1. Overview of the mini bar in the kitchen

Don’t be afraid to make a kitchen mini bar because it will take up a lot of space. For that, we have some inspiration for a beautiful small kitchen design mini bar that doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen. A kitchen mini bar can be a more space-saving dining option than you have to make a special room for a larger dining table. Of course, the kitchen mini bar area tends to be small. So it is more suitable to be designed for small families.

Apart from being a substitute for a dining table, a kitchen mini bar can also be a complement to your residential design. Efforts to present it are also not too difficult. Then, the kitchen mini bar will become a favorite place to eat or just spend time chatting with family while snacking.

Mini bar designs are not popular in Indonesia. Even so, many minimalist kitchens have been designed with minibars. Besides looking modern, the minibar can also be a place to relax while drinking coffee. The trick is to combine it with a workspace or kitchen. Therefore the mini bar is always the right choice to relax while unwinding.

2. Ideas and Inspiration

We understand that the mini bar is indeed one of the favorite designs on the part of the kitchen because it can make your kitchen look more attractive. However, you must choose the right design to avoid making the kitchen look cramped or messy. Therefore, there are some design inspirations that you can use as a reference before making a mini bar in the kitchen.

As we can see, many examples of kitchen minibars can be made in the cooking area at home. For that, let’s look at some of the inspiration in this article. The latest kitchen models have been designed to be able to have various functions, even in one area. The trend is inseparable from the increasingly limited size of the unique minimalist house land. Therefore, many homeowners choose a small kitchen design applied in their dwelling. Then, to increase the function of the kitchen, elements such as a minimalist bar table are presented, which can be used for various functions. In addition, the design of this part of the kitchen has inspired by the mini bar cafe table

3. Some examples of mini bar kitchen designs

You could say, the kitchen is the heart of a house. Having a kitchen that is comfortable, functional, and pleasing to the eye is everyone’s dream. In this article, various modern kitchen designs can be an inspiration, both for wide and narrow kitchens. One of them is a kitchen with a mini bar design. A kitchen design with a mini bar concept can be an option for those who want to have a different kitchen style than usual. However, several things must be considered so that the kitchen does not look cramped with this design. As a reference, let’s look at some examples of mini bar kitchens below. Welcome to our review!

Mini Bar Kitchen that fuses with Kitchen Island

If you have a large enough kitchen space, this mini bar kitchen design can be a reference for you. To distinguish it from other rooms, you can install a floor of a different color from the kitchen, so you can see the difference.

The wooden floor design will make the kitchen have its theme and give an exclusive impression. In addition, also adjust it with a wooden tabletop so that the theme looks harmonious. Then the mini bar kitchen design blends with the kitchen island. But if you look again, the surface is made a little higher than usual. With this design, in addition to giving an elegant and minimalist impression, this mini bar kitchen is also multifunctional. Therefore, this design is perfect for those of you who are looking for a house with a kitchen that is not too wide.

Modern minimalist mini bar kitchen

This modern minimalist mini bar kitchen design is also no less unique. The corner of the kitchen will look attractive with no full cupboard dividers which can also be used as a place to store goods. In addition to being a differentiator from other rooms, the cabinet bulkhead also provides its spotlight. So that the residence looks neat, coupled with a beautiful combination of white and wood.

If you like a simple but modern kitchen, the recommendations above can be the right choice. The mini bar kitchen looks slim. So you can apply it in a limited space. Then, the typical minimalist style of Mid-Century in this design will look in harmony with homes that use a similar. Hopefully, this design inspiration can add to your ideas.

Vintage style mini bar kitchen

Don’t underestimate the accent lights with vintage designs in your home interior decoration. Like this kitchen design, the unique lamp model makes the kitchen look more luxurious. The choice of black color as a combination with wooden shades gives a modern and elegant impression. In addition, choose a warm color lamp to create a vintage feel.

The key word is vintage feel. Therefore, the main focus is bold colors such as black for the minibar. This house with a mini bar kitchen is perfect for those of you who like to enjoy tea and breakfast with your family before starting your daily activities. If you add a residence with exposed bricks in the interior, it will make the appearance very harmonious with the design of this mini bar kitchen, which is more natural. Well, for those of you who like vintage designs, this design can be an inspiration for you.

“Cabin in the Wood” style mini bar kitchen

If you prefer a minimalist style, this kitchen interior design is for you. This design is devoid of crowded decoration ornaments. By designing like this picture, your kitchen will look neat with two mainstay monochrome colors, namely the color of the wood and black chairs.

