not go through the planar process without paint. There are also designs using concrete. Meanwhile, the pipes are left standing out with the dominating metal color combinations. In addition, kitchens like this are even more beautiful with metal furniture such as stainless and gold color combinations. Then, to make it look more attractive, this kitchen has equipped with spotlights that are mounted on the ceiling to illuminate the kitchen at night. With this arrangement, everyone who looked at her must have been fascinated and amazed.

Shabby chic kitchen

Next, we take a look at the shabby chic kitchen with the use of sweet colors. The choice of color is not only for the walls or floor but also for cooking utensils. For example, pastel colors like dusty pink, sky blue, Tosca, and others. This dry kitchen is also supported by an elongated ledge. Suitable for an aesthetic minimalist kitchen concept. To make it look more unique, this kitchen is equipped with colorful spotlights mounted on the ceiling. That way, the dry kitchen design will look more attractive

Industrial-style minimalist kitchen

Industrial-style minimalist kitchens have recently been favored by newly married young couples. Because applying this design style is very easy, especially since this minimalist kitchen design doesn’t require a lot of decorations in it. As you can see in the picture above, part of the interior simply uses black furniture with red brick walls.

Then to give a luxurious touch to the kitchen, you can use furniture with metal elements. Coupled with black marble as a kitchen set material the impression is more elegant. Because marble itself is a type of natural stone that is a symbol of luxury, with strong and sturdy properties.

Minimalist kitchen gray concept

Gray is a neutral color, so it is the right choice for a minimalist home design concept. You can of course apply these colors to the kitchen at home. Moreover, a monotonous color like this looks very harmonious when combined with furniture made of stainless steel, such as a stove.

So its use in the kitchen area is indeed a good idea. You can apply this color to the upper and lower cabinets. Gives it a modern impression and doesn’t get dirty easily in the room. A minimalist kitchen design like this can also be combined with white on other furniture to make it more attractive.

In order to use the room more efficiently, don’t forget to pay close attention to the arrangement of furniture. Also included are other elements such as natural lighting, for example by making windows large enough or skylights which are the pathways for sunlight from outside the room.

3. Conclusion

Those are some tips on creating a super stylish minimalist dry kitchen that you can try. We know that the kitchen is an important area in the house, so the design must be well thought out. Therefore, you can try one of the above or even create your own according to your individual tastes and needs. That way, the kitchen will be a comfortable room for cooking and eating meals with the family. Happy decorating.


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