1. Overview of a multifunctional kitchen

We know that the beautiful kitchen design is a part of the house that gets less attention, especially in terms of design. But now, the kitchen is a room that has transformed into a multifunctional one. So not only as a place to cook and serve food. But also a place for family gatherings, a place to entertain friends and relatives.

These changes have affected the way designers design a kitchen. That way, the current kitchen needs special attention. So anyone who wants to make it must prepare the best design and enough budget so that the results are satisfactory. Hopefully, you can use this review as inspiration for you.

2. Idea and design

Aesthetic kitchen ideas and designs are an example for everyone. With a bright wooden base, the all-white kitchen feel is no longer dull. You can choose a bold color, such as a vintage design. Kitchen designs are shifting from white and neutral tones to lighter ones. But if you are looking for contemporary minimalist home kitchen decoration ideas and designs, we provide designs according to the suggestions of interior designers. Maybe it can make a minimalist home feel newer.

However, small things like knobs on kitchen cabinets seem to change. What used to stand out with contrasting colors is now made together. Installing knobs with matching colors can make your kitchen look modern. Therefore, let’s discuss some examples of multifunctional kitchen designs below.

3. Some examples of trendy kitchen designs

Although minimalist and Scandinavian kitchen concepts are becoming increasingly popular this year because these designs can implement multifunctional kitchens. That way, The advantage of this kitchen concept looks beautiful, and simple, and doesn’t use a lot of furniture. Therefore this kitchen is in great demand by many people. Then, the design can save space. If you want to design a beautiful and aesthetic kitchen, here we review some attractive design examples below. Hopefully, this design is to your taste. Welcome to our review!

Elegant black color

Multifunctional kitchens can provide more facilities. Therefore, this black table in the kitchen can be used as a dining table, a table for family gatherings, and a table for work. Wood-colored kitchen cabinets are a classic choice that can be applied to a variety of design styles. However, there are quite a lot of contemporary kitchen trends that use black domination. As we know, dark kitchen cabinets give a luxurious and elegant look that other colors don’t offer.

But there are several things you need to pay attention to, in designing a black kitchen or dark shades. You need to balance with other colors. So the kitchen space doesn’t look dark or gloomy. Then, choose attractive furniture because it can make your kitchen design looks elegant.

Kitchen in Scandinavian style

White kitchen design is a classic choice that can be applied to various design styles. However, this multifunctional kitchen also uses black on decorative lamps and chair legs. Light-colored kitchen cabinets give a luxurious and elegant look that other colors don’t offer.

Then, to make it look more attractive, this kitchen is equipped with a dining table that can be used as a kitchen table and work table. Then, the thing you need to pay attention to in designing this kitchen is balancing it with other colors so that the kitchen space doesn’t look monotonous. Add black hanging decorative lights, dining tables, ornamental plants, and beautiful knick-knacks. With this arrangement, the kitchen design will look like a Scandinavian design.

Kitchen with green color combination

The next kitchen design is a kitchen with a green color combination. Like the picture above, kitchen equipment can make color this minimalist kitchen design look more attractive. Therefore, many people allocate part of their budget to buying high-end kitchen equipment instead of choosing equipment at low prices because of more cooking activities.

Many find that replacing their last equipment with a restaurant-style or high-end version is a good investment. Therefore, we recommend buying equipment such as stoves and refrigerators. Then, to make it look more attractive, this kitchen is equipped with a dining table that can be used as a kitchen table and work table. Then, the colors are also made in matching colors. So that the kitchen design looks beautiful and charming. But if you have a minimalist kitchen, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Kitchen in a cursive style

A multi-functional kitchen design can make you feel at home and happy to be there. In this place, you are free to see how to cook and taste it. Kitchen countertops made from natural quartzite are also predicted to be widely used and popular this year. Kitchen countertops made of quartzite which is a natural stone can display a luxurious impression. While at the same time offering beauty that comes from the pattern of the kitchen table.

Apart from that, this quartzite kitchen table is also believed to be much more durable and long-lasting compared to other materials. Then, it can be made of natural stones such as marble and granite. To make it look more attractive, you can pair it with white hanging lamps, bright color kitchen sets, kitchen tables, gas stove sets, and interesting knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your kitchen design will look aesthetic.