In addition, this kitchen design is also suitable for those of you who have a small residence. The original clean wood color not only gives an aesthetic impression but also gives a luxurious impression to your kitchen. Therefore, this kitchen is perfect for those of you who like the feel of luxury because you can enjoy a natural kitchen interior.

Like the picture above, this mini bar kitchen is very thick with an elegant modern luxury wooden house design. In addition to wood, the use of metal elements in the lamp above can also emphasize the “nature” feel in this warm minimalist kitchen. Therefore, this kitchen design can be an inspiration for your kitchen interior design.

Scandinavian-style mini bar kitchen

For those of you who need a Scandinavian-style kitchen design reference like this picture, you can copy this one design without spacious space. This mini bar kitchen looks comfortable, aesthetic, and functional. With a small space, kitchen equipment such as refrigerators, stoves, hanging decorative lights, and cabinets make this bar kitchen look luxurious. Of course, you can give a unique lamp decoration on the wall like the picture above. So it looks aesthetic.

Scandinavian culture is very thick with a minimalist lifestyle with lights as one of the characteristics. In terms of home interiors, the Scandinavian style places more emphasis on functionality. It is the same with the concept of a mini bar kitchen with a Scandinavian style which is more dominant with the use of white color and a natural impression around it. At first glance, it may look simple, but it creates a natural nuance and the illusion effect of a spacious kitchen space. Therefore, for those of you who like Scandinavian style, this design can be an inspiration for your kitchen.

Kitchen mini bar with semi-outdoor

Having a beautiful and comfortable kitchen is everyone’s dream because the kitchen can be used as a place to relax while talking with your partner. Therefore, the semi-outdoor mini bar kitchen in this picture is perfect for those of you who are looking for a house or apartment with an empty field in the backyard or a house sampling.

This kitchen mini bar like this picture is perfect for enjoying food or drinks while looking at the view outside the room or garden that you created. In addition, this design can be connected to outdoor areas such as backyards and sides. Usually, a house with a mini bar kitchen combined with a lounge area has designed as a place to chat or enjoy coffee in the afternoon. Well, hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Dark kitchen mini bar

The dimly lit atmosphere in the mini bar design can make us feel more comfortable and relaxed because you indirectly release your stress after working all day. Therefore, a small room is recommended to use light colors to make it look wider. However, if you like the opposite, it never hurts to look for a house with a dark kitchen mini bar.

Of course, the lighting in it must also be considered. To add to the beauty of this simple mini bar kitchen, you can also put some small green plant pots on the bar table as decorations. Well, for those of you who like a relaxed atmosphere with dim nuances, this design is suitable for your inspiration.

Scandinavian-style mini bar kitchen

We know that the mini bar kitchen like the Scandinavian design is starting to be liked by homeowners. Then, this design has also been widely applied in modern-style homes. If previously we often saw mini bars in cafes or restaurants. Now they can also be found in home kitchens.

So for those of you who like a relaxed atmosphere while drinking coffee in the morning, you can design a minibar kitchen with a design like the picture above. Then, to be more interesting, you can decorate the ceiling with decorative lights, kitchen sets, and wall paintings. Well, so that your mini bar and kitchen look more harmonious, you also have to pay attention to the layout of the furniture and the interior color of the room. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for your mini bar kitchen.

Different bar stool models

This mini bar kitchen arrangement looks very neat and clean. If you want to use several different models of bar stools, it will make the interior of the room more attractive. But before that, keep in mind that you have to choose a bar stool that matches the interior design of the kitchen. The goal is to create a harmonious appearance between the interior elements in it.

However, if you want a slightly quirky look, you can also install a classic chair design for your mini bar kitchen. Even though it looks contrasting, the chair is still good-looking in your mini bar kitchen. We hope this design can be an inspiration for your mini bar kitchen.

Layout and lighting for a mini bar kitchen

A mini bar kitchen with lots of lighting will contrast with the white table and bar stools inside. With maximum lighting, the kitchen interior will look luxurious even though your kitchen is not too spacious and minimalist.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add some kitchen equipment such as kitchen sets and kitchen accessories. Then adjust the kitchen equipment with the same color as the picture above. We hope this design can be an inspiration for you.

Create a cozy mini bar kitchen concept

This mini bar kitchen concept can be used as a public space in the house. For example when guests come, you can invite them to enjoy dinner in this mini bar kitchen. In addition, you can also use it as a place to relax with your partner while chatting and drinking coffee or tea.

Although there are a few additional functions as kitchen space, you should not ignore the main function of this mini bar kitchen. Therefore, it is more important to create a comfortable atmosphere and space for everyday cooking. In addition, make sure that the conditions are always clean and tidy so that visiting guests feel comfortable in your mini bar kitchen. Hopefully, this mini bar kitchen design can be an inspiration for you.

Natural design with a wood touch

mini bar desain alami untuk dapur

You can present a natural atmosphere with a wooden design. With this design, the interior atmosphere of the mini bar kitchen will feel very refreshing. Well, if you want to make a mini bar design like this by combining several elements, such as wood and ceramics, use wooden chairs and marble patterned table tops to create a minimalist impression.

Then to make it look more attractive, you can also add a wooden wall shelf on the ceiling of the minibar. Don’t forget to add ornamental plants in some corners of the kitchen to beautify its appearance and make it fresher. In addition, you can also add decorative paintings to the kitchen wall. That way, your mini bar kitchen will look more attractive. Hopefully, this design can add to your kitchen inspiration.

Elegant mini bar blends with the kitchen set

Kitchens with bold colors can often add an elegant impression. You can also apply it to a kitchen mini-bar with the concept of a U kitchen set. For that, use a navy-colored cabinet with a wooden table top to add warmth.

Meanwhile, in choosing a mini bar chair, you can use a round chair made of rattan which is unique and comfortable. In addition, add shelves on the side of your wall to beautify the kitchen. Don’t forget to choose furniture colors with colors that match the kitchen design to make it look more beautiful. Hopefully, this design can inspire your kitchen.

Homey farmhouse style design

desain ala farmhouse

If you want a warm and cozy design, go for this farmhouse-style mini bar design. Use white tables and chairs with country house-style carvings. Choose pastel colors to decorate your kitchen. Don’t forget to add an antique chandelier to make your kitchen mini bar look more attractive. Hopefully, this design can be your inspiration.

Luxurious impression of a touch of marble

Marble motifs can always add luxury to a room. If you want to make an elegant mini bar kitchen, you can add a touch of this marble to the tabletop table. To look more attractive, add gold accents as a shelf or chair frame, bar table, kitchen set, and kitchen equipment. That way your mini bar kitchen will look more magnificent. If you are happy with marble designs, this marble kitchen design can be an inspiration for you.

Cozy Japanese mini bar

The Japanese style mini bar kitchen design is very popular in recent times and has become the design of choice for many people for their homes. Well, you can also choose a kitchen mini bar with this charming and comfortable Japandi theme. The trick, use cabinets and chairs from brightly colored wood. Then, for the tabletop, you are free to use any material, but choose a white one to make it look brighter.

To look more attractive, design your mini bar kitchen with a matching color kitchen set, hanging decorative lights, and some interesting ornamental plants. By using bright colors on the mini bar, your kitchen mini bar will look more spacious and clean. That way, you and your family will feel at home and comfortable in this place. Hopefully, this beautiful kitchen interior design can be your inspiration.

Minimalist and warm design

Minimalist-type houses always have narrow kitchens. Therefore, create a minimalist mini bar design that maximizes the function of each piece of furniture properly. In addition, you can make a mini bar table with many shelves or it can be a table that can be folded. To look more attractive, use warm colors, such as cream or light brown, to make your kitchen look more beautiful. Hopefully, this design can add to your favorite kitchen inspiration.

White shades that look clean

serba putih dengan desain jendela

Everyone would want to have a kitchen that looks cleaner and more spacious. If so, you can make a mini bar with an all-white window. Furthermore, you can add a curtain that can be rolled up on the minibar to create a warmer impression. Well, if your kitchen is adjacent to the living room, you can lower the curtains so that the kitchen still has privacy.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add black bar stools, ornamental plants, pendant lights on the bar table ceiling, a white kitchen set, and wall shelves. With this arrangement, your kitchen will look aesthetic and fun. Nah! Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for the development of your mini bar kitchen.

Vintage design with a touch of dark wood

Vintage designs are much liked by homeowners because of the very interesting color game and the use of ancient items as room decorations. Therefore, to create a design like this, use a unique vintage patterned kitchen tile and unique furniture. Then, use a mini bar table with a dark wood table top. In addition, you can add some shelves to the minibar to make its appearance more attractive. That way, your mini bar kitchen will look more attractive and antique. Saan! Hopefully, this antique design can be an inspiration for your mini bar kitchen.

4. Conclusion

To create a perfect and comfortable kitchen, you can design your kitchen with a mini bar kitchen design. But don’t miss some important points such as furniture, room lighting, and ornamental plants, so your room looks beautiful, aesthetic, attractive, and feels more comfortable. We hope this review can be an inspiration for you and make your kitchen interior look more attractive


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