Designing a larger sink size

A multifunctional kitchen design must be able to facilitate existing needs in the kitchen without doing any more renovations. As you can see, larger sink sizes are also increasingly in demand in multifunctional kitchens. The reason is, with a larger sink size, will make it easier for activities such as washing fruits, vegetables, pots, frying pans, and other kitchen tools. That way, washing anything also can be done in larger numbers than by making more than one small sink. However, you need to pay attention to install it. Do not let water splash on the floor tiles it can cause you to slip.

Multifunctional kitchen with patterned ceramic design

This multi-functional kitchen wall has decorated with gingham kitchen wall tiles. So it looks attractive. This motif ceramic can be the right choice when doing kitchen renovations. The kitchen wall is the most important part of the kitchen, so you must choose the right one according to the design you want.

Ceramic materials are used for kitchen walls with the aim that when cooking, the walls can be easily cleaned. By installing ceramics, the walls have exposed to splashes of oil, and the sauce can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Therefore, choose a ceramic motif like the picture above so that your kitchen is always clean. That way, your kitchen design will feel comfortable. Then to make it look more attractive you can install a wall shelf to put the kitchen spices, island tables, and knick-knacks you need.

Elegant mosaic theme

This box motif kitchen wall ceramic model has a unique appearance because it looks like a mosaic in general. A Mosaic is a motif in which there are pieces of different colors but still one gradation.

Ceramics with mosaic motifs can make a kitchen look more elegant. As for the mosaic motif, it can be applied to any kitchen theme depending on the choice of ceramic color chosen. Then, to appear more attractive, you can combine this kitchen with a minimalist dining table, a kitchen table with matching colors, and a hanging decorative lamp for lighting the kitchen at night. Then, set up the gas stove at the kitchen table so that the appearance looks modern. That way, your kitchen design will look elegant.

Dark color combination

dark color combinations Lately, interior design experts disagree on kitchens that are only that color. However, next year there will be bold colors decorating your kitchen. In addition, there is also the use of wooden cabinets that use bold color combinations. So we’re seeing more color brought into the kitchen. This can apply to cabinets, floors, and equipment throughout the kitchen.

This is motivated by the millennial generation which has influenced bolder kitchen colors. This is a very precise demographic and colors provide a way of visual expression, including pastel colors, which reflect the Scandinavian design style, and from a psychological point of view are considered bright and cheerful colors Even though this dark-colored kitchen can be combined with a dining table, black chairs, and antique knick-knacks. In this way, the kitchen will definitely look more attractive. But many people choose bright colors to make it look neat and clean.

Create an open kitchen

As you can see, at this time the homeowner’s attention is toward the back. They wanted a multifunctional open kitchen. An open kitchen makes them feel breathless because cooking fumes will be wasted. But to make this design you must prepare the land, a sufficient budget, and a beautiful kitchen design. That way, kitchen work will run smoothly.

An open kitchen doesn’t need much interior design. You can prepare furniture according to what you need. But to look more attractive and complete, you can set up a dining table, chairs, and some useful ornamental plants. With a design like this, it will be more enjoyable to eat food with your family. Then, add spotlights for kitchen and dining area lighting. Hopefully, this method can change your appetite. Then you look healthier.

Minimalist open kitchen design

If you don’t want to bother designing your favorite kitchen. You can choose a minimalist kitchen design to be made into a multifunctional kitchen. The advantages of a minimalist kitchen are simple, clean, and don’t use much furniture. That is why many people like minimalist kitchen designs.

To make it look more attractive, you can prepare a bright color wall shelf, or kitchen table with a color that matches the kitchen set. Then complete it with a dining table, chairs, antique chandeliers for lighting when you eat together, and useful ornamental plants. With this arrangement, your appetite for cooking is higher. Then, you and your family can have fun at the dinner table while waiting for the food to be cooked. Good luck!

Dapur Semi Outdoor

Dapur semi outdoor tidak memiliki pintu karena langsung terbuka ke area luar rumah yang menyatu dengan tanaman hijau. Keuntungan dari model dapur ini adalah kamu bisa memasak sembari melihat tanaman hijau.

Nah, supaya perabot dapur tidak cepat rusak karena terkena angin dan cipratan air hujan, kamu bisa menggunakan rak besi, seperti di bawah ini.

Modern kitchen with glass doors

If you want to make the kitchen atmosphere more beautiful, spacious, and bright, you can design your kitchen with a large glass window. In this way, sunlight will easily enter and illuminate your kitchen. next, clean air will easily enter your kitchen. That way, you too will be healthy.

In addition, you can use white wall cabinets to make the room appear wider. As you know, white can reflect sunlight that enters the room, so it can give the illusion that the room looks bigger. So that your multifunctional kitchen can be used optimally, you can add a dining table and chairs, and an island table with a color that matches the kitchen set. Then, don’t forget to design the floor with wood motifs, to make it look luxurious.

Neutral and clean color concept

The multi-functional minimalist kitchen design is currently in great demand by people. As you can see, This minimalist kitchen design looks simple but charming. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can choose neutral colors like the inspiration above. With this concept, the kitchen will feel cooler and make you feel at home because of the supportive color choices.

Then, to make a clean impression, you can apply white wall paint to a minimalist kitchen. After that, you can combine it with neutral colors that contrast with white like light brown. If you want to make the kitchen more space-saving a.k.a save space, use a kitchen table and multifunctional kitchen sets equipped with shelves, cabinets, or drawers. With this arrangement, your kitchen design looks more attractive.

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design

You can make a multifunctional minimalist kitchen for your various needs. But if you want to upgrade the kitchen inside the house without major renovations, you can do this by designing a kitchen next to the garden around the kitchen. That way, there will automatically be a fresher open kitchen impression.

This multifunctional kitchen design is dominated by wood elements, white exposed walls, and other natural elements. You can also apply the homey Japanese design style. Although access to other rooms is not too wide. Then, also add a kitchen set that is more multifunctional and space-saving, dining table, chairs and decorative lights to illuminate the kitchen. That way your kitchen design will look beautiful.

Industrial Japanese touch

Combining two elements between Japanese and industrial styles is very interesting. This decorum presents a kitchen with a warm atmosphere. Then, this kitchen is equipped with a typical Japanese kitchen shelf which is multifunctional and placed next to a glass window. This Japandi-style kitchen has equipped with large glass doors and windows which provide access to the outside area. To make it look more attractive, this kitchen is equipped with a dining table, chairs, floor rugs, portable decorative lights, antique knick-knacks, and island tables. With this arrangement, the kitchen design looks elegant.

Minimalist open kitchen with wood elements

As the room that is most often used as a gathering area, a minimalist open kitchen will definitely be maximized if it is truly connected to the outdoor area. This is put to good use in natural-style dwellings which are dominated by the wood elements above. The ceiling, floor, and some walls are made of wood material. Likewise with the furniture around it.

So you don’t have to worry about it looking monotonous because you can combine it with other colors or materials, such as kitchen backsplashes, pendant lamps, white stone tables, black barstools, and stainless steel stoves. Not to forget, there is also the installation of glass-coated folding doors, extra ventilation, and decorations that fit in this minimalist open kitchen design. To make it look more attractive, you can add wall shelves above the kitchen table, benches and tables for gathering, and antique knick-knacks. That way your kitchen design looks aesthetic.

Optimal atmosphere minimalist open kitchen

The last multifunctional kitchen design is an optimally open kitchen design. A kitchen design like this can make your kitchen atmosphere feel fresher because the air is free to enter and exit. Then, cooking smoke does not collect in the house. In addition, you can design using a large door that can be opened and closed.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can combine it with a wooden kitchen set complete with a kitchen table with matching colors. Then add decorative hanging lamps for kitchen lighting, dining table and chairs, white island tables, wall paintings to sweeten the room, and antique knick-knacks so it doesn’t look monotonous. With this arrangement, your kitchen design looks beautiful and charming.

4. Conclusion

Those are some examples of multifunctional kitchens that we can recommend. If you are interested in the designs mentioned above, you can choose a design that suits your taste. We hope that some of the design examples above can make your kitchen look beautiful, aesthetic, attractive, and comfortable. Hopefully, our review can be useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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